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Og crystals nft

og crystals nft

The crypto space gave rise to the NFT world. As a result, providing several industries, such as the fine arts, with a new way to tap into digitization and better claims to ownership.SponsoredSponsored

Spurring it is also some unprecedented and refreshing new connections between diverse sectors, with not all of them being related to crypto.


Often the world reads NFT-related news coverage from a superficial perspective. Meanwhile, there’s a dynamic undercurrent that’s not always the focus of attention— one of community.

Og crystals nft

The Organic Growth: Crystal Reef project presents a new contest #DiscoverOGCrystals, running until February 16th. The project invites participants to try on the role of virtual reality artist and create an original video using AR technologies and unique crystals, created by multimedia and digital artists Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko.
The competition marks the next step in the OG Crystals project roadmap.

“Organic Growth: Crystal Reef” was the first dynamic NFT project connected to consumers’ data, combining innovations and technical complexity into works of digital art. OG:CR, the product of a collaboration between artists Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko (aka Myshil), transforms static NFTs into a flourishing digital reefscape: a unique piece of digital art that grows with every single resale.

OG:Crystals is a collection of 10,301 digital reefscape NFTs created by Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The initial “seed” is generated algorithmically through the combination of each owner’s unique crypto wallet ID/characteristics with a number of crystalline shapes to form the structure.
Each OG:CR evolves from a static NFT and grows with every sale on the marketplace, becoming a reflection of past, present, and future transactional history. The OG:Crystal team plans to release a 3D model for each OG:Crystal that will be created and available after the reveal.

IP/Scarcity – is there coveted intellectual property or a limited supply that will support demand over time? Many digital collections, such as the popular NBA Top Shot or Desperate ApeWives offer access to licensed IP and/or a finite supply.

2. Utility – does the NFT provide something that others want? Digital horses have become extremely popular and desired because, unlike other collectibles that can just be viewed and traded, digital horses have their own unique DNA and can be bred in a virtual stud farm and raced in daily virtual events.


Community – does owning the NFT give you access to something you desire? That may mean access to a bloodline of coveted horses or access to a killer party on a yacht.

She also looks for NFTs that espouse values that align with her own.

Even though the learning curve is steep, it’s important that we include more women and people of color.”

Bringing NFTs To the Masses

Many consumers are still skeptical of NFTs because, quite frankly, they don’t understand them. “They are still siloed with the tech crowd,” says Abbs. But the more physical relationships consumers have with NFTs, the easier it will be for consumers to bridge the “mind meld,” says Golden, and we will begin to see more mass adoption.

Shopify, for example, is running a beta where brands can sell NFTs on their Shopify e-commerce stores. Consumers can buy a dress and an NFT and simply pay with a credit card. Similarly, the Miami Heat basketball team has renamed its arena FTX Arena, to reflect a partnership with the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Organic Growth: Crystal Reef” revolutionizes our understanding of NFTs projects through an innovative combination of art, AR digital technologies and the limitless possibilities of NFTs. The OG:CR project earned $4m in its primary sales round alone.

The newOGCrystals contestoffers a wider audience to experiment with the capabilities of contemporary AR.

The OG Crystals Community will give participants the tools to create an imaginative video with unique crystals using OG:CR AR assets on a smartphone, then publish the result on Twitter until midnight on February 16th.

Winners will receive a variety of special VR kits. The Grand Prize, to the first-place submission, is a full Valve Index VR kit, worth approximately $1600, with unrivaled resolution and image quality.

It was, of course, a joke on the international art world—and yet, the lucky buyer is now in possession of an undeniably unique work-cum-performance, deftly renamed “Love Is in the Bin.”

Brooklyn-based duo Danil Krivoruchko, also known by his nom de plume Myshli, and Michael Joo are inverting this move, in a way, with their new NFT project,Organic Growth: Crystal Reef(OG:CR).

Joo, known for his intricate works that combine performance, sculpture, and installation with incisive critiques of our modern economic and environmental realities, teamed up with Krivoruchko, a well-known trailblazer in digital art to create a series of fascinating algorithmic graphic works.

In and of itself, harnessing computational power to create artistic variety is nothing new, especially in the burgeoning NFT realm.

They create a passionate subculture of collectors and creators who are the true forces behind the NFT market.

Behind-the-scenes of NFT projects

The NFT community runs adjacent to the crypto community, sharing and bolstering many of the same attributes.

Those who wish to buy and sell NFTs benefit from being involved in supportive, communicative, and highly insightful groups. These groups propagate the value of non-fungible tokens in their numerous forms.

Cryptocurrency and NFTs communities are a breed of their own.
They are complete with their own language of references and inside jokes.

NFT community members eagerly discuss and trade among themselves.

Think of an NFT as digital, exclusive proof of ownership of a unique asset – like a receipt that you can’t lose and that can’t be duplicated or faked. It’s a secure way of proving that something is yours.

And that “something” can be just about anything digital, like art, a tweet or a trading collectible or even something physical, like a real-life experience or concert ticket.

NFTs are “non-fungible,” meaning they are unique and can’t be replaced or swapped with something else. And anyone with a working knowledge of digital art can create, or mint, one.

Once available on a marketplace, collectors buy and sell NFTs, often for exorbitant sums.

His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Guggenheim Museum, Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), and the Moderna Museet (Stockholm). He has also shown his work at galleries, museums and international events including the Venice Biennale, Kukje Gallery (Seoul), and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Danil Krivoruchko (aka Myshli) is a multidisciplinary art director and digital artist whose clients include Apple, Nike, Intel, Boeing, etc. His work has won a variety of festival awards. The first NFT collection created by Danil “One Thousand Ksoids” is currently held by many prominent NFT collector names.

Their collaboation Organic Growth: Crystal Reef is a collection of 10301 NFT crystal “seeds” that will flourish and transform every time they are sold.

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