Nft voting

Somebody could be a back runner, but because somebody has purchased their NFTs, they could actually jump up to be in the top five or top four.”

Using NFTs as a voting mechanism aligns with NFT Pangolin’s vision of creating utility out of NFTs, which Johan emphasised on during the conference.

But other than earning votes, the contestants are actually earning financially from the NFT sales too. While the organisers did not disclose what exact percentage the contestants will earn, Johan shared that this system gives the contestants an incentive to leverage their influences.

He also mentioned that the proceeds could potentially go to charities as well.

NFTs as the future

Since the NFTs will be sold on NFT Pangolin, the NFTs will be minted on the Zetrix blockchain and have to be bought with ZTX.

Nft voting

The Top NFT Marketplaces for Creators to Sell Non-Fungible Tokens may differ in how they run their sales, allow who can sell, and even operate on different blockchains, so be sure to look closely before you pay the gas costs to mint your work.

NFT Royalties

One of the most focused upon perks of NFTs from the artist’s perspective is the ability to receive royalties for resales of their work.

Not only do NFTs allow creators to monetize their work on primary markets, but some blockchains such as Ethereum enable NFTs to go a step further by integrating royalties, which are payments made to a creator every time their work is purchased on a secondary market.

Nft voting rights

Would it be too much to claim that a voting system without NFTs doesn’t and can never work?

Trust but Verify

We all know that voting systems require a lot of trust. That is in increasingly short supply. We’re at the point now where in the US a substantial portion of the electorate don’t trust our voting systems. Whatever your view about this, we all have the right to be able to trust our voting systems.
Right now, there’s no guarantee. With NFTs you get it.

How so? Could we jig things (yep, voting machines too) such that every time we vote it becomes an NFT? The vote is provably unique to us and can’t ever have been used or deployed by anyone else. And when we count up these NFTs we get a provable number of total votes.

Nft voting platform

Gas refers to the fee required to successfully conduct a transaction on Ethereum.”

Here are a few helpful tools to understand and visualize Gas and block transactions:

Etherscan: A Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Ethereum, a decentralized smart contracts platform.

Gas tracker: An all-in-one tool to optimize your gas fees.

TxStreet: A cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) blockchain live transaction visualizer.

How to Market My NFT Art

A day in the NFT market is a year in the non-NFT world. You will not be able to keep up and you will feel FOMO. Keep going.

Unlike physical art and collectibles, NFTs exist in a largely frictionless marketplace.

Nft voting sites

As a result of the Danger Rangers’ ability to yield crypto assets, they are looking for safety on the Ethereum blockchain before it’s too late.

Total supply: 10670 items

Project team

The project team consists of Clark (Creative Director), Mike (Project Lead), and Nigel (project manager).


The Danger Rangers are kept secure on the Ethereum blockchain.


  • P2E development begins in Q1. Top holders can take part in alpha demos and participate in weekly development blogs.
  • Mutant Rangers in danger in Q1! All holders receive D1A/DZB serums.

Mintable voting nft

If you want to keep getting funding, do you just have to keep selling more tokens?

One ideal model that I’ve thought of is essentially like if Bored Ape Yacht Club was a media company — right now, they’re making millions of dollars a month on secondary sales royalties [for NFT transfers]. So there is a world in which Dirt could run solely on secondary market royalties.

That seems like it might require having a pretty heavy turnover in the user base that’s engaged enough to want to vote on these things.

I think there’s an interesting comparison — like, the readers of a publication don’t stay the same over time. People are always cycling in and out.

Snapshot nft voting

So essentially, by creating a token, we have a really easy way of looking at who has supported us, like who has participated in funding Dirt, essentially. And then that record also means that the token holders can express their interest by voting really easily.

If you theoretically don’t know who owns the tokens, how do you prevent some company from buying up all your tokens and using that to influence your editorial process?

We’re doing this experiment in order to figure out those questions. But at this point, Dirt is small enough and the token holders are small enough that we essentially know who everyone is, at least by their wallet, even if they’re anonymous.

Nft dao voting

  • By distributing rewards via this smart contract like above, all token holders (of COMP) can get benefit to engage in voting even if they are small share holders (of COMP).
    • This smart contracts include the customized-smart contracts of the GovernorAlpha.sol of Compound.
      • e.g). The GovernorAlphaWithProofOfVotingNFT.sol inherit the GovernorAlpha.sol of Compound .


    • Workflow
      • ① Create a proposal (from voters to the GovernorAlphaWithProofOfVotingNFT contract).
      • ② Create a proposal (from the GovernorAlphaWithProofOfVotingNFT contract to the GovernorAlpha contract).

    The popularity of the Universe Collection NFTs ties into the Pageant’s final competition.

    According to the press release, “The finalists will automatically earn additional voting points depending on the popularity of their NFTs and will obtain the “wildcard” to bypass the elimination round.”

    During the conference, Johan said each sale will amount to 5 votes.

    The same goes for the Competition Collection, but this time, the stakes are higher. As these NFTs are auction-only, higher bids will amount to higher points.

    While Johan said that there is no finalised number for how the bids will translate into votes, he anticipates the vote count to be in the triple digits, which he explained is very high.

    “It could actually shake up the ranking of the girls,” Johan said.

    Nft voting instructions nft voting for platon mainnet

    They quickly sold out and became highly prized collectible statues. As a matter of fact, the demand was so high that Veve collections were reintroduced multiple times in different paint schemes and sizes.

    Veve’s limited edition digital collectibles can be traded, upgraded, and customized in virtual showrooms, or by sharing on social media through the VeVe app for android and iOS.

    Total supply: 8.888

    Project team

    The project culminated in a collaboration between DC Comics and VeVe to design DC Battle Statues and bring these premium licensed NFT collectibles to the market.


    Veve assets are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Minting process

    You can purchase NFTs during the main sale, starting on Jan. 23.

    Nft vote mp

    Examples include Moloch DAO, Aave Protocol, and Audius Grants.

    5. Protocol DAO

    In Protocol DAOs, certain smart contract protocols are used to provide decentralised financial services. Typically, they will have tokens that function as a voting metric to bring forth any changes in the protocol and make financial changes. In a nutshell, these decentralised organizations enable anyone to become part of the the global financial system.
    Some Protocol DAOs are MakerDao, Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Olympus.

    6. Entertainment DAOs

    Entertainment DAOs allow members to put their thinking caps on and let their creativity flow. Basically, members with shared values come together through these decentralised organizations to bring a creative project to life. Take for example Fluf World.

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