Nft license plate

nft license plate

We believe that this one counts very much as insanity! Welcome to a bold new digital world where wild dreams come true, even ones that include adding emojis to license plates!

We have seen some absurdly priced license plates, but this one takes it “to the moon”.

Repeating Two-Character License Plates Are The Rarest Out There

The “MM” plate is registered in California and it happens to be one-in-a-million (literally!). This is because there are only 35 two-letter plates and each of them has a million combinations from 2 to 7 characters. And that makes a repeating two-character license plate, one-in-a-million! Interestingly, the seller also has another “MM” license plate for sale that is registered in Texas.

Nft license plate

In addition to their latest tracks and playlists, musicians can use Spotify’s artist profile pages to promote merchandise and concert dates. Soon, they may be able to use those pages to promote NFTs as well.
As first reported by Music Ally, Spotify has begun testing NFT galleries. The feature is available to a select group of US users on Android and includes Web3 enthusiasts like Steve Aoki.

If you have access to the test, you can view the galleries by visiting one of the included artist pages and scrolling past the song list.
Tapping on an NFT allows you to see a larger version of it, in addition to a short description. Per The Verge, a “See More” option redirects you to the NFT’s OpenSea listing page where you can purchase the token.

DAOs form for a common purpose, like investing in start-ups, managing a stablecoin or buying NFTs.

Understanding NFTs and their value as digital objects comes naturally to a generation raised online, Mr. Davis added. “I consider myself pretty digitally native, but I can still recall floppy disks.

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Nft license plates

And you thought buying a brand-new supercar was expensive.

An extremely rare license plate with the letters “MM” on it is currently up for sale in the state of California for $24.3 million. And because it’s still 2021, you aren’t just buying the plate, you’re also buying its matching one-of-a-kind NFT.

There are over 35,000,000 registered vehicles in the state of California, each of which has its own unique license plate with anywhere from two to seven characters.
Of these, two-character plates are the rarest, especially two-character repeating plates like “MM,” according to the “MM” plate website (h/t DuPont Registry).

Nft license plate recognition

But that one is relatively cheaper put up for 2,888 Ethereum which translates to just over $12 Million.

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The First Instance Of A Rare License Plate Paired With An NFT

NFTs or on-fungible token is built on the Ethremum blockchain but is not a currency. It is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art, video clips, music, and anything that can be digitalized.
The “MM” license plate also comes with the NFT’s QR code and Token ID inscribed at the back just so that things can be as transparent as possible.

The NFT revolution started in 2014 when Kevin McCoy minted his non-fungible token “Quantum”.It was a pixelated image of an octagon filled with denoting circles, arcs, and other trippy forms.

If you’ve ever been to a vehicle registration center, like the Department of Motor Vehicles in the United States, you know it’s not exactly a fun time. Long lines, frustrated people, burnt out employees, repetitive paperwork — this system has gone unchanged for decades.

Perhaps rightfully so, vehicle registration is very cumbersome. From manufactures, law enforcement, and insurance providers, multiple parties involved are all trying to coordinate via paper and digital systems that are fragmented, prone to errors, data manipulation and duplication.How Can Blockchain Help?

Vehicle registration and licensing systems are incredibly reliant on centralized databases with limited interoperability.

Introducing a single, immutable and unalterable digital ledger can alleviate many of the pain points involved.

Nft license plate-140

The state of California sells a physical license plate with the letters “MM” paired with an NFT that is on display on the OpenSea marketplace. The cost of the kit is 5888 ETH.

In 2017, local authorities allowed license plate owners to resell them.

In California, two to seven characters are used on numbers – two are the rarest, and repetitive characters are especially prized.

The sign with the letters “MM”, according to the site dedicated to him, is literally “one in a million”, given the total number of cars registered in the state (35 million).

The reverse side of the sign contains the QR code of a non-fungible token. If the owner finds a buyer, the number will become the most valuable in automotive history – while the leader is the “1” sign in Abu Dhabi, sold for $ 14.2 million.

According to the owner’s account, the number is set on a McLaren 765 LT.

Nft license platea

To do so, you must personally go to your local DHSMV in Florida and provide:

  • Current registration certificate for your vehicle
  • Form HSMV 83146: Application for Replacement License Plate, Validation Decal, or Parking Permit
  • Replacement Fees:
    • Damaged or defaced license plate: $28
      • With Police Report: Free
    • Lost validation stickers: $28
      • If lost in the mail: Free
    • Stolen license plate: Free
      • Requires police report

If you have one of your plates or damaged plates, you must surrender them to the DHSMV.

Surrendering License Plates in Florida

If you are no longer using your license plate, such as when you sell your car or if your car breaks down, you must surrender your plates to the DHSMV.

Other situations where you must surrender your license plates include:

  • Moving to a new country or state
  • Not transferring your license plates to a new vehicle
  • Canceling your vehicle’s insurance

When you surrender your license plates, you can provide them in person or mail them to your county tax collector.

Costs for License Plates in Florida

There are many variables used to calculate your vehicle’s registration fees. Here are a few of them:

  • Issuing Fee: $28
  • Transferring Fee: $7.35 (if applicable)
  • Initial Registration Fee: $225
  • Vehicle Tax: Varies by weight
  • Service Fees: Vary by location

The cost of registering a vehicle in Florida is significantly higher than the cost of renewing.

Florida State University License Plate

  • Miami Dolphins License Plate
  • Support Autism License Plate
  • Fraternal Order of Police License Plate
  • Military Groups License Plate
  • Recipients of Silver Star License Plate
  • Historic & Custom License Plate
  • Horseless Carriage License Plate
  • Fees for these plates start at $20. You’ll also have to pay for the standard registration fees, and some plates require a donation as well.

    If you want to support a particular organization or show off your passion for what you love, these are the plates to get.

    Applying for License Plate in Florida

    When you purchase a new vehicle in the state of Florida, the dealership should provide you with a temporary plate.

    If you are purchasing a vehicle in a private sale, you must obtain a temporary plate in advance.

    Sample Florida License Plate

    Types of Florida License Plates

    When you register your car or motorcycle in Florida, you must also obtain validation stickers. After registering your vehicle, you’ll obtain one or more license plates to place on your vehicle.

    The standard license plate in Florida comes with the choice of the following words at the bottom:

    • In God We Trust
    • Sunshine State

    Standard Florida license plates have oranges and blossoms with an outline of the state of Florida in the center.

    Instead of the standard license plate, you can also choose to personalize your plate (vanity plates), get specialized plates, or apply for disability plates.

    Remember, you must put your validation stickers on the upper right corner of your license plate.

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