Nft not showing up in coinbase wallet

Hoc quomodo in sequenti articulo agamus disseram.

Pera coinbase etiam species quasdam NFTs non sustinet, sicut tabellas video. Si NFT tuus aliquid aliud est quam JPEG vel GIF, proventus habebis cum in crumena.

In quibusvis his casibus, optimum factu est, tuum NFT ad novum crumenam transferentem, qui Solana NFTs sustinet (vel qualemcunque NFT emisti), ut vidulum phantasticum.

4. Transfer Coinbase peram ad alium peram si opus fuerit

Ut in ultimo apice monui, vidulus Coinbase omnes NFTs non sustinet. Si ita est pro tuo NFT, optimum factu est movere pera Coinbase in novum crumenam tuam NFT sustentantem.

Denotat crumenam tuam Coinbase NFT non sustinere, si in pera app non ostendit, sed in ratione mercatus tui ostendit.

Hinc est quomodo crumenam aliam in aliam importes;

  1. Vade ad crumenam rationem.

Nft not showing up in coinbase wallet

Let’s check out the solution!

Key Points (tl;dr)

  • Many Coinbase Wallet users have been reporting cases where their NFTs are not showing up in their wallet.
  • This problem is usually caused by one of 3 different reasons:
    • The databases haven’t synced yet
    • The blockchain network isn’t supported
    • The NFT has the wrong format
  • Fortunately, there are 2 simple solutions to these problems:
    • Wait until the data syncs
    • Import your Coinbase Wallet into a different wallet that supports the NFT

For a quick solution to why your NFT is not showing up in Coinbase Wallet, PLEASE READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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Solved: NFT Not Showing in Coinbase Wallet Here’s the answer.

Nft won’t show up in coinbase wallet

Wenn Sie eine neue Brieftasche mit Ihrem NFT-Marktplatzkonto verbunden haben, müssen Sie Ihre alte Brieftasche wieder verbinden, um die NFT anzuzeigen. Alternativ könntest du dein Coinbase Wallet auf dein anderes Wallet übertragen, solange das neue dein NFT unterstützt.

Wenn Sie es manuell an eine Brieftaschenadresse gesendet haben, überprüfen Sie alle Ihre Brieftaschen, da Sie es möglicherweise an die falsche gesendet haben.

Wenn Sie es versehentlich an eine Brieftasche gesendet haben, die nicht mit Ihrem NFT kompatibel ist, können Sie es nirgendwo sehen. In diesem Fall müssen Sie sich möglicherweise an den Kundensupport des betreffenden Wallet-Unternehmens wenden oder Ihr Wallet mit einem anderen importieren, um auf die NFT zuzugreifen (was ich später besprechen werde).


NFTs haben in den letzten Monaten sehr an Popularität gewonnen, und manchmal treten nach dem Kauf Probleme auf. Obwohl Sie Ihre NFT sofort in Ihrer Coinbase-Brieftasche sehen sollten, ist dies möglicherweise nicht immer der Fall, daher ist es gut zu wissen, wie Sie dies beheben können.

NFTs werden bei einer Verzögerung nicht in Coinbase-Wallets angezeigt, daher müssen Sie möglicherweise 24 Stunden warten, bis Sie sie sehen können.
Außerdem unterstützt Coinbase ab sofort nur Ethereum- und Polygon-NFTs. Wenn Ihr NFT also aus einem anderen Blockchain-Netzwerk stammt, müssen Sie es auf eine separate Brieftasche übertragen.

Im Rest dieses Artikels wird ausführlich erläutert, wie Sie dieses Problem beheben können.
Es werden auch die Hauptgründe besprochen, warum Ihr NFT möglicherweise nicht in Ihrer Coinbase-Brieftasche angezeigt wird.


What is OpenSea? Nft In Coinbase Wallet

OpenSea was developed in early 2018 by Devin Finzer and Alex Attalah. They had extensive technology backgrounds in Google and Palantir, respectively.
They have also worked previously on Claimdog and which were sold to larger parent companies.

OpenSea was created by CryptoKitiies in 2017, a 2017 crypto-asset which gave rise to the modern NFT. Through lean collaboration and a desire to invest in new and exciting technologies, OpenSea was developed into one of the largest general marketplaces for user-owned digital items.

What is an NFT Market Place?

For those unaware or not as digitally savvy, an NFT marketplace deals with buying and selling digitally created goods, which have the unique programmability inherent with virtual items.
Like any good digital asset, they’re tradeable.

People tend to invest in digital assets, currencies or virtual collectible assets in order to trade them and make a profit. With the huge growth of the popularity of NFTs, many people are creating their own NFT marketplaces.

This is a guide to learn how to make an NFT marketplace.

What is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token), is a unique asset that cannot be replaced with something else. Digital currencies, like Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC), can be traded or exchanged one for another, which means that they are fungible.
NFT tokens can represent any piece of art such as a picture, GIF, photo, voice record, piece of music, and more but cannot be traded or exchanged in the same way because each NFT is unique.

How Do NFTs Work?

The Ethereum blockchain is where the first NFT tokens were created and where most crypto collectibles are stored.

You can also purchase background noises like rain, indistinct chatters, or other types of sound effects.


Before NFTs became popular, some people were investing in collectibles like baseball cards, movie props, or even older technology.

In the case of NFTs, you can gather avatars and digital pet, or any other characters that could be sold or collected. The more rare they are, the more value they be. There are also variants such as Nyan Cat and CryptoPunks.


Art is always one of the most sought-after NFT, even before NFT became a reality.
In the present, you can also make the same thing with digital art. It’s not just limited to illustrations and digital paintings.

Es heißt vielleicht nicht “Wallet hinzufügen”, aber es sollte etwas in dieser Richtung sein. Der genaue Wortlaut variiert je nach Wallet.

  • Geben Sie Ihren Wiederherstellungssatz ein. Als Nächstes müssen Sie Ihre Wiederherstellungsphrase aus Ihrer anderen Brieftasche (derjenigen, die Sie in diese importieren) eingeben.
  • Import. Sobald Sie die Wiederherstellungsphrase eingegeben haben, sollte Ihre Coinbase-Wallet nun in Ihre andere Wallet integriert sein und Sie sollten in der Lage sein, Ihre NFT zu sehen.
  • Ihre Seed-Recovery-Phrase ist im Wesentlichen Ihr privater Schlüssel

    Sie fragen sich vielleicht, was die Wiederherstellungsphrase ist. Als Sie Ihre Brieftasche zum ersten Mal eingerichtet haben, haben Sie wahrscheinlich einen 12-Wörter-Satz erhalten.

    Can anyone help? I have a stuck transaction in my Coinbase Wallet. Its status is marked as “Pending”, and this has been the case for about 10 days now.

    After doing some research, I’ve learned that if I create a transaction with the same nonce as the stuck transaction, but with a higher gas fee, the stuck transaction will effectively be cancelled, allowing subsequent transactions to then flow freely.

    (I have another 3 transactions that are also “Pending”, which I believe are not going through due to the jammed transaction).

    However, I cannot perform this operation, as there is a problem: When I press “View on block explorer” from within the Coinbase Wallet app, to see it on Etherscan, the Etherscan page that opens just says “Sorry, we are unable to locate this TxnHash”.

    Guide to NFT Waitlist

    If interested, you can apply for the NFT Waitlist for early access to the newly launched service of Coinbase. This is accessible via the official site of the company.

    In this context, there are important points that users should keep in mind.

    • Eligibility requirements– Applicants over the age or of 18 years can get into the NFT waitlist. Additionally, they must be citizens of the US. It is expected that the company will expand this eligibility criterion to other nations later after the initial launch.
    • Joining period- The authorities of Coinbase NFT would directly send the date of the waitlist timeline to the applications.

      They would get the information after they sign up for the waitlist now in their email. The public date for the launch is still not available.

    The crypto exchange platform has gone an extra step of integrating decentralized exchanges after partnering with Uniswap and 0x, allowing users to access DEX services directly from the wallet interface. The company charges a 1% fee on trades executed through its DEX feature.

    The Coinbase wallet is seen as the company’s gateway to Web3, allowing scalability and interaction with multiple blockchains.

    The company is also in the process of launching its own NFT marketplace to take on industry leaders OpenSea and Axie Infinity. In a recent update, Coinbase revealed that its NFT waiting list had already surpassed 2.4 million.

    The NFT market has gained traction this year because of an influx of celebrity NFT drops, with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry, being the latest artists to launch their NFT collections.

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