Nft top artists

Entitled Death, this original comic was the start of something new and exciting for Delbo. Since then, he has continued to create breathtaking digital art and NFTs, making him easily one of the best NFT artists capable of capturing his fans’ attention.

#11: Hackatao

As with many other top NFT artists in the digital space, “Hackatao” is a portmanteau. “Hack” refers to the joy of discovering what lies beneath the skin. “Tao” refers to the yin and yang of the creative dynamic balance, for Hackatao is a creative duo rather than a single artist.

Hackatao has a unique style. A team playing off each other’s strengths and working with one another’s weaknesses, they easily rank among the best NFT artists today. The colorful whirls, detailed motifs and overall graffiti-like feel of their digital art NFTs are harmonious, fitting perfectly within the crypto space.

Nft top artists

While any kind of artist can design works to be used as NFTs, more and more artists are refusing to do so because of art theft. So, some artists choose to specify that they’re happy to design NFTs, and you can find a ton of these artists on Fiverr.Who is the best NFT artist in 2022?Mike Winkelmann, or Beeple, is one of the top-selling artists with an average price of $127,283 per piece.
Mad Dog Jones is also well known in the crypto space for selling surreal and dynamic NFTs, and his work often sells for thousands of dollars. However, you don’t have to pay this much to hire a great freelance NFT artist from one of our top freelance websites.What are some of the bestselling NFTs?The biggest-selling single NFT is Pak’s The Merge, which sold for $91.8m in 2021.

Top nft artists 2021

That said, it’s still an affordable option.

5. Karinadewi – Cute NFT Pixel Art

Karinadewi’s artwork is lovely, and some of the best value I found. It took a few rounds of revisions to get to something I was happy with, but we worked together to get the colors right, and for the price, I’m really happy with the quality of the finished artwork.

Karinadewi wasn’t as quick at getting back to me as some of the other artists I worked with – it took a bit of chasing to get an offer through – but once I accepted the offer, they sent the deliverables through on the same day, which was pretty impressive.

This gig cost significantly less than some of the others I paid for, and I received both the source files and the PNG of the finished artwork.


Top nft artists 2022

All Seeing Seneca has received one of the most prestigious design accolades, the Silver Cube, from the Art Directors Club, and she is well-known for her work with big names such as Banana Republic, The New York Times and NPR. As a result, she’s recently become one of the most famous NFT artists thanks to her Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

All Seeing Seneca has collaborated on a variety of projects, most recently including the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

Her first five-piece NFT collection debuted at Art Basel Miami in early December and netted $100,000 in sales, while the BAYC NFTs sold at Sotheby’s for $24 million. These works ultimately propelled her reputation to be one of the most well-known top NFT artists.

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VeeFriends NFT ownership grants access to the VeeFriends community and VeeCon. Each VeeFriend carries messages and meaning and contains metadata with on-chain media storage.

The smart contract that comes with each VeeFriend NFT is essentially the key that provides access to Gary’s world.

#8: clon

Cool Cats is an Ethereum-based collection of NFTs considered a “blue-chip” project. The first generation is limited to 9,999 cats, randomly assembled from more than 300,000 combinations of variable features that include bodies, faces, hats and clothing.

NFT holders have access to the community, random airdrops and future events, as well as carte blanche when it comes to using their own NFTs.

The artist known as clon is the pseudonymous originator of Cool Cats, as well as the illustrator.

Top nft artists in india

Remember it? It was the ostentatious money grab that left swathes of the super-rich flailing after falling victim to the fake festival scam, immortalised by Netflix in a 2019 documentary. And the festival’s logo sold in March 2021 as an NFT (catch up on the sale here).

One of the most controversial NFT art sales ever, the $122,000 price tag indicates the symbol has turned into an important piece of cultural history. We love this NFT artwork for the story behind it. It seems fitting, too, as NFTs themselves are not without controversy.

Krista Kim – Mars House

Mars House is a piece of digital real estate sold as an NFT for $500,000, described on the SuperRare listing as the ‘world’s first digital house’. Designed to be a ‘light sculpture’, Kim Krista’s house is made of 3D-rendered floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking the moody mountains of Mars.

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You can sunbathe on the terrace using virtual reality to soak up the Mars atmosphere and it even comes with its own soundtrack created with Jeff Schroeder from The Smashing Pumpkins.

Krista designed the house in line with her meditative design principles, with the site listing explaining that “her hope was to use the influx of digital life as an opportunity to promote well-being”, and we think it’s one of the best pieces of NFT artwork out there in terms of innovation.

07. Pak – Finite

Finite. 12, 2021

Pak is a superstar in the world of digital art and responsible for some of the best NFTs around, but he is also quite the mystery.

As an anonymous artist, no one knows who Pak really is but he’s one of the top-selling artists in the NFT arena and counts Elon Musk among his admirers.

Top nft artists in the world

His highest-selling artwork entitled “Death Dip” features a pitch-black screen with a white skull that quickly shifts through multiple angles. To give the illusion of a full-body skeleton in circular movements across the screen, Xcopy used a blue square that rapidly changed positions.

His Obra Maestra sold for $1,812,660.


Justine Blau is a DJ and fintech fanatic who goes by the name 3LAU and has been releasing EDM since 2011. Other than music, the artist became fascinated by crypto and blockchain early in time.
He began to release NFT music and has sold 6,090 works averaging at $1,505 per piece.

3LAU’s highest-selling record is the one in collaboration with SlimeSunday—”Gunky’s Uprising.” It’s a three-minute song accompanied by SlimeSunday’s visuals and was sold for $1,333,333 under their collaboration name—SSX3LAU.

Made the decision to become a serious NFT art collector? You may want to know who the top NFT artists in the community are. The more support these artists have, the greater the potential returns of their NFT art collections.

Even people who are new to NFTs can benefit from knowing the top NFT creators.

As we know, non-fungible tokens (NFT) comprise mainly of digital artwork that is created on the blockchain. They are coveted because they come with unique encryption codes that can authenticate and verify the ownership of these digital assets.

Why would you own an NFT, especially from these superstar NFT artists? To be fair, not every artwork is valued the same.

Cath is also deep in the NFT space, and when she’s not spelunking through frozen caves and capturing aurora borealis, she can often be found advocating for her favorite project – the cult classic CryptoDickbutts. – MM


Compusophy is an anonymous artist that melds tech and visual art. Having burst onto the scene towards the beginning of 2021, he first started gaining a following through minimalistic, geometric pieces that many felt were an homage to blue-chip artist Pak.

After an abrupt disappearance in April that shocked many in his collector community, the enigmatic creator returned to the NFT space and hit the ground running with numerous giveaways, Twitter analytics events, and auctions.

Having garnered support from numerous prominent crypto artists, it seems likely Compu will continue to outdo himself in 2022.

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