Nft projects from 2019

For instance, they offer up to $100,000 in business/charity grants as a catalyst for positive change in the community. There is also the so-called Gorilla Fund, a decentralized crypto-utilizing platform that allows the Ape Gorilla community and the public to pump their investments into businesses and individuals. All they want is to allow people with true drive to be supported in their course.

Additionally, the AGC NFT project has a financial-relief program known as We Got You, which aims to help at least 50 NFT holders out of financial crises by giving out $10,000. What’s more, there are Web 3.0 and Blockchain tech complementary academic courses offered by the Ape Gorilla Club to their members.

Nft projects from 2019

The value of each Punk is, in part, determined by the number of accessories it has. In general, two or three accessories are the most common, while the rarest Punks have either zero or seven accessories.

The explosive growth in CryptoPunks sales contributed to the skyrocketing NFT market in 2021. CryptoPunks has cemented its position as the foremost NFT project not only because it was the first, but also due to high-profile purchases by the likes of rapper/media executive Jay-Z, NFL star Odell Beckham Junior, crypto investment fund Three Arrows Capital and, most recently, even the payments giant Visa.

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

This is a collection of 10,000 Wizard NFTs that are fully encoded on-chain. Every Wizard is unique and bears its name. The World of Forgotten Runes is also developing day by day as they are constantly updating on social media stories, animation, memes, and many more.

The project is following the decentralized approach of world-building and they have termed it as “Collaborative Legendarium”. To become a part of this developing decentralized world one must own a Wizard.

There is also a lot riding with owning this NFT.
The NFTs are GM generators where upon pressing on the GM button Mystic Silas will pop out GM. The owners can also build the character and then add it to the Book of Lore. Most importantly they will be able to make friends whilst playing games.


Nft projects from 2019 to

They are generated by the application of a wide variety of traits that makes every NFT different from each other.

There is a lot in store for the holders of Doodles NFT and they are doing everything in their potential to make most of its holders’ creativity and capacity. Upon purchasing and holding a doodle the owner will get to become a part of the Doodles Community Treasury.

As soon as the public sale ends the treasury will receive an amount of 420 Ethereum and it is up to the holders as to how will the treasury benefit Doodles. They can vote for experiences, activations, and campaigns for Doodles.

The Roadmap is also up to the holders.
So, Doodles are engaging with the holders in the best way possible for the progress of the project with an aim for touching every aspect of popular culture.


The project started by documenting Ethereum’s history before creating it from scratch.

HASH, the first NFT series from Proof of Beauty, allows users to turn historical and personal blockchain transactions into NFTs. The algorithm of this project converts transaction details into textures, color pallets, and forms. One of the most popular of such NFTs is the one from Vitalik’s initial Ethereum transaction through Jay-Z’s Cryptopunk buy.

LONDON, the second series from Proof of Beauty with a collection of 8,888 Ethereum generative art pieces sold-out shortly after the release.
During the hard fork, London gift NFTs became available, and the first transaction after the EIP-1559 upgrade was on the London NFT sale.

11. The SandBox NFT

The Sandbox is another play-to-earn NFT game created by Sebastien Borget, a co-founder and COO of the SandBox.

CryptoKitties was the first NFT protocol that found popular appeal in late 2017. Since users could breed rare cats and resell new kitties for a profit, the game attracted significant attention. The surging demand for CryptoKitties led to the number of daily transactions on the Ethereum network reaching an all-time high of 1.349 million in January 2018 — a record that was first surpassed in September 2020 amid the DeFiliquidity-mining craze spurred on by Uniswap.

While the CryptoKitties day in the sun has passed, the game retains its iconic status as one of the NFT sector’s pioneers.

Decentraland: A decentralized virtual world

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world that allows inhabitants to use customized avatars, trade collectibles and participate in the virtual world’s governance process.

They live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and are downloadable as MP4, GIF, and PNG.

Along with the cool rabbits the owners also receive the commercial rights of their NFTs, access to exclusive events that will host music events. Metaverse Avatars is also set to be released.

The owners will also get a cute friend for their FLUFs, a Thingie for free but the gas fee is required. The Thingies are the protectors of the Great Tree and have formed a very bond with the FLUFs.

NFT Bored Bunny

This collection is no lesser than the Bored Apes. The Bored Bunny is a collection of 4999 3D bunnies that live on the Ethereum blockchain.


Collection of 6969 toadz, Cryptoadz is the compilation of amphibious creatures that wander around Uniswamp and attempt to get freedom from the oppressive rule of the evil King, Gremplin. Gremplin created this NTF with the help of a group of his friends. You can use it in any way you want to.

Average Price: 1.97ETH, an average of 7 days

Owners: 2980 Owners

7 Day Volume: 6,021.16ETH

Total Volume: 11,515.72ETH

Twitter Account: @cryptoadzNFT


Discord: CrypToadz by GREMPLIN

Sneaky vampire syndicate

In Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, there are 8,888 vampires, and each has its traits and features. Every vampire is distinct.

Think about the man who offered $390,000 for a short video by Grimes and a person who paid $6.6 million for Beeple’s video. The owner of these NFTs can copy them; however, the original piece of art is always associated with the owner.

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The Top 10 Best NFT Projects 2022

1. Cryptopunks

A blockchain-based NFT termed Cryptopunks debuted on Ethereum’s Blockchain in 2017. American studio Larva Labs developed this NFT by the collaboration of two Canadian software developers.

For instance, 12.5% of all Hashmask characters wear animal masks, while only 5.9% wear pixel masks. The pixel masks may seem more exclusive at first, but a unicorn animal Hashmask is rarer, with only 13 examples in existence.

Since the initial distribution in late January, sales of Hashmasks have reached 34,697 ETH with 4,905 unique owners, at the time of writing. Hashmask #9939 was sold for 420 ETH in January 2021 — a figure still unsurpassed.

Sorare: Ethereum-powered fantasy soccer collectibles

Released in 2019, Sorare is a global fantasy soccer game allowing users to buy, sell and manage a virtual soccer team with digital cards. Each player card in Sorare is a nonfungible token based on the ERC-721 standard.

Since it is powered by blockchain technology, Sorare card owners can verify the scarcity and ownership of their cards, as well as transfer them freely.

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