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Woodstock — which signified the mainstream embrace of a youthful counterculture — is actually a decent comparison to a gathering like NFT.NYC, albeit on a different scale. The crypto business is booming, with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices near all-time highs and new money arriving by the truckful. Big corporations are co-opting the language and aesthetics of crypto to market themselves to young customers, and celebrities are promoting crypto exchanges and releasing their own NFTs. And while there are still plenty of crypto skeptics, including U.S. regulators, the industry’s reputation as a haven of criminality and tax fraud is disappearing.

Ethereum transactions and a trading volume of $2.4 billion, according to data compiled by DappRadar.

The company was founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017, well before NFTs had captured mainstream interest. CoinDesk’s first piece on OpenSea – for a $2 million funding round led by crypto VC firm 1confirmation – called it “an Ebay for CryptoKitties.”

“Devin and Alex have shown true grit over the last four years, weathering uncertainty and sticking to their vision of NFTs as an internet- and world-changing primitive,” Paradigm Managing Partner Fred Ehrsam told CoinDesk via email.

OpenSea’s latest round is another sign of the boom times in crypto venture capital, with over $30 billion in investments flowing into crypto startups in 2021.

Bigger valuations have been had in recent months.

OpenSea ist erst im Jahr 2017 an den Start gegangen, doch schon jetzt sind mehr als 400 Millionen Dollar in die NFT-Plattform geflossen. Im Jahr 2020 konnte sich das Unternehmen bei seiner Series B-Runde 100 Millionen Dollar sichern, unter anderem von Andreessen Horowitz und Schauspieler Ashton Kutcher.

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Laut Devin Finzer, Mitgründer und CEO von OpenSea, soll das Geld in die Produktentwicklung und den Personalausbau fließen. Ebenso wolle das Unternehmen mit dem neuen Kapital den Kundensupport verbessern und das Wachstum des NFT- und Web3-Bereichs unterstützen.
„Unsere Vision ist es, der Ort zu sein, an dem diese neuen, offenen, digitalen Ökonomien gedeihen.

The firm’s ballooning valuation, which surged from a $1.5 billion valuation it was given just six months ago by Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto arm, is reflective of their own volume growth but also that of other flagship NFT firms including Dapper Labs, which raised at a $7.6 billion valuation last year.

In a blog post, OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer highlighted that his platform’s transaction volume increased “over 600x” last year.

OpenSea is firmly in the sights of dozens of other NFT marketplaces but has few major competitors at the moment, though that may change as Coinbase eyes the opportunity and other NFT marketplaces launch and receive funding.

Paradigm and Coatue led a $300 million investment that cements NFT marketplace OpenSea as one of the most valuable private firms in crypto.

OpenSea said Tuesday night that investors valued the company at $13.3 billion in the Series C funding round, up sharply from the startup’s $1.5 billion valuation in a $100 million Series B announced last July. The New York Times was first to report the news.

Tuesday’s big numbers show the rapidity with which OpenSea has ensconced itself as the leading venue for trading non-fungible tokens. The firm said in a blog post it plans to use the funding for product development, hiring, startup investments and to “significantly improve customer support and customer safety.”

Despite some high-profile user blunders, business has been brisk for OpenSea.

The NFT auction marketplace OpenSea had a blockbuster 2021 and as a result is seeing its private valuation grow more quickly than almost any other startup.

The crypto firm announced late Tuesday that it closed a $300 million Series C round led by Paradigm and Coatue. The raise valued the startup at a massive $13.3 billion valuation, showcasing the wild growth the startup has seen in recent months. The Information first reporteddetailson the Series C raise in November with Newcomer confirming additional details earlier today.

OpenSea saw more than $2.4 billion in transaction volume in the past 30 days alone, hauling in some hundreds of millions in fees last year.

Lors d’un incident récent, des pirates ont réussi à voler 15 NFTBored Ape populaires sur la plate-forme OpenSea. La valeur totale de tous ces TVN est de 2,2 millions de dollars. Bien que le marché OpenSea ait immédiatement suspendu l’achat et la vente de ces NFT, cela montre toujours que la plate-forme est vulnérable aux attaques externes.

Mais malgré toutes ces anomalies, OpenSea reste l’un des marchés privilégiés pour les transactions NFT.

Le week-end dernier, le 2 janvier, OpenSea a établi le volume de transactions en une seule journée le plus élevé de 240 millions de dollars US. Au cours du dernier mois de décembre 2021, le plus grand marché NFT au monde a également enregistré le volume de transactions le plus élevé jamais enregistré, atteignant 3 milliards de dollars.

Sea today said it has raised $300 million in new funding and, according to a separate report, it’s also in talks to acquire digital wallet provider Dharma Labs Inc.

Paradigm and Coatue led the Series C round, according to the New York Times on a valuation of $13.3 billion. A previous report prior to the round being disclosed suggested that OpenSea was seeking a valuation of $13 billion.

The company last raised funding in July — $100 million on a $1.5 billion valuation in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz. That six months later OpenSea has raised funding on a $13.3 billion valuation is remarkable but is also reflective of the mania surrounding NFTs, one The Financial Times described as a land grab for the online “metaverse.”

NFTs are a type of digital asset that use blockchain technology to represent the ownership of a digital item such as artwork, video or in-game item.

And while it’s entirely possible that NFTs will play some role in the future of art, it’s hard to argue with a straight face that a picture of a rock should sell for $1.3 million, or that a New York Times column’s fair-market value is more than $500,000. (Although, trust me, I have tried.)

There were a few cautionary voices at NFT.NYC, including Gary Vaynerchuk, the popular social media marketer and founder of VaynerMedia. Mr. Vaynerchuk, who has his own line of “VeeFriends” NFTs, said during a keynote speech on Tuesday that he was worried that investors were jumping into NFTs recklessly, and that they could suffer catastrophic losses if the market collapses.

“Ninety percent of people in our space are in the business of trading to make a bag,” Mr. Vaynerchuk said.

As crypto-focused start-ups have grown more popular in recent months, OpenSea has become the central place for enthusiasts to trade NFTs. That has attracted the attention of investors who are keen to place increasingly large bets on the busy cryptocurrency space.

More than $3 billion in private investment went into NFT companies in 2021, according to data compiled by PitchBook, a firm that tracks private investments. Overall, investors poured more than $28 billion into cryptocurrency and NFT start-ups around the world last year, PitchBook said.

“In 2021, the world woke up to the potential of NFTs to unlock utility and economic empowerment across a vast set of industries, communities and creative categories,” said Devin Finzer, one of the founders and the chief executive of OpenSea.

T marketplace OpenSea, which has over 1.3 million traders and an all-time volume of $14.68 billion, has seen its valuation increase to $13.3 billion from a valuation of 1.5 billion in July 2021.

The new valuation comes as the number one NFT marketplace was looking to raise $300 million in a new funding round in which was led by Paradigm and Coatue. This cements OpenSea as one of the most valuable private firms in the cryptocurrency industry.

With a current valuation of $13.3 billion, it means OpenSea is more valuable than the likes of AMC Entertainment, Santander Consumer USA Holdings, American Airlines Group and GameStop.

What you should know

OpenSea stated yesterday that investors valued the company at $13.3 billion in the Series C funding round, up sharply from the startup’s $1.5 billion valuation in a $100 million Series B announced last July.

Les données de l’entreprise montrent que la dernière ronde de financement est venue de nombreux investisseurs, dont la société d’investissement Anderson Horowitz et l’acteur Ashton Kutcher, qui ont levé plus de 100 millions de dollars au total.

David Fenzer, PDG et co-fondateur d’OpenSea a déclaré :

« Nous nous concentrons sur la réduction des barrières à l’entrée pour les NFT en introduisant des fonctionnalités et des flux simplifiés qui font abstraction de la complexité de la blockchain. Nous accélérons également notre support multi-chaînes et priorisons les améliorations pour aider les gens à découvrir, gérer et présenter leurs NFT avec de meilleurs outils, analyses et présentations.

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