Nft not showing up in metamask

At the moment you can see your NFTs only on Metamask Mobile. You can add NFTs as custom tokens in the web extension, but you will not be able to see them natively in the UI.

MetaMask Mobile displays NFTs under Collectibles. Please remember that some NFTs will not show up on the mobile app under Collectibles or may not show up correctly.

If your NFT doesn’t show up automatically, try the following to make it appear:

Step 1 : Find the NFT’s address. On most NFT interfaces you will find a blue hyperlinked value labeled “Contract Address”. If you click on this, it will take you to the contract’s address on Etherscan; at the top-left of that page, there should be an icon labeled “Contract”, and to the right, a long string of letters and numbers. This is the address of the contract that created your NFT.

Nft not showing up in metamask

that adhere to ERC-1155 and ERC-721 token standards.

Another possible reason for your NFT not showing in Coinbase Wallet is that it might be on an unsupported blockchain network.

Coinbase Wallet currently only supports NFTs on Ethereum or Polygon networks.

So, if the NFT you purchased on an entirely different blockchain such as Solana, Terra, Avalanche, or Binance Smart Chain, then your NFTs will not show up in your Coinbase Wallet.

So, even though your Coinbase Wallet may support regular tokens from some of these blockchains, this does not necessarily extend to NFTs as well.

In order to solve NFT not showing in Coinbase Wallet, you may need to use Solution 2 further down in this article.

Reason 3: Your NFT has an unsupported format

Coinbase Wallet only supports NFTs that use standard images or GIF files.

Nft not showing up in metamask mobile

So you just acquired an NFT and can’t view it in your MetaMask Wallet? If that’s the case don’t worry, in this article, we will show you how to view NFTs in MetaMask. We will walk you through the steps of importing an NFT into your wallet and viewing it on the blockchain.

How to Add NFTs to MetaMask From OpenSea

OpenSea is a decentralized marketplace where buyers can purchase different NFTs. Once an OpenSea user has bought an NFT, they can opt to add it to their MetaMask Wallet.
Here’s the procedure for adding OpenSea NFTs to MetaMask.

Adding NFTs to MetaMask Using MetaMask Mobile App

An NFT can exist on your Wallet without it being visible. Adding an NFT to your Wallet, therefore, means making it visible. Follow these steps to make your NFTs visible on your MetaMask Wallet using MetaMask Mobile.

Nft not showing up in metamask wallet

There are lots of people who have elaborate galleries for their collections, complete with large viewing displays and moving videos. These screens would be nothing without the power of the Metamask app.

Best Ways for Viewing NFTs

The good news is that if you want to keep the compatibility of Metamask while still viewing your precious collection of non-fungible tokens, there are tons of apps and displays out there to let you peruse your catalog as often as you please. Remember that a pleasant showing can raise a collection’s worth.

A few ways that people view and display their non-fungible token collections are:

  • Meural (Amazon Link) – One of the most exciting ways to display your art is with a Meural digital canvas.

Polygon nft not showing up in metamask

These digital screens bring layers to your collection, like artist info and even up-to-the-minute updates on value.

  • TokenFrame – TokenFrame is a company built on the back of Alphabet Inc., the owners of Google, and has developed an app that pairs with their displays to create a unique viewing experience.
  • Infinite Objects – Infinite Objects takes viewing your non-fungibles to the next level with their moving displays. These smaller picture frame style screens are excellent for moving and animated GIF NFTs.
  • Viewing your collection outside of Metamask is an easy process. The biggest hurdle is deciding how you want it to be displayed.
    Other options keep the collection private. Some folks believe that art should only be treasured by the owners.

    Nft image not showing up in metamask

    In addition, some apps work well with Metamask as display options.


    The Metamask desktop application doesn’t have a way to view your NFTs. The application has a link through the collection tab to gander at whatever groovy non-fungible you want to see. Metamask could introduce upgrades in the future, but there are no plans to make viewing a feature on the desktop.

    There are ways to view your collection that don’t involve the Metamask application.
    There are interactive screens and digital canvases that make your collection pop. Shopping around for the perfect screen is tons of fun and brings the wow factor.

    Minted nft not showing up in metamask

    You can find the NFT’s ID in the “Details” section of the marketplace.

  • Open your Metamask Wallet again and paste the NFT ID in the “ID” field. Ensure the ID you paste is the same as the NFT ID on the marketplace.
  • Click on the “Add” button. You should see the NFT in your Metamask wallet now.
  • These steps are pretty easy to follow. You just need to ensure you copy the correct addresses and IDs if you want to view your tokens. Bear in mind that this process only works with the Metamask mobile app, and you need to carefully follow these steps to view your NFTs.

    Sometimes, Metamask displays tokens automatically.

    Opensea nft not showing up in metamask

    The way the UI started was to buy and mint NFTs. As the market has exploded and the collectors want to show off their goods, the Metamask platform has been left behind.

    Upgrades, in general, are always on the way, and Metamask is no different. With the new application updates, you can check your collection from your phone or tablet. Until then, there is no way to view the NFT on the main UI until they create patches to make it work or upgrade to a newer version.

    Viewing Your NFT with the Metamask App is Your Best Bet.

    If you can’t wait around for the upgrades to hit the next version of Metamask, logging into the app will be the only way to view them with Metamask.

  • Clear out the cache. This is especially helpful if you’re using the browser version. Your browser may have stored enough files or information, causing problems when you try to view your NFTs.
  • If you still ca n’t see the nominal and everything else is working finely, connection problems or market issues are most probable the roots of the problem. You can verify if this is the event by heading over to Etherscan to confirm the token ‘s condition on the blockchain and check whether the NFT is on the Ethereum network. The procedure for confirming your NFT ‘s status is pretty dim-witted. All you need to do is type in your wallet address in the search box and scroll down to “ ERC-721 ” at the bottom.

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