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Terra Nullius makes an NFT comeback! Crypto Archeologist Wilt Chamberlain unearthed the newest “Oldest NFT in existence,” launched way backAugust 7, 2015.

According to an article by Adam McBride, Terra Nullius is the first NFT on Ethereum. Based on aReddit post, it appears the project was built to allow you to stake your ‘claim’ on the blockchain. This means that when an NFT holder claims a stake, they could also write a short message to customize the NFT. As of the moment, the length of this message is unknown.

The team minted 22 NFTs n 2015. However, the team created 23 wrapped NFTs in order to put them on sale on OpenSea. Chamberlain and McBride minted an additional 2 NFTs.. In just one hour after McBride released his research, the new owners claimed all 4000 NFTs. Currently, itis now no longer possible to mint off the contract.

Obscura nft

These can vary from huge sound camps to small popcorn stands and everything in between.

Why is this relevant? We have come from a background of a real world DAO that has been successfully running for almost 20 years. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of this model and how to best make it work (hint: give more than you take). We each work to the benefit of each other and it has created one of the most inspirational and supportive environments we know that exists.

We want to bring this same environment to an online platform and create a place where creatives can share ideas/experience and make the leap into this new and exciting frontier.
We would love to continue the principal of decommodification but just as the festivals charge for tickets to enable the event to happen, we need to raise funds to develop our tech into something magnificent.

Terra obscura nft

In conclusion, they endeavour to build community and empower photographers. Creating dream projects by bringing back the concept of the photographic commission. Similarly, Obscura has the mission to provide grants, commissions, leadership, education, and partnerships.

Seasoned photographers to photographers in the NFT Photography space.

Lastly, here is thecollection,visit theirwebsiteto find out more about the project and here is some NFT photography news.

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Eight Magnum photographers have been commissioned to create new work in a partnership between the agency and Obscura. Alessandra Sanguinetti, Lorenzo Meloni, Carolyn Drake, SabihaÇimen, Hannah Price, Lua Ribeira, Alex Majoli, and Thomas Dworzak were asked to contribute to the inaugural season of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collections.

The new work has been funded through the sale of “Season Passes”, which guarantee the collector one NFT from each commission. The collector will receive their artwork on the day the NFT is minted on the blockchain.

Obscura is the first photography commissions platform introducing visual storytelling into the NFT world, allowing collectors and photographers to connect within the Web3 and allowing the new crypto economy to activate and inspire new creative opportunities.

They have asked them to document humans participating, building, and creating in Web3 and the NFT space in 2021, the year NFTs took the world by storm. In addition, the photographers can take this idea and make it as abstract as they can, but it should still relate to Web3 and the NFT space. Obscura has funded 100 photographers, $1000 each to create a body of work that tells the story of the new creators, collectors, and builders of the web3 metaverse.

“I can’t stress how grateful I am for Obscura and the possibilities they’re opening up for photographers through this.” – Kamau Kamau, Who We Are grant recipient, from Nairobi, Kenya.

“Incredibly proud to be involved with this historic project.” – Felix Denomme, Who We Are grant recipient, from Ottawa, Canada.

Launching with the WHO WE ARE campaign, Obscura is a new kind of funding collective.

Obscura Journal Contributor Brileigh Hardcastle recently interviewed Obscura Community Commission artists: Natalie Sosa, Summer Wagner, Alize Jireh, Amanda “A.B.” Martinez, Heather N. Stout, Yogan Muller, Badir McCleary, Niall O’Brien, Jahnny Lee, and Matthew Reamer for the drop of the first Obscura Community Commission. Each responded to the theme “Two Years After the Storm,” a commission about the current state the United States of America.
They discuss their process, and their projects which explore the pandemic, politics, environment, social and gender inequality, the police and more.

It’s nice to be alive by Natalie Sosa

Natalie Sosa is a Mexican photographer making work that explores our everyday relationship to the urban environment.

We offer the opportunity for photographers to create new bodies of work that will have its first iteration in the world as an NFT and then as a print or book form. The lack of digital ownership has been a big problem in the way photography and photographers could value their work and we see an opportunity to ask the question through NFTs if that can change. NFTs are not an end game for photography but one more opportunity to find an audience and to tell the stories we want to tell.”

The NFT Collections will be published on Magnum Photos and Obscura’s platforms once minted.
There will be a number of Twitter Spaces events across the launch period, where photographers and Obscura will be discussing the creation of the work and more.

Below is a list of the the date each collection will be released.

Make allies, combat the deadly undead hoards, and solve intricate puzzles to get ahead, and traverse through 12 unique chapters to discover the true secret of Isla Obscura. Ultimately, escape to safety with your life and mind still intact. All of the latest assets come from chapter one “The Skull, Adorned,” therefore, expect 11 more collections to follow.

Visit the Isla Obscura website Here

Head to the Sandbox marketplace Here

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Obscura has a commitment to form a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) from within its community, which enables members to have a stake in developing and governing its future.

Magnum President Olivia Arthur says: “When Alejandro and I began discussing this project, we talked about it as a ‘leap of faith’. This is both on the side of the people who are buying the artworks ahead of them being created and from Magnum because we are making work that would exist firstly as NFTs. We are thrilled to be working with Obscura and believe that their commitment to the production of new photography and stories is an extremely important and wonderful thing.
We are excited to see how, and in what direction, this world will grow.”

Co-Founder of Obscura Alejandro Cartagena adds: “Obscura was created as a conceptual exercise on how we think of photography in the digital age.

By chronology, Mooncat is the second oldest NFT on Ethereum after CryptoPunks making it a potential goldmine in the eyes of NFT enthusiasts and collectors.

Mooncat Rescue and Terra Nullius affirm that factors like historical significance and scarcity drive the value of NFTs. Moreover, a good history and story can lead to price appreciation which is always a welcome scenario for every NFT holder.

You can still view the NFT listing onOpenSea.

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The team all has one thing in common. A strong belief in the strength we can possess when we work together. We all come from arts based communities that exist within New Zealand and these all tend to come together once a year to celebrate our culture at the regional burning man festival – Kiwiburn.

For those who are unaware the burning man festival scene is built around a set of principals and operates differently to most commercial festivals. There is no main stage, no centrally organised acts or entertainment and no commercial vendors or food stalls.
Everyone is expected to bring their own means of sustenance for the entire time and it is against policy to charge for any aspect of value you may bring. The entertainment is organised by each different camp.

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