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nft page

Square Ventures.

This evolving Decentraland NFT Land Project runs with 30,0000 monthly users and 18000 daily users. Also, its virtual land costs around $17000 square meters and has market sales of over $1 million.

Decentraland Mana tokens act as the payment medium and carry out in-game transactions. It is generally used to purchase land and pay for the owned services and goods within the game.

Decentraland offers a creative marketplace where players can use the MANA tokens and buy special Avatars, Wearables, and unique names.

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3) Axie Infinity: Buy Lands And trade Virtual Real Estate Assets 2022.

Axie Infinity is a decentralized gaming platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing you to buy and trade virtual real estate assets.

Axieinfinity has a universe filled withunique creatures.

Nft page

What’s more, you can mint your first NFT for free, and minting additional NFTs is incredibly affordable. The website also has a great user interface and makes getting started with NFTs quick and easy.

Proton Mint also supports a number of different blockchains, including BSC, Ethereum, and Stellar.
And, if you’re looking to invest in NFTs, too, Proton offers a diverse marketplace wherein you can find some amazing digital assets. If you want to connect a wallet to the site, this is also an option, though your choices are limited to Proton Wallet, Anchor Wallet, or WebAuth.

Minting NFTs Is Now Affordable and Convenient

If you want to get into creating and selling NFTs, the entire process can seem a little intimidating, especially if you’re not hugely tech-literate.

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And, given how huge OpenSea has become, it’s probably one of the best places you can choose to sell an NFT.

It’s also a great idea to mint your NFT using OpenSea, given that it has the most popular and diverse NFT marketplace out there.

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While OpenSea doesn’t charge a fee for minting, it does take a 2.5% cut of the price your NFT sells for. It’s also important to note that, like Rarible, OpenSea offers lazy minting, wherein your NFT won’t be officially minted until someone chooses to buy it.

OpenSea also charges gas fees.
These are fees users must pay in order to make up for the computing power needed to run the site.

6. Proton Mint

The Proton Mint marketplace is another great option for minting your NFTs.
One of the best things about Proton Mint is that it doesn’t charge any gas fees for minting.

Nft page instagram

The values are in the blockchain’s underlying.curl –location –request POST ‘’ \ –header ‘x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY’ \ –header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \ –data-raw ‘{ “tokenId”: “1”, “to”: “0x8cb76aed9c5e336ef961265c6079c14e9cd3d2ea”, “chain”: “CELO”, “contractAddress”: “0xd2A6B389eBE69208636B20b2abAcFC1eE0C3fF57”, “cashbackValues”: [“1”], “authorAddresses”: [“0x8cb76aed9c5e336ef961265c6079c14e9cd3d2ea”], “url”: “”, “fromPrivateKey”: “0x4874827a55d87f2309c55b835af509e3427aa4d52321eeb49a2b93b5c0f8edfb”, “feeCurrency”: “CUSD”, “erc20”: “0x1410d4ec3d276c0ebbf16ccbe88a4383ae734ed0” }’

You can use the Transfer NFT endpoint to transfer your tokens to a different blockchain. To do so, you will need the private key of the address for the destination wallet.

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If you are looking for the Best Instagram NFT Pages for educational purposes then Nft_wealth would make the perfect option for you. The page currently has 200K followers and is expected to cross 1 million by the end of the year.

The page shares up-to-date information about the NFTs.


NFT.Magazine is relatively new among the best Instagram NFT pages listed above. It has got around 200 posts on its account but the available content quality is unmatchable.

They own the NFT page auctions and we recommend you to have a look at these.

8. NFT_Lately

You must have heard about the NFT Lately.

It is the top NFT newsletter. If you are looking for the Instagram NFT Pages for the latest news, drops, and more, this might be the perfect page.


Nft page name

Are you looking for the top 5 NFT Lands for Sale? Are NFT Real Estate projects worth investing in? Are you confused about where to buy nft real estate? NFT Lands and Virtual world assets are the current craze and hype in the crypto world.With the whole world jumping into the crypto space, it is no wonder that tokenized virtual real estate assets are the next big thing.

NFT-based Lands are a major moneymaker for organizations.The real estate virtual projects build upon that as a virtual world is accessible to everyone worldwide.This ensures a multifold increase in revenue from the top NFT real estate projects.

Major companies like Nike, Adidas, Audi, Pepsico, and several other Fortune 500 companies have already grabbed a share of this pie by starting NFT Lands in Metaverse.

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Over the past year, NFTs have taken the world by storm. There are now NFT artworks going for tens of millions of dollars, with artists and developers racing to release their own pieces while the industry is still booming.

But, without minting your NFT, you cannot make it a digital asset on legitimate platforms.

So, what sites are best for NFT minting?

1. Enjin

You can mint NFTs via Enjin using JumpNet, which is essentially a private version of the popular Ethereum blockchain that is now available to the public. Given that Enjin has its own token, ENJ, the platform can charge ENJ for minting.

So, you may need your own small ENJ fund to get started with NFT minting using Enjin.

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A single LeBron James highlight NFT fetched more than $200,000.

Even celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Lindsay Lohan are jumping on the NFT bandwagon, releasing unique memories, artwork and moments as securitized NFTs.

How to Buy NFTs

If you’re keen to start your own NFT collection, you’ll need to acquire some key items:

First, you’ll need to get a digital wallet that allows you to store NFTs and cryptocurrencies. You’ll likely need to purchase some cryptocurrency, like Ether, depending on what currencies your NFT provider accepts.

You can buy crypto using a credit card on platforms like Coinbase, Kraken, eToro and even PayPal and Robinhood now. You’ll then be able to move it from the exchange to your wallet of choice.

You’ll want to keep fees in mind as you research options.

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Collection of 6969 toadz, Cryptoadz is the compilation of amphibious creatures that wander around Uniswamp and attempt to get freedom from the oppressive rule of the evil King, Gremplin. Gremplin created this NTF with the help of a group of his friends.

You can use it in any way you want to.

Average Price: 1.97ETH, an average of 7 days

Owners: 2980 Owners

7 Day Volume: 6,021.16ETH

Total Volume: 11,515.72ETH

Twitter Account: @cryptoadzNFT


Discord: CrypToadz by GREMPLIN

3. Sneaky vampire syndicate

In Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, there are 8,888 vampires, and each has its traits and features.

Every vampire is distinct.

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Additionally, the holders with collaborations with other projects as well will receive airdrops and other special benefits!

17. Universe in a Cube

NFT is planning to build a site here.

The NFTs have a tie-in to future games as the theme. There are 25000 cubes total, which form 10,000 packs.

Further, each group comprises 2 to 5 cubes. This platform will offer superb features to all users to please them.

Average price: 0.09 ETH per pack

Twitter Account: @uCubeNFT


Discord: Universe in a Cube

18. Reflective Collective

It is another NFT that has a collection of 10,000 tokens.

This platform arises intended to build a robust community that loves art and fashion. Digital artist Jay Cheri is an essential part of the team launching this NFT.

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