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Twitter cards are a way of displaying rich content on Twitter.

NFTs are a new and exciting way for businesses to grow and stay ahead of the competition. If you’re not using them, you should be!

We’ve rounded up 17 of today’s best NFT Influencers Twitter accounts below.

These accounts are the most informative, relevant, and engaging accounts on Twitter in 2022.

Here they are:

1. Matty – @DCLBlogger


Matty is a well-known figure in the blockchain and digital asset space. He is the founder of DCLBlogger, one of the leading voices in the Decentralized Computing community.

His twitter is a great source of information on all things blockchain and NFT related.

Nft twitter accounts

He gives his knowledge out in Twitter Threads and blogs he writes on his website.

4. Cooopahtroopa

CoopahTroopa is an incredible curator & poster of web3 content.
Recently focusing on music NFTs & DAOs, if you scroll through the account, you’re sure to find resources you can use to keep up to date with a space you’re interested in.

Want to stay ahead of the NFT market?WenAlphaText.iosends real-time text alerts when an NFT influencer purchases an NFT. Learn morehere.

5. Linda Xie

Linda is a former Coinbase Product Manager and is currently a co-founder at a Crypto Investment firm, Scalar Capital.
She’s written beginner’s guides for NFTs, DAOs, Social Tokens and DeFi. She tweets quality content and is one of our favorite accounts because her career is built around web3.

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What’s going on here has to do with what Das and Bose call promoter accounts, which have hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions of followers, and whose entire raison d’être, pretty much, is running raffles. When an NFT scam account (or any account, really) wants to artificially spike its own follower numbers, it can pay one of these promoter accounts to run a raffle where the price of entry is following the scam account, rather than paying for a ticket.

Bots also tend to get caught in these dragnets, Das and Bose told me, and they likely account for many of my tens of thousands of new followers. Just how many is hard to say.

All of that credibility-building work, though, is mere preparation.
Only with the tweet storm does the scam begin in earnest. At 10:13 a.m.

Nft twitter accounts to follow

Blockchain competitors who could serve the NFT space include projects like Filecoin, Cardano, EOS, Tron, Komodo, Qtum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and Avalanche.Tags in this [email protected], @neitherconfirm, @slvtrmndi, Artwork, Arweave, Beeple, Cent, Christie’s Auction, Dennison Bertram, Filecoin, Image Change, Immutability, Immutability debate, Interplanetary File System, IPFS,, Jameson Lopp, Joey Syer, Metadata,, nft, NFTs, Non-fungible Token, Rug Pull, Valuables

What do you think about the controversy about non-fungible token (NFT) asset immutability? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Jamie Redman

Jamie Redman is the News Lead at News and a financial tech journalist living in Florida. Redman has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community since 2011.

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Like to see it.”

NFT Freaksreplied, “What do you assume that claims to the remainder of the community who’ve been hustling their fucking asses off for 300+ days to see this when folks have been supporting this @fvckrender since getting right here?! What did does this sign to everybody some sort of GREAT HOPE!? RIDICULOUS IMO.”

Consequently, NFT Freaks confronted some backlash from NFT Twitter. Actually, a number of artists referred to as out NFT Freaks for bullying artists, particularly girls.

Artists Calling Out NFT Freaks For Bullying

Earlier right this moment, Twitter person issac tweeted, ”referred to as out @nftfreaks for being a misogynist and bullying my buddy @ClaireSilver12 (he has a observe file of bullying artists, particularly girls).

obtained blocked.

Nft twitter account suspended

OS mobile app right now.

Lastly, your NFT needs to be stored in one of the following cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Argent
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Live
  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet

You need to have the app for your go-to wallet installed on your phone for a smooth connection with Twitter.

If you have all the right tools, adding your verified NFT to your profile only takes a couple of minutes.

  • From your profile page in the iOS Twitter app, tap on the “Edit profile” button to the right of your profile photo.
  • On the “Edit profile” page, tap on the camera icon over your profile photo.
  • Tap “Choose NFT.”
  • If this is your first time connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to your Twitter account, you may be served a Twitter Blue Labs explanation of the feature.

Best nft twitter accounts

Whereas the NFT house is crammed with alternatives, rising artists face all types of criticisms and bullying. Nevertheless, the NFT community has taken a stand because the NFT Freaks Twitter account will get referred to as out for bullying artists.

NFT Freaks Bullying Artists – What Truly Occurred?

Just lately, astruggling artist determined to affix the NFT houseafter being uninterested in making lower than $10k a 12 months.

Moreover, he caught the eye of NFT influencer Fvckrender and bought his artwork for 20.9 ETH.

Nevertheless, the artist additionally obtained some hate for entering into NFTs. Addressing that,collaborative AI artist Claire Silvertweeted, “Artist has 100k+ following and makes lower than 10k a 12 months.

Decides to attempt NFTs, qt’s have tons of hate. Checked their first mint, already has an 8 eth bid from @fvckrender.

Biggest nft twitter accounts

Love to see it.”

NFT Freaksreplied, “What do you think that says to the rest of the community who have been hustling their fucking asses off for 300+ days to see this when people have been supporting this @fvckrender since getting here?! What did does this signal to everyone some type of GREAT HOPE!? RIDICULOUS IMO.”

As a result, NFT Freaks faced some backlash from NFT Twitter. In fact, several artists called out NFT Freaks for bullying artists, especially women.

Artists Calling Out NFT Freaks For Bullying

Earlier today, Twitter user issac tweeted, ”called out @nftfreaks for being a misogynist and bullying my friend @ClaireSilver12 (he has a track record of bullying artists, especially women).

got blocked. absolutely worth it.”

Replying to which NFT artist Epic Thundercat said she too blocked NFT Freaks before this.

Nft twitter account for sale

By managing the agency where some of the most influential brands in the NFT world were represented, TY Smith gained valuable insight into the world of NFTs.


The team of crypto-baristas has one mission, to open an NFT-funded cafe in NYC, which has already gained a lot of attention in the space community. For all coffee lovers, Crypto Baristas is the project for them.

They gain caffeinated benefits for life. Their plans include opening more physical locations, possibly opening a roastery and education space in New York City, and perhaps working with a Honduran coffee farm.

Rac.eth (@RAC)

RAC has been a pioneer in shaping the music industry in the blockchain age and is a Grammy-winning recording artist. RAC said he made more money with one NFT drop than 15 years in the music business.

Buy nft twitter account


Matt Medved is the co-founder and CEO of, a website that allows people to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

His Twitter account provides updates on his projects, including news about how blockchain technology will change our world forever!

About Matt Medved:

  • Matt Medved is the Founder of medved
  • Matt Medved has 122.8K followers on Twitter

14. Li Jin – @ljin18


Li Jin is the co-founder of Variant Fund and Atelier Ventures, a venture fund focused on investing in blockchain and crypto startups.

Her twitter account is full of blockchain and digital assets, including the NFT market.

Popular nft twitter accounts

He puts together robust threads of advice and is worth your follow.

20. CryptoAddict86

Ivy is another account that has been tweeting about NFTs since at least 2018.

We’re on a roll with OG accounts because you can’t fake experience. You will be flooded with content from people who see dollar signs, but you want to listen to at least a few who have been around this space for a few years.

Ivy is very active on Twitter and is a self-describe “nerd who is addicted to Twitter”. What better person to follow about web3 than CryptoAddict86?


Li Jin

Li Jin has a substack on consumer culture, tech and the future, and is also a co-founder at a few cypto investment funds. Li was featured in the New York Times and called a “guru” for online creators.

Her recent Tweets provoke a deeper analysis of NFT projects and their communities.

Nft twitter account

Centralized storage of NFT assets and metadata pose an extreme risk to the underlying value and longevity of the NFT. Storing an NFTs metadata and assets on centralized platforms makes the NFTweet highly vulnerable to loss of the assets if Twitter or Cent were to shut down.

The underlying assets of the Tweet will survive only as long as the providers do,” @checkmynft added.

The Twitter account continued:

Storage of the assets is an easily overlooked aspect of NFTs but one that is fundamental to their value. In the case of the person bidding $2.5 million for Jack’s first tweet, you can see why this would be terrible if the assets were lost due to closure or for other reasons.

With no reliable backup, the NFTweet would essentially be rendered worthless.

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