Nft profile picture maker

There’s a lot of variation between projects on what happens on chain and off chain, but that’s too much for this article.

Think of an NFT collection’s smart contract as like an internet vending machine, where results are randomized – so more like an internet gumball machine.

The token factory smart contract is deployed onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Inside that contract is code that says, if someone sends me (creator chosen sale price) amount of ETH, then run the code that picks the traits randomly based on their %. The smart contract spits out the traits, the images overlay to create the final image, that image is logged to IPFS, ownership of that image, aka Non-Fungible Token, is logged on Ethereum as transferred from the token factory to the address of the wallet and that image now shows in the wallet of the buyer.

Nft profile picture maker

For anyone on crypto-Twitter, such NFTs have taken over the timeline. Where once there were lovingly filtered faces, today folks love to show off their fanciest non-fungible token (NFT) as their profile picture.
For example, many prominent Ethereum backers (such as DCInvestor, David Hoffman of Bankless, and Snowfro of Artblocks) have the original NFT: CryptoPunks.

But because Web2 giants have been wary about all things blockchain, no one really expected a company as big as Twitter to embrace Web3’s approach to profile pics. Then, Jack Dorsey’s social media company announced that it was testing a tool for loading an NFT onto a profile and allowing the user to show that they had proven — with a crypto wallet — that they really owned that digital object.

Nft profile pic maker

While you may be able to get away with this for a short time, it is likely the owner will eventually find out.

Fines: If the owner of an NFT discovers that you are using their work without permission, they may be able to sue you and gather any money you may have made with their NFT.

You need to consider the consequences before you choose to use an NFT for your profile that you don’t have exclusive ownership of.

(Source: Reuters)

Why Do People Use NFTs as Profile Pictures?

You may wonder why people choose to use NFTs for their profile pictures instead of their own photos. A profile photo is a way to show your identity to the world without using your own photo.
Many people prefer using NFTs because it makes them blend in with others.

Nft profile pic maker free

After making, what I think is an awesome, animated music video for the No Fun Toads on NFT Addiction – I realized I needed to make this about doing what I love, helping others do what they love and helping people.

No Fun Toads are about having fun sustainably and staying sane. So, I ditched the roadmap and traded it in for 2 north stars that should guide us toward creating more fun and happy people.

Star 1: 20% of sales Go To Creator Grants

My entire life has been about making creativity and passion sustainable for myself and as many other people as possible.
NFTs are a great way to amplify that. So for that, we’re going to grant 20% of funds to artists in the community. Toad Holders will vote on who and what to fund.

Ideally this funded content involves the toads.
This means the artist/creator builds further awareness for the NFT collection.

Twitter nft profile picture maker

The NFT is unique by nature , and there is no other like it that can replace it.

What can be an NFT?

An image, a video, a song or even a video game. Any digital asset , no matter how complex, is “tokenizable.”

For digital artists , the NFT has become a fundamental tool for the day to day.

A kind of disruptive technology that has come to protect their works and make their sale easier. NFTs can leave behind that time of DeviantArt, where anyone could steal content from an artist and impersonate the author.

A growing category of social media users now prefers using cartoons rather than their own photos to identify themselves online. They especially like cartoons that are as unique as their real faces.

Non-fungible token (NFT) technology makes it easy for a person to know they are the only person who owns such an image.

The kind of NFTs that work best here are ones that have picked up their own bit of jargon: PFP NFTs, where PFP stands for “profile picture.”

Much to everyone’s surprise, the micro-blogging site Twitter has all of a sudden announced that it will embrace the trend and give PFP NFT users on the site a way to show that they have proven they really own the NFT in their avatar. So what will that mean for the digital collectible industry?

Lovingly Filtered Faces

It might look like Twitter is just following where users are leading it.

Nft profile picture makers

But she also told The Defiant that the flexing has a function, too.

“User-owned assets that are verified by the centralized platforms means that decentralized identities can be recognized across numerous types of platforms for identity purposes simultaneously,” she said. “The NFT one chooses to flex with helps like-minded people find each other more easily, as NFTs can signal allegiance to certain digital tribes.

Dotta explained how flexing one’s wizard helps the Forgotten Runes’ community find each other across the web. Wizard owners look for wizards avatars when they join new platforms because they know people flexing a wizard are probably into the same kinds of art and games as they are. “Wizards follow wizards,” Dotta told The Defiant.

In Twitter’s preview video, an engineer shows how to swap her profile picture from a photo to an NFT.

Nft profile picture maker-ousama

I envy your internet if you don’t come across ‘NFT’ once a day. It’s not enthusiasts; even large tech companies want to explore and integrate this new tech into their services.

Last week, Twitter became the first major platform to introduce NFT-based profile pictures. The trouble is it didn’t go down well with its user base at large.

Here’s how this feature works on the bird site: If you have bought or minted an NFT on an Etherum-based marketplace, you can set it as your profile picture, and it’ll show up in the hexagonal shape.

Tap on the tweet below to see the hex avatar on the Twitter app or website.


You asked (a lot), so we made it. Now rolling out in Labs: NFT Profile Pictures on iOS

— Twitter Blue (@TwitterBlue) January 20, 2022

However, there are a few limitations.

Nft profile picture makerbot

Finding Your NFTs Brand Voice & Concept

NFTs are like immersive theater on the internet.

My favorite example of a project creating its own brand voice is Jay Pegs Automart. They pretend they are a certified pre-owned 2007 Kia Sedona Dealer in Florida and their marketing is hilarious.

Their launch was hacked for $3 million and they responded to the hacker and resolved the situation all in their brand voice of a used car dealer. It’s a perfect example of staying in your created NFT world.

For me, I like word play and I like to educate. So initially my concept was Cryptoads, and their mission was to “Unite The Metaverse” with educational content, a gated social media site and an animated news show.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, our name was (innocently) taken when a project called Cryptoadz stealth launched before we did.

Conspicuous consumption is now officially integrated into the Twitter app.

The social media giant announced Thursday a new feature which lets paying Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS officially link non-fungible tokens to their profile pictures. Once done, the Twitter profile pic in question will display with a hexagonal border instead of a circle, and users will be able to click the picture for information about the associated NFT.

“This new feature provides a seamless, user-friendly way for people on Twitter to verify their NFT ownership by allowing them to directly connect their crypto wallets to Twitter and select an NFT from their collection as their new profile picture,” explains a Twitter press release.

The release also notes plans to bring the feature to Android and the web, but does not mention a specific timeline for doing so.

We switched our name to No Fun Toads – because NFTs are very serious business.

Here is one of my animated news round ups about the pivot. I create these animated news round ups relatively quickly/cheaply using Adobe Character Animator.

Developing Your NFT’s Roadmap

While the utility of an NFT is the art, a lot of projects have roadmaps.

Some promise scavenger hunts, live events, animated shows and game integration.

The limit to your roadmap is your imagination on what you can do with the money to support your community after the initial sale.

Initially, Cryptoads roadmap included a gated social media site we called “The Pond”. But then our name changed, metalink launched and we got wiser.

You will only have to download the image and upload it to your Twitter profile as a featured image or profile image .

But the thing does not stop there . If you know Twitter well, you will know that Jack Dorsey (@jack), the CEO of this social network, is very involved in the world of cryptocurrencies. In fact, this successful entrepreneur not only dedicates time to Twitter, but is also the founder of Square , which is a financial platform for digital payments.

With those two big projects on the table, it’s no wonder Dorsey is interested in interconnecting the two businesses .

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