Only snipers nft

In last week’s Issue #5 we saw the trade volume of the NFTs market go down significantly after the bullish trend earlier this month. But despite that, the volume of NFTs still reach the highest in April. This can only mean 1 thing: THE INVESTORS ARE SAVING THEIR LIQUIDITY FOR BIG PROJECTS!

And because of that, we think next week’s NFTs market status should be very positive because more and more big projects are likely to set up those important days for minting and revealing.

Remember, it’s important to do your own research before investing in non-fungible tokens. These projects can be hard to be evaluated, and many NFTs are illiquid, meaning you may have a hard time selling your collectible in the future. Just because something is an NFT doesn’t make it valuable; there need to be utilities of some sort to make a collection valuable.

Only snipers nft

For example, some NFT collections use static images for common traits and rare and legendary traits are animated. One effect this has is making the rarer NFTs more distinguishable.

The last thing to keep in mind when creating your rarity strategy for an NFT collection is to avoid the use of low-impact visual traits. When traits don’t have a significant visual impact, such as a piece of jewelry that is too small to see, your collection can be less visually appealing to NFT collectors.

Fortunately, not all the work has to be done alone.

By collaborating with artists and influencers you can design traits that are appealing and attract collectors and investors to your project.

Final Thoughts on Rarity in NFTs

Although a well-thought-out rarity ranking is fundamental to the success of any NFT collection, it’s not the only element that is important.

The biggest collab collection out anywhere! There will be 100 TrapMonkies by 100 creatives, making each unique to it’s creator. We’ll be dropping 5 TrapMonkies every Tuesday. We’re calling it #TrapTuesdays. Collect yours!”

Official link:

  • Twitter (65k followers)

  • Discord (26k members)

  • Website

Presale date: April 20th, 2022

Total supply: 8.888 NFTs

Presale price: 0.08 ETH

Trait Sniper’s evaluation:

  • Checklist: Fully-doxxed team, clear roadmap, creative-based community, artistic artwork, decent utility.

  • TrapMonkie is one of the NFTs brands that we found really creative and art-based to develop their community and reach their NFTs out to new investors.

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NFTs, calculating the rarity of each NFT can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are several tools available to help you determine an NFT’s rarity, the best of which is called Rarity Sniper. Rarity Sniper is one of the biggest NFT communities in the world, and it all started with one person’s realization of the importance of determining the rarity of NFTs.

Nearly a year ago, the owners used a rarity tool to “snipe” exclusive NFTs from Bored Ape Kennel Club and Cool Cats. NFT “sniping” refers to purchasing rare NFTs that are underpriced on secondary markets, usually because the seller is unaware of the NFTs’ rarity.

When they realized how useful the tool could be for the NFT community, they created a Rarity Sniper Discord to help people check their NFT’s rarity accurately.

This could be access to events, discord groups, or simply art with established clout in the NFT ecosystem. Undoubtedly, many NFT projects will fail, leaving investors with a worthless JPEG.

This week we also rather evaluate projects in form of a checklist because we don’t have to evaluate something that is obvious to have in any projects (core team, social media, road map, artwork, utility,…). We will give the projects some compliments on what is exceptionally special about them.
Let’s take a sneak peek at this week’s Issue #6 projects.

1. TrapMonkie🦍™

About: “TrapMonkie is an NFT collection of monkeys (monkies) with a unique style to it’s respective creative. Our first series features over 50 artists from around the world! Every Tuesday, at no specific time, a new TrapMonkie will be created, (with a supply cap of 50 per series).

Another plus point for TrapMonkie compare to other projects is that their utility is almost come out from the paper as they mentioned in their roadmap; For example, some of the holders have received the TrapMonkie’s merge. In conclusion, we think you should definitely check this project out!

2. Vulpes

About: “No, they are no ordinary foxes, but true foxes such as magical kitsunes in the Japanese folklore.

Vulpes is more than an NFT collection.
The artwork is merely a manifestation of the idea. We’re all annoyed by one-off NFT art projects, which holders can barely benefit from.

It was the sharp correction of the ETH price that partly affected the NFT market performance in the last week. According to the DappRadar, the OpenSea platform has witnessed a decline in the Volume trade (-8%), Transactions (-5,6%), and Unique wallet addresses (-2%).

Pic 1: OpenSea’s Status (19 Mar – 17 Apr)

Although the market has not been in good shape this past week, Anime-based projects are still doing very well. Last week, Azuki still maintained the floor price at 26E.

Haki and Hikari had successfully sold out in the last week, however, the floor price decreased dramatically after those projects were revealed.

Of course, rarity has always played a critical role in the value of collectibles and other types of art, which the creators of CryptoPunks understood when they created a collection that would serve as a blueprint for generative NFT collections to come.

It’s also worth noting that there will never be more than 10,000 original CryptoPunk NFTs in existence. This means that each CryptoPunk NFT is a rare digital asset in itself, regardless of its rarity ranking.

In this sense, CrytpoPunks and most of the derivative NFT projects, are layering rarity on rarity to create value—the limited number of NFTs in a collection + the rarity ranking of each NFT within that collection.

What is a NFT Rarity Score?

When Rarity Sniper tools determine an NFT’s rarity ranking within a collection, a rarity score is given.

CryptoPunks transferred this idea to digital artwork and the NFT game was never the same.

There are 10,000 NFTs in the CryptoPunk collection and most of the Punks are humans; 3,840 Female and 6,039 Male. There are also 88 Zombies, 24 Apes, and nine Aliens. Aside from each character type, there are 87 additional attributes. The rarer attributes include beanie (44 in the collection), and choker (48). It is also rare for a CryptoPunk to have no attributes at all (8), or 7 attributes (only 1).

Unsurprisingly, Alien Punks and Punks with rare attributes like a beanie generally fetch higher prices than more common types and traits make up most of the collection.

By making each CryptoPunk NFT unique and some rarer than others, Larva Labs created a hierarchy within their collection and generated excitement among collectors.

There’s no doubt that it’s easy to get things wrong in collections with dozens and sometimes hundreds of traits — that’s why Rarity Sniper works in-depth with creators to tweak the rarity scores in the ways they deem fit.

If creators want additional exposure on Rarity Sniper’s website, that too is a possibility.

What is the media division of Rarity Sniper?

After creating the leading rarity tool on the market, the founder of Rarity Sniper went a step further. He set up a team of experienced writers to deliver NFT news to both the NFT community and a more general audience. That team writes about topics including but not limited to:

  • Acquisitions
  • Big-time NFT buys
  • Web3 trademark applications
  • The metaverse
  • Homegrown NFT topics
  • AR/VR content

The team is growing and producing more each day.

Founded in 2021 during the heat of NFT’s first big season, Rarity Sniper is a company that has two focuses: delivering the best rarity service to NFT collectors and creators and informing the public about the latest NFT news.

It began with small beginnings — the founder creating a NFT rarity tool to snipe non-fungible tokens from popular collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cool Cats. When word spread, demand for the tool came, and soon the Rarity Sniper founder had set up a Discord for collectors looking to score the rarest NFTs.

Eventually, running his tool became inefficient, and the Rarity Sniper team put together a bot capable of determining the rarest NFTs in a collection.

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