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Only punks nft

Platy Punks are the next generation in punk NFTs. Inspired by the punks of yesterday, Platy Punks takes being a punk to a whole new level.

There are 3,562 unique Platy Punks who have hatched into this universe, looking to multiply and take over other planets. Their first stop is Earth – which looks to be an easy task.

Some blend in with their surroundings, some can see the future, others control the elements, and all of them look good doing it. The chance of even one Platy being on Earth is 1 in 9,185,400, so consider yourself lucky to grab an original.

Platys are minted at .025 ETH and won’t last for long. Do you have what it takes to be a Platy Punk?

If so, hop on for the ride. There are still secrets yet to be revealed.

Only punks nft

Then, with little fanfare, we ran it one last time, linked it to the Ethereum smart contract that we deployed, after which the CryptoPunks were completely set in stone.”

Now that we have covered what CryptoPunks are, let’s see why they are so valuable.

Who made the CryptoPunks NFT Collection?

If you’re wondering who created the CryptoPunks NFT Collection, you should know Matt Hall and John Watkinson, founders of Larva Labs.Actually, if you want to know some trivia, they started the project as an experiment.

How Were Cryptopunks generated?

Basically, they created a software program that could generate thousands of unique characters. While initially, the duo thought they were on the path to creating an app or a game, they actually ended up creating a blueprint for the digital art movement as we know it today.

Only punks nft opensea

The same goes for Punks with 7 traits.

So, let’s explore CryptoPunk traits and what they mean for the value of a CryptoPunk!

What are CryptoPunk traits?

This can get rather nuanced, so we’re going to try and make this as simple to understand as possible – we promise!

Every CryptoPunk NFT has what’s known as traits.

These are the types of hair, the types of hats, the types of glasses, the skin color and even the race.

CryptoPunks can have up to 7 traits, but they can have as few as 0.

These are all randomly generated, so you can’t customize your own CryptoPunk.

There are 4 different species of Punk, and each species has a different number in existence.

What Are Cryptopunks? Find out that, plus; Why CryptoPunks NFTs Are So Expensive and whether they are even valuable. Need to know more? Read on to find out where and how to buy CryptoPunks, the types, rarity and traits too.

What are CryptoPunks?

The CryptoPunks are often called the first NFT project in history. No project enjoys an unparalleled cult status quite like them.
Without a doubt, by owning a CryptoPunk NFT, you are owning a piece of history.

Basically, CryptoPunks are a collection of uniquely generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Plus, all of them are completely stored on-chain. Launching the collection way back in June 2017, anyone with an Ethereum wallet could claim the avatars for free. Even though NFTs were a relatively new concept then, all the CryptoPunks were claimed in no time.

For every OnlyXPunk owned you will receive another NFT from our second collection. That’s right, it’s an awesome threesome – you, your OnlyXPunk and its secret buddy.


Our OnlyXPunk shorties have big dreams, so do we! If the entire collection is sold out, we will share 10’000 XRP among 10 random NFT owners!


All OnlyXPunks NFT holders will have their chance to own unique merch items by participating in mini games held across our social network channels.


OnlyXPunks owe their name to the OnlyFans.

The discovery of the specific chain of manipulations to reveal such humaneseque faces makes their existence so unlikely and beguiling. In total, the exploration created 98 Minions and 77 of those were minted as NFTs in the An Army of Minions collection.

The Oasis Apes Club NFT project is a limited Profile-Picture(PFP) with added utility community-driven collection fully native to the Oasis Emerald Parachain. With a supply of only 3,333 algorithmically generated Apes with hundreds of Hand-Drawn traits accompanied by a complex rarity system, they strive to become a blue-chip NFT project on the Oasis Network!

RoseApes is a first NFT-launchpad hybrid project build on Oasis Network.
NFTs unique artwork is based on brutal enhanced cyber apes with a theme of $ROSES.

NFT project, and has since become an entire universe of gamification and rewards. What was once available for a set price of 0.2 ETH, has turned into one of the most lucrative collections in the NFT ecosystem.

Those who bought a single comic back in May have been awarded:

  • A free MintPass, which at its first peak was worth 10+ ETH
  • Ability to redeem MintPass for a MetaHero, which has a current floor price 6 ETH
  • Option to burn or stake their comic, with each avenue yielding unique rewards
  • Incentive to hold comic for free physical version and airdrop of next edition
  • A 40x profit if Punks Comic was sold when it had it’s first peak around 8 ETH

And more within the expansive MetaHero universe.

With the extent of these incentives having rolled out in only a few months, there’s no telling what could happen during the staking period.

As previously mentioned, collectors had the option to hold, burn or stake their comic for rewards.

For holders, it was announced that Punks Comic wouldn’t be limited to a single NFT. By holding this first edition “The Hunt for the Lost Robbies,” anyone with a sub 5,000 numbered comic (#1 – 4,999) would receive the second, Bored Apes-themed edition for free upon its release. Additionally, a 14-day physical Punks Comic claim period was revealed, but the start date has yet to be set.


The Punks Comic burn mechanism opened to the public at the beginning of August, with its 14-day burn period lasting till midnight on August 13.

This was the first of two occurrences that lead to a significant surge in trading.

By burning one Punks Comic, an owner would receive a Pixel Vault Founder’s DAO token featuring art created by FVCKRENDER.


OnlyXPunks embraces the kinky side that so often is looked down upon by the general public. Not only that but it also tries to do it in a humorous and light-hearted way. If your thing is big breasted alien baddies then look no further, cuz you’ve come to the right place!

All our queens are the style icons, wearing the 86 hand drawn attributes from the 8 categories with traits like a choker necklace, golden earrings, juicy lipstick, mascara, and high street hairstyles, all while celebrating the ethnic and body shape diversity.



Breaking the Champaign bottle against the OnlyXPunks project ship for smooth travels ahead.

Community outreach, social network growth, and welcoming of the ambassadors.

Home for the OnlyXPunks community.

We have decided to back our $CHARGE ERC 20 token with STRONGBLOCK NODES.

What it means!

Strongblock is a website that provides “NODE AS A SERVICE”. For every node a user HOLDS, he will generate their token $STRONG. To get a NODE, we will have to buy 10 STRONG Tokens and run the NODE on their website, this will generate 0.1 STRONG A DAY.
Currently 1 STRONG is trading at 450$-500$ per STRONG. We are aiming to accumulate 100 NODES and hold them which will, in turn, generate 0.1*100 $STRONG = 10 STRONG TOKEN. This will generate $10 x $500 = 5000$ a day just with STRONG.
We are planning to use this 5000$ generated every day into buyback $CHARGE token.

Generally speaking, those with 1 or 6 traits tend to be the most valuable, but it depends on the traits as some are more common than others.

And that brings us on to the next part, how the combination of traits impact the CryptoPunks’s value.

How does trait combination impact CryptoPunk Value?

So, now you know the basics of the traits from the CryptoPunk NFT world, it’s time to explain how different traits impact the price.

Each trait occurs a number of times, and this was randomized when the punks were created.

For example, there are only 44 CryptoPunks with beanies, but there are 2,459 with earrings.

So, a CryptoPunk with a beanie is more valuable than a Punk with an earring as it’s a scarcer trait.

As we already mentioned, the number of traits on a Punk also has an impact on a price.

Let’s take a look at that right now.

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