Nft vs digital art

This is because the processes up until this point were more of a precursor – they are still among those that need to be performed beforehand, though!

Step 2: Choose the Correct Marketplace

It would be impossible to talk about how to make NFT art without selecting an appropriate marketplace, first. This is because mostly all of the processes revolving around NFT creation happen in an actual marketplace itself.

If you already have a painting, drawing, photograph, or a character design (or anything else of a similar nature) all prepared and ready to be turned into an NFT, finding a marketplace becomes the next priority.

Nft vs digital art

And if you see the project has its community’s strength, don’t be scared to put in your investment.

Learning before investing is how you win while trading in the crypto-space.


NFT projects are always coming up with new ways to engage the community. Some take the standard approach of brilliant artworks by brilliant artists; others put community needs at the forefront. But all among them focus on rewarding the Crypto holders.
It has been true for the NFT OGs like CryptoPunks and will be true for social-media-based NFTs like Yubo Randos.

The year 2022 has seen many ups and downs in the blockchain sector, but it is persisting. And it will continue to do so. But that grit can only last if you wisely choose the projects worth your money.

This makes these NFTs, or proofs of ownership, practically impossible to lose or destroy.

Several major tech stakeholders have expressed their belief in NFTs, one of them being Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, who recently posted his first tweet on the microblogging site for auction as an NFT.

NFT: The saviour for digital artwork?

Digital artwork has for long gone underappreciated, due to several reasons. For a long time now, downloading images and videos over the internet has been an easy task, with most users not even being aware of issues of copyright over digital assets.

The world has worked with tangible assets for a long time, and so people’s associations with the tangible products have been more than their association with the actual art.

Nft vs digital art-

Here, you need to select MetaMask.

Once connected, you will then need to go to your “My Collections” tab. This is located in the drop-down menu, under your profile picture.

After selecting to create a new collection, you will be sent to a page full of various customizations. Here, you can choose a logo and a banner for your collection, enter the description, create a custom URL, select categories, and more.

Once you’ve taken care of the visual side of things, you will then need to sort out your royalties, payment methods, and other data, too.
Royalties need to be set by you, but cannot go over 10%.

Nft vs digital artist

Effectively, all ape holders become members of VIP clubs in real life.

After all, only they can verify their identity by showing their NFTs in their wallets, transforming art assets into passkeys. One such real-life yacht party already took place at the NFT.NYC conference, hosting leaders of the tech industry, such as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Most importantly, on the artist side of the equation, the actual creators of NFTs stand to enter a new era. Because each NFT smart contract, embedded into a blockchain, can track sales and ownership, so too it can track royalties.

Prior to such technology, this was exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to accomplish.

With NFTs, an artist can simply mint one with royalties included, thus gaining a steady income with each resale.

Nft vs digital art2

digital art.


Molto prima dell’arrivo NFT, la Digital Art si era conquistata il proprio posto all’interno del panorama artistico internazionale. La prima volta che si è utilizzato il termine ‘digital art’ è stato all’inizio degli anni ‘80, quando gli ingegneri informatici idearono un programma di pittura che è stato utilizzato dal pioniere dell’arte digitale Harold Cohen.

Dopo il primo incontro con sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Cohen continua a perfezionare il programma e, di pari passo, arrivano i progressi in ambito tecnologico.

Ai tempi, per arte digitale si intendeva una tipologia di opera realizzata interamente o parzialmente al computer.

Poteva essere scansionata o disegnata utilizzando un tablet, o un mouse. Negli novanta, grazie ai miglioramenti della tecnologia digitale è stato possibile iniziare a trasferire i video filmati con la videocamera su computer, cosa che ha permesso agli artisti di poter intervenire sulle immagini e manipolare i singoli frame. Oggi, tramite la digital art, gli artisti trovano nella pittura, nel disegno, nella scultura, nella musica e nella sound art, la propria libertà creativa: l’opera d’arte, al pari di qualsiasi altra tecnologia, si è evoluta fino a raggiungere la completa interattività col suo pubblico.

Each Kittie is “high”, sometimes drooling, sometimes looking at the space, but always wearing attire and gadgets inspired by Cyberpunk.

But Kitty’s uniqueness doesn’t end here. Because the entire artwork is psychedelic, the traits are more diverse, giving true uniqueness to each artwork.

Ugonzo’s last NFT collection was sold out within 89 seconds. And currently, the most expensive Kitty is worth $250,000.

Amongst many crypto-speakers on YouTube, PsychoKitties is growing up to be a money-making NFT.
People are flipping these unique digital artworks on the OpenSea, making lucrative profits by doing so.

The perks of PsychoKitties do not end here. The project contains multiple rewards for the holders, including raffles, access to special events and more.

Reasons to invest in PsychoKitties in 2022


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What are the main takeaways that you should have from reading this article on how to make NFT art?

Well, there are a few, really! For starters, it’s evident that NFT creation has a somewhat steep learning curve.

In the case of NFTs, while you could always find and save the same digital file, it is not your NFT. Primarily, an NFT is a deed to a digital asset, so if lost, you lose it for good.

Suffice to say, these technical hiccups will have to be ironed out so NFTs do not lose their main appeal — smart contract inviolability. More robust blockchain platforms, such as Solana and Cardano, are certainly heading in that direction, with the latter being built as a comprehensive, peer-reviewed science project.

In the meantime, exceedingly rare smart contract exploits will have to be tolerated.

With that said, the long-term future is definitely on the side of tokenized digital assets.

The auction will be held on Foundation, a platform for digital art, and will last for 24 hours. It is open to all. Proceeds from the sale, after auction fees, transaction costs and tax liabilities*, will go to The Economist Educational Foundation, an independent charity that helps students learn about current affairs. As well as raising money for a good cause, we hope that the auction will be educational, both for us and our readers.

The world of DeFi has the potential to make economic activity more efficient, transparent and fair. But it also comes with risks.

The Economist’s auction is a leap into a frothy market. The total value of NFTs issued on the Ethereum blockchain is $14.3bn, according to DappRadar, a blockchain research company.

CryptoKitties, unique digital animals that can be bred and sold, were one of the first tokens to generate large volumes of activity.

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