No code nft generator

no code nft generator

NFTs, NFTs, NFTs. Everyone is talking about NFTs. Started as a way to legalize digital art, NFT has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. From 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed to American Rapper Snoop Dogg to entrepreneur Gary Vee, people are showing broad interest in NFTs.

Still considered to be in the early stages, NFTs are making headlines every day. Truthfully, the unique digital assets have gone way beyond its expectations and are capturing mass markets worldwide.

For those who are unfamiliar with the NFT world, let me explain to you in brief what NFTs are.

Think of NFT as a non-fungible asset, which is an asset that is unique and can’t be replaced by something else. Each NFT is contained in a smart contract, which means the token is unique and can’t be copied or counterfeited.

It’s impossible to hack into a smart contract, unlike regular wallets.

No code nft generator


NightCafé is one of the widely popular NFT generators that use AI powered technology and machine learning to help users create, organize and see their digital artwork on different devices easily.

You can use NightCafé’s unique creation tools to make an NFT collection that stands out and grabs the user’s attention.


  • Manage NFTs across multiple devices
  • Bulk create option to help you generate hundreds of NFTs in minutes
  • Hundreds of unique filters and tools
  • Code-free platform


  • Freemium platform
  • Allows 2 artworks per day under free edition

6. Fotor

Fotor is another easy-to-use NFT builder that allows people with absolutely no art skills to create NFTs using AI technologies in minutes.

With Fotor, you have nothing to worry about.

Best no code nft generator

Just understand that it’s exactly these types of tools that make it exceedingly easy to create new projects out of thin air.

Supply is starting to outpace demand by a wide margin and that’s why prices of many projects have been going down a lot.

Nobody needs yet another cheap knock-off of an existing project, just so a bunch of people can try to make a quick buck.

What will determine whether your project is successful or not is your ability to execute the promises you’ve made.

Please also realize that all successful projects are effectively startups and require TONS of work to get them off the ground.

98% of the project out there will fail!

Here at Tokenized, we want to help learn as much as possible about the coming NFT revolution.

NFT Generator

appypie isn’t an NFT-native company and their specialty is primarily around design-focused apps.

You’ll find a lot of free tools and smartphone apps that are effectively just photo editors trying to capitalize on the recent NFT hype.

To be fair, appypie’s NFT generator is a legitimate tool that can be used to create the assets for 10k projects.

However, their primary objective is to sell their design tool subscription that gives you access to dozens of other apps that have nothing to do with NFTs.

Don’t expect them to build any additional features that actually make a lot of the work with smart contracts easier.

That is NOT their business model, despite some of the insinuations on their website.


No code nft generator art

Their platform allows their users to create randomized NFT collections with little to artistic skills at all!

Using NightCafe to create an NFT Collection is the most simple solution on this list, but not without cons!


  • Create NFTs without any artistic skills
  • Hundreds of digital filters
  • No code required
  • Text to Image or Video


  • Artwork is not created by an artist
  • Freemium app

5) SketchAR

SketchAR is an NFT generator that uses AR and AI to put together an NFT collection, much like NightCafe.


  • Great for individual artwork (single-piece NFTs)
  • Cheap fees
  • Support for creating your own NFT collection


  • NFT collections are a 1-by-1 process and could take weeks to fully build out

3) Rarible

Rarible is another NFT marketplace where you may also create NFTs. The difference between Rarible and Opensea is that Rarible accepts both cryptocurrency payments AND credit card payments.

Rarible takes a 2.5% fee on all sales and also offers a messaging feature.


  • Credit card payments
  • Messaging features
  • Decentralized governance


  • No mobile app
  • Low monthly unique visitors

4) NightCafe

NightCafe makes use of AI and machine learning to assist their users in creating their NFTs.

No code nft generators

Simply upload your image, choose an art style and let the NFT maker handle the rest for you.


  • No coding or designing skills needed
  • No need to create an account to download your NFTs
  • Plenty of designs, filters, editing, and effects options


  • No autosave functionality


Last, but not least is It is one of the amazing NFT creators that help you be a part of the NFT movement, whether you have any design skills or not.

AI-powered, allows you to create personalized NFTs as well as to enlarge NFTs.

No code nft collection generator

You can change the look and feel of the images the way you want by adding filters, fonts, etc.

NFT Creator is quite affordable compared to other NFT makers in the market. You can use it to make your own NFT collection without breaking your bank.


  • Provides 1000+ background options, fonts, artistic fillers, etc.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Create your own NFT collection with little to none designing skills


  • Functions only on iOS13 or MacOS11 (at time of writing)



SketchAR is yet another great NFT maker that transforms digital art into NFTs.

Free online nft generator no code

All they do is simplify the creation of the artwork itself, while the rest still needs to be done by you or with the help of other tools.

In this article, we’ll show you want some of these NFT collection generators are, what features they have to over and what tools might be most suitable for your particular use case.

And if you’re specifically interested in creating NFTs that use pixel art, we strongly recommend you have a look at our article on pixel art generators as well.

6 Examples of NFT Art Generators

Please note that while none of these NFT generators require any coding skills (they are “no-code” tools), some of them require some basic knowledge of other tools, such as Figma or Adobe Photoshop.

Most of these tools already come with tutorials or you can find helpful video tutorials on YouTube.


NFT builder to create an NFT out of old pictures.


  • AI Spark writer, a feature to give new artists ideas and inspirations for NFT creation
  • Monthly passes for unlimited art creation
  • Affordable plans


  • NFT quality still needs improvement
  • Limited customization options

Summing Up

This was our list of the best NFT makers that can help you make your own NFT collection in no time. Most of these apps and platforms are quite affordable and easy to use.

So what are you waiting for? Make your own NFT collection using any of these NFT builders and get the most out of the blockchain technology.

Disclaimer*: I am currently employed by Appy Pie as a search manager and thus have a vested interest in the Appy Pie products mentioned in the article.

The very thing you’re using to access this article, right now.

What about the fifth technological revolution? Many believe Web3 to be the fifth technological revolution. But why?

To answer that question, we must first understand what Web3 is.

Web3 is the concept that the world wide web (or the internet as we know it) will be mainly based on decentralized systems through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a ledger for open and decentralized transactions.

Blockchain first started with a pseudonym, “Satoshi Nakamoto” who was the founder of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was the world’s very first peer-to-peer decentralized payment network. Since then, many other decentralized payment networks were created.

Bueno wants to take things one step further.

They are even working on no-code smart contracts which will allow you to deploy smart contracts without writing any code.

The team also plans to integrate a collection editor with drag-and-drop features.

And they’re even working features that let you mint first and unveil the artwork later.

All of this is really helpful if you’re planning on launching your project on an NFT website like OpenSea.

And when you finally create the collection, it will be very easy to integrate everything with NFT properties OpenSea supports.

The fact that Pablo Stanley’s Robotos project even used Bueno for their Robopets drop is a really good sign.

We strongly urge you to check out Bueno.

It’s still in a private beta phase but you can join their waitlist.


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