Nft project calendarnft project calendar

nft project calendarnft project calendar

The NFT drop calendar It also covers different types of drops and provides a brief description of the project, including all the important points. The website has filters related to the search page to find the best project.

The team at is constantly following the NFT plus blockchain industry and regularly updates or adds to existing pages. The team thoroughly analyzes future projects before publishing content to the portal.

By participating in the project early and following in its footsteps, NFT enthusiasts can gain a deeper understanding of the NFT collection, predict its success, and detect false promises.

All information about NFT projects in the NFT calendar is accumulated from trusted sources and is checked regularly to make sure there is no room for error.

Moreover, the NFT holders can get whitelist opportunities as well as access Los Muertos tools and trackers of NFT space for free.

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3) Meta Survivors Club NFT: Upcoming Collection of 10,000 Full 3D Character NFTs

MSC is on ourupcoming NFT projects list because it containsa collection of 10,000 full 3D character NFTs that also features 3 unique series of episodes (projects) in the future. Moreover, the secondary market royalties will be sent back into the community wallet, and users having more than 10 MSC will get an airdrop of a Limited NFT.​

Also, NFT holders will get the commercial rights, and voting rights and have the opportunity to win airdrop from upcoming NFT projects including Pawpaw racing plus the next episode of NFTs.

The team of Full Belly Club also aims to establish a club in real life, start a loyalty program, offer limited edition merch, and more.

7) Kujira No Konton NFT: First Manga Developing On The Blockchain

Kujira No Konton is an upcoming NFT Projects 2022 containing a collection of 7,777 NFTs and boasts to be the first manga developing on the blockchain. NFT holders get access to the publications within the manga section along with Kujira No Konton tokens in the future and physical editions.

8) Dank Ducks: NFTUpcomingMinting Project With 6,969 Dank Ducks- March 2022

Dank Ducks is the newest NFT project with 6,969 dank ducks in the first collection, launched on March, 25th, 2022.
The dank duck upcoming NFT Mints price is 0.02 ETH for WL and 0.025 ETH for public sale.

Nft project calendarnft project calendars

Also, users with 2 Bears can breed them to make a new NFT as well as use them in the future Play to Earn options.

2) Los Muertos NFT: Upcoming NFT Mints For April 2022

Set to launch on April 5th, 2022, Los Muertos contains 10,000 NFTs created by combining over 700 hand-drawn traits. Also, the price of Los Muerto’s upcoming NFT Mints for whitelist/presale is 0.04 ETH, and the public is 0.05 ETH.
The holders of Los Muertos NFTs will get 100% of royalties from a future 1000 NFT collection called 0xLosMuertos. Moreover, the NFT holders can get whitelist opportunities as well as access Los Muertos tools and trackers of NFT space for free.

Nft project calendarnft project calendarview

In addition to the overview, viewing an NFT project from the NFT calendar provides everything from roadmaps and mint details to practicality and rarity.

Launched in 2022, the NFT Calendar will be useful to NFT collectors, investors, and artists interested in future NFT projects.

The story continues also provides a comprehensive guide for beginners who want to know everything about NFT drops. From various NFT drop types to NFT scams and digital art creation notes, grants access to concise information with the goal of facilitating safe and profitable NFT transactions.

Metrics to a successful show will include :

  • Number of participants at the stream

  • NFT proof of attendance

  • Social media activities

A tipping mechanism powered by the cryptocurrencyKlubCoinand allowing DJs to be tipped during the shows will also be used as one of the metrics.

After 4 months of weekly streamings in the metaverse clubJENR8,3 semi finalistswill be chosen to perform at the contest’s final in theAmnesia virtual clubinDecentral Games’district ofDecentraland.

Other than the overview, viewing an NFT project from the NFT Calendar will provide all the information ranging from the roadmap and mint details to utility and rarity.

Launched in 2022, the NFT calendar will be beneficial for NFT collectors, investors, and artists curious about the upcoming NFT projects.

The also offers a comprehensive guide for newcomers wanting to know all about NFT drops. From different NFT drop types to NFT scams and precautions of minting digital art, grants access to concise information with the aim to promote safe and profitable NFT trading.

The NFT Drops Calendar even covers different types of drops and provides a short description of the project that includes all the key points. The website has relevant filters on the search page for finding the most suitable project.

The team of constantly follows the NFT plus blockchain industry and regularly updates or adds new information to the existing pages. team also thoroughly analyses upcoming projects before publishing any content on the portal.

Joining projects early and following in their footsteps helps NFT enthusiasts get an in-depth understanding of an NFT collection and the ability to predict its success or detect any false promises.

All the information about NFT projects in the NFT Calendar is accumulated from credible sources and gets regularly reviewed to ensure no margin of error.

MSC will get integrated into Metaverse, and other benefits will get unlocked with roadmap activation.

4) Atlantic Voyage Ape Club: Ape-Based Upcoming NFT Projects April 2022

AVAC is a titanic-themed Ape-based upcoming NFT Projects 2022 with a collection of 3300 NFT. The current roadmap allows NFT holders access to Cabin or Stateroom aboard a virtual RAS Titanic that can be used to lease on OpenSea in the future.
Set to launch on April 9, 2022, the collection is priced at 0.07 ETH on full sale plus whitelist. Moreover, the team of AVAC intends to make donations for Ocean Cleanup as the roadmap progresses.

5) Guardians Of Sumantria: NFT Upcoming Pay-To-play Strategy Game

Guardians of Sumantria is an upcoming NFT Projects 2022 containing 6777 NFTs, pay-to-play strategy games, plus PVP and P2E games.

Projects such as Guardians of Sumantria are perfect for NFT enthusiasts looking for P2E options whereas projects like Twisted Bears, Los Muertos, and Full Belly Club focus more on offering digital and IRL perks. Therefore, ensure to check the ecosystem of an NFT project and select the one that best suits your interest.

1) Twisted Bears NFT: Upcoming NFT Project – April 2022

Twisted Bears is an Upcoming Non-Fungible Token collection of 5,555 NFT released on April 3rd, 2022, and generated randomly by combining 5 base characters and 400 plus traits.
Moreover, the whitelist and the public sale price of the NFTs are 0.055 ETH and 0.069 ETH, respectively.

NFT holders can benefit from the rewards system that includes giveaways, mystery airdrops plus offering $BEAR ERC-20 tokens to the members that contribute the most.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges fromAmnesia Ibiza,DJenerates,Clubbing TV,KlubCoin,DJ Mag, andtheLAZR DAO.

The lucky DJ winner of this event will beflown to Ibiza for an exclusive gig at Amnesia Ibizathis coming summer and receive10,000 KlubCoinsalong with afeature in DJ Mag.

DJs can register to enter the contest here

About DJenerates :

DJENERATESis a collection of10,000 unique NFTsimmortalizing the iconic characters from the electronic music world. From clubbers, DJs & bar staff to bouncers and dancers & superstar DJs this is an exclusive pass into a new creative clubbing paradigm, known as theDJENERATES.

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