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Open heads nft

open heads nft

Proprietary Smart Contracts

Open Head raffles operate within independently curated smart contracts that cannot be accessed by project developers. The smart contracts are audited by an unbiased third party, which will publish all audit results publicly. As a result, Open Head can guarantee 100% transparent raffles that provide every entrant with a provably fair chance of winning.

Transparency Reigns

The Open Head NFT team is focused on championing transparency within the NFT space and forging the way for a new era of NFT projects that value trust similarly.

Quim Roca, Open Head NFT Founder: “The world of NFTs has already proven to be an incredibly exciting space. Now, we must ensure this young sector does not stray from the ideals from which it sprung.

Open heads nft


Open Head’s Ethereum raffles are funded by the project’s own profits, with an initial raffle promising a prize of 100 ETH (valued at $450,000 at time of publication).

Once the winner of the initial raffle is announced, Open Head will proceed to provide monthly raffles featuring equally life-changing Ethereum prizes. Prize amounts are directly correlative to community support, placing power in the hands of the people in line with Open Head’s inclusive perspective on NFT sector ideals.

Platform integration with Rarity.tools and Rarity Sniper is already in the pipeline, as are expansions into Open Head merchandise, and a range of other cross-industry collaborations are currently in development.

On-Chain Construction

Open Head has taken every measure to demonstrate transparency to be at the heart of its project operations.

After long hours of brainwork in which we considered various different concepts, the first illustration came up and lit up a light bulb in our minds.

The figure of an open skulled man with a flourishing garden sprouting on its head germinated the Open Head idea, which continued into a marathon of sketches and developments finally culminating in our first NFTs.

All artists can in some way relate to our Open Heads, as part of the creative process is definitely letting go of the roofs and boundaries that contain us. Every Open Head has a different theme or story that represents a new generation of thinkers and creators.

For example, the Open Head with a few wires loose is a relatable representation of everyone who is a creative change-maker.

NFT Drop Details: Cracking open closed minds and sharing the incredible potential of 100% transparent NFT Raffles hosted in our Smart Contract.

For each minted Open Head, 0.01 ETH will be sent to a locked wallet. Once every Open Head NFT has been minted, the funds on the locked wallet will be raffled, and the best part is the entire process will happen on-chain. Have we mentioned that our initial raffle features 100 ETH prize?

Once the excitement of our Initial 100 ETH Raffle has passed, we will begin our sequence of monthly and weekly raffles.

At least 60% of the Open Head project monthly earnings will be used to launch one monthly and four weekly raffles per month.

All our smart contracts are verified in Etherscan and audited by Solidity Finance.

It is necessary to break our old brain circuits in order to create new connections in our brain and in our life.

As our collection grows and gets ready for mint, we are preparing a 100 ETH prize for our first Raffle that is going to blow your head away.

Part of our profits from NFT sales go towards funding regular Ethereum Raffles so that we can give back to the community. Our Raffles system is open source and on-chain, fully hosted in our smart contracts for maximum transparency.

Join our growing community of Open Heads on Discord and Twitter on a journey towards the never-ending expansion of our minds.

Win 100 ETH – worth over $450,000 in our initial Raffle, and monthly featuring life-changing ETH prizes in our Revolutionary Monthly Raffles!

Open Head NFT is the first fully transparent on-chain Raffles NFT.

Raffles are hosted in our Smart Contract, and the Raffle funds are locked in a wallet only accessible by our Smart Contract – not even our devs have access to it. This will be proven by auditing our Smart Contract through a 3rd Party Company and sharing the results publicly.

🤯The Open Head Manifesto! 🤯

Greetings from the 23rd Century, where mankind’s composition has undergone a somewhat sheer evolutionary development!

As you can see, us humans are no longer born with the top of our heads sealed off to the elements.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that drive all creation, growth, and transformation. By expanding consciousness beyond its bounding limitations, imagination assumes its full potential and leads you on an infinite journey allowing you to peek at unseen corners of the universe.

The Open Head NFT project was brought to life by this spirit of open-mindedness and creativity. Our goal is to explore the potential of the NFT Raffles concept while providing our community with full transparency throughout the process.

The artworks we offer in our collection represent a celebration of open-mindedness and all the diversity of ideas and perspectives that come with it.
Each Open Head NFT is a unique expression of endless artistic identities and ways of being in the world.

Head NFT Discord channel, where a few additional Open Head NFTs will be shown and given away to the winners.

At 50% :

  • The Team will begin working with ten artists, each chosen by the Open Head community, to create ten one-of-a-kind NFT artworks that will be auctioned off on the official Open Head NFT OpenSea.

At 75% :

  • The Open Head NFT Team will launch its merchandise brand for all members of the community to represent Open Head as a whole.

At 100% :

  • After the full minting, the Team will launch its incredible 100 ETH Raffle, where only one will be crowned the winner.
  • After this has been completed, the projects monthly and weekly raffles will start.

Open Head NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Open Head NFT Price will be 0.07 ETH, and its mint date is January, 27th 2022.

Community-driven NFT project provides users with the first truly transparent, on-chain Ethereum rafflesFeatured Image for Open Head NFTFeatured Image for Open Head NFT

BARCELONA, Spain, Dec. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Open Head NFT (https://openheadnft.com/) the world’s first fully transparent on-chain Ethereum raffle project, is preparing to launch ahead of its highly anticipated initial raffle.

The Open Head NFT project, which welcomes community members to stake their claim in potentially winning life-changing ETH prizes, is the brainchild of the respected industry figure known as Quim Roca – a Spanish native who calls the world home – and supported by his global collective of leading designers, developers, artists and strategists.

With an official launch date of Jan.

MINT Our audited Smart Contract will be released, and will be ready to transfer a percentage of each transaction into the Raffles Locked Wallet – only accessible by our Smart Contract, not even our devs will have access to it!

25% minted Giveaways reveal! Visit our Discord where few more Open Head NFTs will appear and given away to the winners!

Raffles Locked wallet: 25 ETH

50% minted Will begin collaborating with 10 artists – each selected by the Open Head community – to create 10 ultra-unique NFT pieces that will be auctioned off on OpenSea!

Raffles Locked wallet: 50 ETH

75% minted Will start our own merchandise brand so you can represent Open Head NFT out and about!

Raffles Locked wallet: 75 ETH

100% == 100 ETH Raffle Raffles Locked Wallet is full! And Now the fun can really begin! Full minting means the launch of our incredible 100 ETH Raffle.

Open Head NFT project’s monthly profits in shares. Every month, the Raffle will be held on a random day, and during the 24 hours before the Raffle, the 1,000 tokens offered for sale in OpenSea with the lowest price will be excluded.

  • The Raffle will take place after those 24 hours, and the winner will be declared, and the participant who has the Open Head NFT at the time of the Raffle will be the winner.
  • Weekly Raffles :

    • The ETH prize value of the weekly raffles will be a minimum of 10% of the Open Head NFT project’s monthly revenues in shares.
    • The Raffle will take place on a random day each week, and the winner will be declared.
    • The participant who has the NFT at the Raffle time will be the winner.

    The Open Head NFT Roadmap :

    At 25% :

    • The Giveaways will be revealed.

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