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Nft sheep

nft sheep

If you own 5 aliens then you have 5 tickets in the giveaway.

30% – 10 unreleased aliens will be randomly airdropped to existing holders

40% – Merch store opens – only Aliens Amongst Sheep holders can access the exclusive store.

50% – 25,000 USD raffle where 5 Alien holders will receive 5,000 USD each. Every Aliens Amongst Sheep NFT you own grants you a ticket in the giveaway. e.g. If you own 5 aliens then you have 5 tickets in the giveaway.

60% – An asteroid will crash into earth posing a threat to the aliens. The first five community members that break the code will have the opportunity to personally customise a chapter 2 alien that will be airdropped to their wallet.

70% – Charity Donation – All Alien holders will be able to vote for their favourite charity.

Nft sheep

NFTs are powered by Ethereum’s network, and you need ETH to buy NFTs. Get Ethereum on eToro today to get started in the metaverse!

Some of the most popular NFT projects revolve around a play to earn system.

These projects allow users to earn real money by playing a game associated with the NFT project. Wolf Game is 1 on these projects, hoping to create a play to earn system.

By incorporating their own token into a strategic game, Wolf Game hopes to attract new players and create an even larger ecosystem. However, the project involves large amounts of risk with anonymous developers and rumors of exploits in the ecosystem.

At the time of writing, the game has been paused. As with all crypto projects, make sure to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Overview of Wolf Game

Wolf Game uses a unique system to power its game.

Nft sheep game

And as we see from the image above, some of these NFTs are listed for even more.

This has everything to do with the Web 3.0 economics built into the game. It starts with scarcity. Only 10,000 NFTs exist. And only those owning an NFT can play.

Then there’s an element of decentralized finance (DeFi) involved.

The sheep NFTs produce the $WOOL digital asset for holders.

And, of course, there’s the gaming element. Sheep holders can try to save all their $WOOL for themselves, but the wolf NFT holders can try to steal it from them.

It’s a fascinating game design even though this might seem like a simple and silly piece of software.
Play-to-earn games are going to get far more complex and interesting this year.

Nft sheep wolf

Mint: 14.05.2022 Mint Price: 0.05 ETH Minting Event Giveaway: Get 2 NFTs for the price of 1 Massive Giveaways: PORSCHE CAYMAN GT 4 MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS RENAULT TWIZZY 80 OMEGA SEAMASTER JAMES BOND 007 Watch Marketing: 100,000$ MARKETING Campaign Release: Mr Sheep 3D Collection & Mr Sheep Club Video game Mr Sheep Club is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that exist on Ethereum Blockchain. Each Mr Sheep is special – just like you – and generated from many different traits, including clothing, skin, expression, and more.

Mr Sheep holders will join the Club and participate in exclusive events such as airdrops, massive giveaways and win a PORSCHE GT 4 and much more. There will also be a new 3D Mr Sheep Collection and Mr Sheep Video game release.

Shaggy sheep nft

If you’d like to learn more, please go right here.

SpaceX is sending a spacecraft to ram into an asteroid…

A few weeks back, Musk’s SpaceX claimed yet another victory. The aerospace giant successfully launched one of NASA’s most interesting missions – DART.

DART stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test.

And just as the name implies, the mission is to send a spacecraft to ram into an asteroid. The physicists call it a “kinetic impact.”

We can think of this as the world’s first test of a planetary defense system.

The goal is to see if a spacecraft that collides with an asteroid can materially alter its trajectory.

This mission is targeting the asteroid called Dimorphos.

Silly sheep nft

Consumers order from their favorite stores or restaurants through DoorDash’s app or website, and then a DoorDash delivery person picks up the purchase and delivers it to the consumer. In return, DoorDash gets a commission on the sale.

And these latest patent filings certainly shine a light on the company’s future delivery strategy.

We know that DoorDash has been experimenting with autonomous robots made by a few other companies, most notably Starship Technologies.

However, it seems DoorDash has decided to build its tech in-house.

Here’s a look at the robot design the company is working on:

DoorDash Patent

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Here we can see a four-wheel design.

Black sheep nft

Where To Buy Wolf Game NFTs

As of right now, the only place to purchase a Wolf Game NFT is on the secondary market. OpenSea is a platform that houses Wolf Game and allows users to purchase NFTs from the project.

However, only a handful of the NFTs are available for purchase. This is because over 90% of Wolf Game NFTs are currently staked and most of the unstaked NFTs are not listed for sale.

While there are only a few Wolf Game NFTs up for purchase, this could easily change.

If the project reopens minting, users may want to purchase an NFT to flip it. Another way more NFTs could become available is if the Sheep decide to not sell their WOOL.

In this situation, the value of a Wolf would become less as it is not earning any WOOL. If this happens, users may decide to sell their Wolf NFTs.

Cool sheep nft

C-band deployments can deliver the super-fast speeds and ultra-low latency that 5G technology is capable of, and still be economically reasonable to build.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced the 5G mmWave networks that Verizon has already launched, this is the next best thing, and it will be widely available once they launch.

This issue of RF interference is a big one. And the higher up in frequency you go, the bigger of an issue it becomes.

And I know the one company that has both the product and the dominant intellectual property position that solves this problem.

Not only are its products in high demand, they are quickly becoming an absolute necessity for not only 5G, but also Wi-Fi 6 technology as well. This company should be in everyone’s investment portfolio.

Wolf sheep nft game

And as we know, they can be cataclysmic.

If this works, it will be very comforting to know that we have a reasonably good chance of protecting our planet from any asteroids large enough to present a threat. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that this could quite literally save the world.

DoorDash is building its own autonomous delivery robot…

Some interesting developments at DoorDash just caught my eye.

The company recently filed a couple of patents directly related to autonomous delivery robots. This follows a string of about 40 other patents related to its delivery systems.

DoorDash is clearly gearing up for a new service.

As a reminder, DoorDash is a popular gig economy company that delivers food and goods to consumers.

Sheep farm nft

Silly Sheep NFT Roadmap

ANIMATED SERIES The Silly Sheep animated series is currently in production. One lucky shepherd will have their Silly Sheep NFT featured alongside a celebrity voice on one of our special episodes.

ANIMATED SERIES GLOBAL EVENTS International Silly Sheep networking events hosted in beautiful locations across major cities around the globe.

Silly Shepards enjoy free access and extra perks depending on how long they’ve held their Silly Sheep NFTs.

High-level Shepherds that are Breeders, Herders, and Sheep Whisperers will have extra perks and access to VVIP events that would be held around Cannes Film Festival*, GRAMMY Awards*, Tribeca Film Festival*, Coachella* and many others.

Sheeple nft

A relatively small kinetic impact that adjusts the trajectory of an object could potentially push the trajectory off by hundreds of thousands of miles by the time the object nears Earth.

The spacecraft will reach the asteroids in September, and we’ll get early results shortly after the collision occurs. From there, the European Space Association plans to send out another spacecraft to inspect the asteroids and do a more detailed analysis of the kinetic impact.

So right now it’s just a waiting game, but DART is on the way. I know that it might feel like an asteroid collision with Earth is the last thing we have to worry about right now, but they’ve happened before, and they’ll happen again.

It’s easy to imagine this design fitted with cameras, LIDAR (laser imaging, detection, and ranging), and a touch screen as it shuttles down streets and sidewalks in urban neighborhoods.

What’s most exciting here is that all the technology needed to make this design a reality already exists. There’s nothing overly complex about implementing this technology based on where sensor technology and autonomous software are today.

For that reason, I expect we will see the company start to experiment with prototypes later this year.

I’m excited to track one down, order some food, and see what the user experience is like.

This new NFT game highlights the power of Web 3.0 gaming…

We’ll wrap up today with a new game that has taken the blockchain community by storm. It’s called Wolf Game.

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