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Yes, you could swap it out.

Matt: Okay. The burning question that’s on my mind is as a content creator, you, or me, or Ann, or Portugal the Man, or whoever it is, what is the value to you of having your own creator coin?

Jeremiah: The value is it’s a new form of monetization that I can have. I have seen the price of my coin increase, which has been fantastic. I can take some of that and export it. It’s called a bridge out, and I treat it as earned income through taxes. Because my coin value has grown, as well, people are purchasing and using it to access my services. I am starting to sell NFTs, which are like products, digital products, so I’m finding new ways to monetize. It’s a new form of revenue.

Some of the creators in the Rally organization are very successful. For example, the Twitch streamers, in-gamers.

Nft matt james

That’s really important that we differentiate it is not security.

For example, one of the music artists called Portugal the Man, you certainly know their songs if you don’t know the name, they have their own private Discord server where community members and fans can go in, but it’s coin-gated, you have to own around five of their coins. There’s a software check, it goes through the Rally website and says, “Does Matt own these five coins? If so, allow him in.” It’s all done through the software. Once you arrive to that Discord server, you are in the backstage area hanging out with the other fans.
You can access cool files, other music, sometimes the group comes in and does a jam or drops in extra files.

It’s like the new fan club. That’s all done if you own coin. In many ways, it’s kind of like loyalty points that are accessing a premium.

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Out in my “real life,” it’s harder for me to wrap my brain around.

Jeremiah: What we’re going to see is that those items in the game that you collected will actually be available on the open web, on the blockchain eventually, so they will be traded or viewable in galleries outside of the game. We’re starting to see those items are connecting through blockchain, so that movement is already starting to happen as well.

All of this, by the way, leads up to the bigger meta trend, which is all of this is preparing brands, influencers, communities, and fans for the metaverse, which is the virtual reality. People are purchasing these items to prepare for the assets and the real estate in those lands.
That’s a whole other podcast you guys should interview an expert on.

Qu’est ce que Gods Unchained ?

Gods Unchained est un jeu de cartes à collectionner totalement GRATUIT dans lequel vous devez défier d’autres joueur dans des duels.

Quel est le but de Gods Unchained ?

Le but du jeu est de réduire la vie de son adversaire à zéro en faisant combattre ses dieux contre les siens. Il faudra donc faire preuve d’imagination et de stratégie dans des match de 1 contre 1.

Comment Gods Unchained révolutionne les jeux de cartes à collectionner ?

En utilisant le principe de la blockchain et les NFT (non fogible tokens), Gods Unchained permet aux utilisateurs de réellement posséder ses cartes à collectionner et d’en faire ce que l’on souhaite.

Qu’est ce que Immutable X ?

Immutable X est un protocole de niveau 2 (layer 2) spécialement développé pour les NFT sur la blockchain Ethereum.

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Some people have their Substack direct newsletters and there’s Patreon as well. Creators should have multiple streams of revenue, not just be dependent on one. That’s kind of the theme is this independence. So, creator coins as well.

Let me give an example.

A few months ago, I was on Clubhouse and I had a brand that wanted to sponsor my rooms. I have a very large Club with many followers. I was able to use my coin to pay influencers to show up and participate with me. Also, the brand was able to use the coin and I could share it with the fans directly in there without using the monetization features from Clubhouse, because I could just drop a link or I could verbally say, “You can receive this coin from this location.” The next day, I could go to Facebook and say, “I’m going to do a coin drop.

I’m going to share my coin with you here.

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Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has rules around disclosures for social media influencers — basically, people are supposed to say if they’re being paid to recommend something. That’s why you see a lot of #ad and #sponsored tags on posts. But some experts say that’s not enough and worry that the FTC is behind the curve.

“As we’ve become more reliant on humans as living billboards … their job got much harder, and they haven’t kept up on technology,” said Nizan Geslevich Packin, an associate professor of law at the Baruch College Zicklin School of Business.

Packin specifically worries about fintech and platforms such as Robinhood that have made it much easier for an inexperienced trader to buy and sell stocks and crypto, often on the recommendation of someone they saw on TikTok or Twitter.

I decided to build out Pine so that NFT owners like myself are able to unlock liquidity without having to sell their NFTs.”

The platform has lending pools available with different terms regarding the loan’s interest, the level at which it gets liquidated if the value drops, and the level of collateralization, Ho told CoinDesk in an interview.

One particular factor that differs between the pools is the accepted loan-to-value ratio. Pine uses the floor price (the lowest price offered) of the specific NFT collection from public data published by markets as a reference for valuation. But these are subject to the intense volatility of the crypto market.

During the last two weeks, for instance, ether is down nearly 27% against the U.S.

Fresh off closing a $1.5 million funding round led by Sino Global, Amber and Spartan Group, Pine is building a platform that allows NFT holders to access liquidity using their NFT as collateral, and a mortgage-type vehicle it is calling “Pine Now, Pay Later” for those who are looking to purchase an NFT but require financing

“A year ago, I wanted to buy a Meebit but I did not have spare ETH in my wallet. Therefore, I sold my Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) at 7 ETH to execute the trade. I wanted to buy back another BAYC but I never did and I still have my Meebit right now.
In hindsight I wish I had access to a platform like Pine,” said Alex Ho, Pine’s co-founder, in a release, illustrating a use case for the platform.

It’s just really picking up with marketers.

Matt: I did not see the NFL release. What is it that they are releasing?

Jeremiah: There will be NFL digital collectible statues of the NFL brand. Also, and this is the big one, the NFL Players Association is on board as well, so we will see potentially digital rotating 3D busts of players that can be purchased and traded on different marketplaces like collectibles.

Frankly, NFL is late.

The Olympics had theirs. Major League Baseball has had their stadium series, and of course, the big one, the NBA has had their top shots which is making millions in dollars from leftover video reels that are being sold for tens of thousands of dollars to fans.

So, it is pretty mainstream for marketers. Coca-Cola is in this space as well. I actually have a list on my blog, we can link to it later.

Fury himself, along with a signed boxing glove and a video from Fury to the winner congratulating them on the winning bid.

The price smashes the $200,000 paid out for NBA star LeBron James’ slam dunk, and the $300,000 purchase of a Cristiano Ronaldo NFT, making it one of the biggest sports sale NFTs in history.

Sales for Fury’s other NFT collection, the so-called five-of-five collection, are ongoing on HoDooi.com, with hundreds of bids across the collection’s Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories.

Tyson Fury said “Huge thanks to all of the bidders, buyers, and the platform, HoDooi.com, for this NFT drop! It was great working with the HoDooi team and I’m happy we are all a part of history with one of the highest bids on a single sporting NFT!”.

Matt Luczynski, CEO said ‘We are delighted to have been able to break records with Tyson’s NFT launch.

I was skeptical of her debut as New characters are constantly thrown at readers, but the more I read, the more I saw her as a long term character. I feel like, while the comic community has already jumped on board and we have seen spikes, there is immense opportunity in her 1st Appearance in Year of The Villain: Hell Arisen #3. I think it’s a great buy at its current $350 eBay level. Wouldn’t you love to go back and grab Harley Quinn 1sts when they were only $350? (H.Q. sells for just shy of $3k currently)

On top of his work on Batman, Tynion is at the wheel of 3 major independent series at the moment. His most popular is Boom! Studios’ Something Is Killing The Children. This smash series is the secondary market Indie champion at the moment, with issue #1 Cover A trading hands at $650+ and rare variants hitting four figures.

His account makes no mention of his reality television dating experience on the surface, which seems to be intentional.

However, Matt is still following quite a few people associated with the franchise, including his best friend Tyler Cameron (from Hannah Brown’s season), and the show’s longtime host, Chris Harrison.

Here’s what you need to know:

Matt Still Follows Chris & Also Chris’ Girlfriend Lauren Zima on Instagram

A quick look though the 300+ people that Matt is following on Instagram and you will see that he does indeed still follow the show’s host, Chris Harrison. For those wondering, Chris also still follows Matt.

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