Nft will smith

nft will smith

Anybody involved in this space has to give a lot of thought to whether or not the short term money is worth the reputational risk.”

VeeCon has also been a boon for the local economy in Minneapolis, which is one of many communities around the country attempting to recover lost tourism dollars from the Covid-19 pandemic. In attendance are token holders from around the world, including India, Australia, Romania, France and Sweden.

“As a local Minnesotan, I’m really proud that the first-ever VeeCon is taking place in my backyard,” said Maha Abouelenein, a local organizer of the event and CEO of media organization Digital & Savvy. “I can’t wait to see all the friendships that are created at VeeCon.”

Still, there’s some fear surrounding the space’s longevity.

Nft will smith chris rock

Everyone here is wildly aware that there has been a correction in [crypto] pricing … it’s not fun when your assets go down on paper. It is what it is, but the timing is remarkable because now a lot of good work gets done.
A lot of the innovation gets done.”

The event, hosted at U.S. Bank Stadium, features keynote speakers that have recently come onto the Web3 scene, including Snoop Dogg, Spike Lee, Deepak Chopra, Eva Longoria and Mila Kunis, among others.

“Obviously because of who they are, celebrities are going to get a lot of attention and I think they have a responsibility [to educate] with the size of their audience,” Vaynerchuk told CNBC.

Nft will smith

Ce fut la manifestation phare du dernier week-end de mars 2022 dans le monde du cinéma : la 94e cérémonie des Oscars. Et puisqu’un événement peut en cacher un autre, celui le plus inattendu et qui aura le plus attiré l’attention du monde entier aura été la gifle infligée par Will Smith à Chris Rock.

Très vite, les memes et les vidéos ont envahi la toile. L’univers des cryptos et des NFT n’a pas tardé non plus et il a été créé une collection NFT autour de cette fameuse gifle.Will Smith Slap DAO, la collection NFT du moment

En quelques heures seulement après le geste qui a marqué la 94e cérémonie des Oscars, la collection NFT de la fameuse gifle donnée par Will Smith au comédien Chris Rock a été créée, puis vendue sur le Net.

Les adeptes d’actifs numériques se sont rapidement manifestés pour s’arracher ce NFT.

Nft will smith slap

While the famous NFT meme went for a pretty penny, we wouldn’t recommend falling for hype event-driven collections like the Will Smith Slap DOA; it’s just tasteless.

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Bad Boys 4: The Slap,” anyone?

The Will Smith Slap DAO is kinda trashy, and falls into the NFT meme arena popularised by the likes of Nyan Cat, an animated pop tart rainbow cat that sold for $590,000. While that classic NFT meme sold for a big figure, we’d suggest not buying into hype event-driven collections like the Will Smith Slap DOA, if anything, it’s just tasteless.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific financial or investment advice or recommendations for any individual for any investment product.

The article is only intended to provide general information and opinions about NFTs.

Those seeking evidence of the recent crypto meltdown need not look to Minneapolis — at least for the next few days.

This weekend, thousands of NFT-holders are descending upon the Twin Cities for Gary Vaynerchuk’s “VeeCon” — a four-day conference bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs and Web3 evangelists to discuss digital transformation in everything from art to assets.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and social media influencer, Vaynerchuk is well known for his early investments in companies, including Facebook and Coinbase.

Vaynerchuk’s “VeeFriends” NFT collection is comprised of 10,255 character nonfungible tokens available for purchase via the cryptocurrency ethereum. Each token includes a “smart contract” with metadata that Vaynerchuk can use to interact with its buyer.

Nft will smith-

Team Fake e Team Real.

What is wrong with me

— CRVSH (@imcrvshed) March 28, 2022

Un account Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) associato alla collezione OpenSea ha affermato che il progetto non ha alcuna associazione con Will Smith, Slaps od Organizzazioni Autonome Decentralizzate (DAO).

Alla data di mercoledì mattina, la collezione di NFT Slap DAO risultava avere 749 titolari e un prezzo minimo di 0,001 ETH, il che significa che questi token non fungibili potevano essere acquistati per un minimo di 3,3 dollari.

Un altro utente intento a sfruttare il video virale dell’episodio avvenuto agli Oscar ha creato un token ERC-20 chiamato Will Smith Inu (CRYPTO:WSI), che ha visto un’impennata del 10.000% poco dopo il suo lancio.

Nft will smithee

We are joined by Jeison Smith (Haplo) — Block Chain Developer and Founder of Bored Ape Army Club NFT.

Generative art expert, and program developer on Solana blockchain, 3 years of experience developing NFT projects and native tokens on Solana Block Chain.

Chris: Bored Apes team has to come up with their latest launch, the Bored Ape Army Club. How is this token different from its predecessors?

Jeison: It is an opportunity for all new members of the Solana NFT community, we propose a unique art which will be an icon on the Blockchain.

Chris: Bored Ape Army Club will soon transcend the benefits of the community from the virtual to the real world.

Nft will smithen

Token holders also are given exclusive access to the annual event for three years after the NFT’s purchase.

Not only is this the inaugural VeeCon, it’s also the first-ever NFT-ticketed event. Token holders access their ticket via a digital wallet on their phones that verifies their ownership of Vaynerchuk’s digital assets.

NFTs are a type of digital asset created to track ownership of a virtual item using blockchain technology.

Such unique items could be artwork or sports trading cards — a market that Vaynerchuk became familiar with as a teenager, peddling baseball cards for thousands of dollars every week.

The price of ethereum has recently traded down by as much as 60% from its 2021 peak.

“The timing of VeeCon could not be better,” Vaynerchuk said in his opening remarks at the conference on Friday. “There’s an incredible chapter of Web3 coming this next year.

Is an NFT that celebrates an act of violence really something to treasure? We’re not convinced.

Will Smith Slap NFT

Perhaps the NFT community isn’t behind this new hype NFT either. While the Will Smith Slap DAO (this stands for decentralised autonomous organisation) has sold 721 NFTs it created 1,999 in total.
These initially sold for 0.003 ETH or $10 / £7, so the Will Smith Slap NFTs aren’t expensive and they’re not selling in big numbers either.

This NFT collection takes the minute-and-a-half sequence – the moment actor Will Smith slaps comedian Chris Rock and their reactions – and chops it into selected screen grabs with meme-friendly but dumb messages layered on top.

How will royalties be redistributed among holders? How will they receive their dues?

Jeison: The quotas will be sent via Airdrops to all holders.

Chris: It is indicative that the artwork of the BAAC tokens would follow features of the bored Apes. What are the different traits that make each token unique? What are the rare features?

Jeison: All the traits are different and unique, we were inspired by an army of Apes with exclusive outfits like the NFL suit, new hairstyles and unique traits like the astronaut suit.

Chris: Also, please share pricing details for the public mintage.

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