Onchaincat nft

Multiple traits to ensure the uniqueness of your ninja. Not being a stupid turtle is a bonus. Wouldn’t you rather be stabbed by a stylish ninja cow then …



Launch : 26 MAY 2022 08:00 PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

Kronos is a metaverse strategy game in which by owning at least one planet you have the possibility to develop your own society and compete against players from all over the world. Each type of planet produces a specific element essential for economic development, trade, construction of buildings and spaceships.



Launch : 27 MAY 2022 12:00 PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

Cryptoverse Comics is a comic book NFT project on the Cardano blockchain.

Onchain cat nft

The Cryptoverse – Chapter 1” is a 10 000 NFT drop including a collectible PFP + our comic book. 15+ artists/projects collaborated to make our 1/1s which makes this release one of a kind !



Launch : 27 MAY 2022 06:00 PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

A collection of 3,333 NFTs to be minted on Cardano Blockchain. This will give you access to our platform where you can choose your own traits from our designs in the future.
50% of royalties for holders and 50% goes back to the project.



Launch : 27 MAY 2022 06:30 PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

We are a joyful church that emerged from the 2D universe.

These Blue chips will result in you owning a fractionalised Blue Chip. We will be using $TEW Token and NFTs to vote as a community.



Launch : 05 JUNE 2022 04:00 PM UTCTwitter | Discord

We are the first Mahjong collection to drop on the CNFT Community.

We are building a P2E web and mobile application where players will be able to earn while enjoying the game of mahjong. Inexperienced players will be able to join our discord to learn how to play mahjong or they can rent out their NFT to other players and earn at the same time.



Launch : 06 JUNE 2022 02:00 AM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

The Pups of Anarchy (POA) are a collection of 10,000 unique badass pups living on the Cardano blockchain.

Tracking of plays and other app actions can be recorded on-chain and so auditing becomes a matter of auditing chain records, making it more difficult to skew or game royalty payouts.

The SKALE Network is well-suited for media streaming services and digital rights management because of its gasless transaction model, added node-based storage capabilities, multi-chain-based approach, and NFT standard support. Given the high traffic nature of streaming services, any Web3-based solution will need to offer high throughput, low-cost transactions, a high degree of decentralization, and ERC compatibility — all attributes that SKALE offers out of the gate.

NFT-based solutions may sound complicated much as websites seemed complicated back in the 1990s.

We imagine a lottery in which everyone can participate. A separate currency should not be missing either. A world freely according to our ideas.
Everyone is welcome !



Launch : 27 MAY 2022 08:00 PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

The lords of mob town are 1800 3D generated survivors from all parts of the universe fighting and looting $MOB the utility token of mob town for survival, even the dead have risen ! It’s the year 2032, 5 years on from the accidental release of the man made super virus from a laboratory in Russia.



Launch : 28 MAY 2022 02:00 PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

10,000 unique Wild Dogz NFTs will be unleashed to own and trade on the Cardano Blockchain.

CryptoPunks, The Weeknd, Kevin Abosch and an Overly Attached Girlfriend

Not Beeple or CryptoPunks, but an on-chain generative artwork in the Autoglyph series is the most valuable NFT sale from the past week. Two sales in the Autoglyph series made it into the Top 10 NFT Sales from DappRadar.
Music artists The Weekend, Euler Beats, graphical artist Kevin Abosch, an Overly Attached Girlfriend and CryptoPunks complete the list.

Autoglyphs are considered to be the first on-chain generated artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. These digital artworks have been created based on unique data from the blockchain, for example the hash that was used to purchase the artwork for the first time.

That also means that the visual properties, the data and the software to generate the artworks are all stored on the blockhain.

Two years ago Autoglyphs sold for less than 1 ETH. The entire concept of on-chain art had been in its infancy, and hardly anybody paid attention to NFT technology had that time.

Now that we’re in a bullish moment with lots of hype surrounding NFT artworks, there’s a wave of interest into on-chain digital art.

Earlier this year Euler Beats entered the market, introducing on-chain generative art that combines music with visuals. The first series was a big success, and with their newly launched Euler Beats Enigma series they once again generated lots of attention.

The developers auctioned their master records for more than $3 million.

PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord

SECOND LAND SALE OF LUXURY LANDS. The project’s development team is German. Our goal of the project is of course to develop the limiting world – Metaverse.

Since the moment Cardano published the smart contracts we knew this is the network that we were going to develop the next GreenLand Metaverse !



Launch : 20 MAY 2022 05:00 PM UTCTwitter | Discord

The Maker Towns are an NFT architectural collection made by the Makers which is an architecture-focused project currently building the home for our Makers in the metaverse ! The Maker Town will be a collection of 600 NFT.



Launch : 20 MAY 2022 07:00 PM UTCWebsite | Twitter | Discord


Token) For Free


In this article I’d like to continue the theme of NFTs which is currently being more and more hyped.

Even mass media are now talking about NFT, famous artists like Lindsay Lohan are picking up the trend, Banksy work is being tokenized. It’s quite easy to buy NFT, but how to create them?

It is thought to be quite complex and pricey but let me assure you that nowadays creating your own personal NFT is quite affordable and even free.

And yes, no coding needed. Let me take you through the leading platforms which you can use to create and sell your unique NFT in a few minutes.

Check out a short video explanation of NFTs


OpenSea is definitely a leader among platforms where you can create your NFT.

Quite user-friendly creation experience allows you to create the token for free fast and efficiently.

They’ll also look into collaborating with cat cafes, where the community can hang out with REAL LIFE chonks and help out cat rescues at the same time! And also…CHONK PLUSHIES!

Trotting Turkeys

Trotting Turkeys is a 5,555 NFT Collection that aims to be the most charitable NFT project on the Solana blockchain. Each Trotting Turkey is unique and made from 80+ attributes and accessories.

Once minted, members will have the commercial rights to their NFT for as long as they hodl it.

Upon completion of mint, 1,000,000 meals will be provided to Feeding America and 50% of all royalties will be provided to local hunger relief.

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