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Nft guns

nft guns

Ethereum 2 and Cardano are two cryptocurrencies that use the POS concept.

The backbone of both of these networks are blockchains, databases of all the transactions that have received a consensus by the miners or stakers. These transactions are organized in blocks and all the blocks are linked together like a chain. The majority of the blockchains are open to viewing by anyone, allowing for the review of past transactions from one wallet to another wallet. Wallets are just an identifier for an individual “account” where cryptocurrencies are stored.

All Bitcoin Is Crypto, But Not All Crypto Is Bitcoin

SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Art – Non Fungible Token (NFT) – Ethereum

Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, is one specific coin in what is now a crowded playing field of thousands of other coins referred to as alternative coins or “alt coins”.

Nft guns

Not often does a robot centipede crawl out of my vagina.”

“My journey through life as a woman is like that of a tree. Starting with a small seed, always pushing against the resistance of the Earth.

The endless weight of gravity,” she concluded.

On Wednesday, the “Music” songstress noted in a statement that the purpose of the NFT was “to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity.”

Fans moaned and groaned about her nude pictures and tweeted their thoughts on the matter. “Madonna’s latest NFT. If I saw it, you have to too.

Nft gunship battle

As a collector, you then keep an eye out for all of your favorite firearms from manufacturers across the spectrum and build your NFT gun collection.

Just like physical collectors cards, NFTs can be bought, sold, traded or bartered. One huge success is NBA’s “Top Shot” NFTs which have sold over $700 million in less than a year. Imagine this for NFT guns.

The provenance of the NFT is really important.
It needs to have some level of authority and authenticity that either comes from the brand owner (in this example, Glock) or via a third-party that has an agreement with Glock. Otherwise, why couldn’t anyone just take a picture of a Glock and sell that JPG as an NFT? Short answer is that anyone can, but an NFT Glock from some random netizen won’t have as much value as a “real” NFT authenticated by Glock.

Here’s where things can get very interesting.

Nft gunstar

Bike Club NFT has pledged to donate 10% of all royalties and revenues to organizations and people that improve biking locally and on large scales. The club will draw upon its members to steer the club’s charitable initiatives.
(It seems too direct to suggest simply donating the money you’d spend on avatar ownership to the charitable organization of your choice.)

For those who would prefer to focus on the personal benefits of owning an NFT avatar, Bike Club membership will also include access to VIP areas at bike industry events; access to a private Strava club; deals and opportunities to spend IRL cold, hard cash on products from partner brands; and membership in a private Twitter group and the club’s Discord server – think Slack, but for after-hours. The whole thing is challenging my understanding of what a bicycling club does. There must be a part where one…

Nft gunship

Some of these coins focus on reduced transfer fees between wallets, some coins are “stable” and mirror the prices of fiat money, others offer utility in their blockchains like smart contracts, royalties and unique property like artwork and collectibles. And a few others focus on privacy, shielding transactions on the blockchain so that they can’t easily be attributed to a specific wallet.

Great, But How Does All Of This Crypto Talk Help The Firearms Industry?

Let’s think about how we currently buy guns.

1) Cash, about as close to financial freedom as you can get.

You can walk in to a local gun store, lay out your fiat money, and buy the gun of your dreams. Of course, that means you are doing business in person and carrying around hundreds if not thousands of dollars in paper money before you make your purchase.

Gunslingers nft

Each coin has, or should have, an intended purpose that gives it utility. Bitcoin, for example, has a finite supply of coins that can ever be “minted” – 21 million.

It is often compared to gold as a vehicle for storing wealth since there is a fixed supply and it is traded on online exchanges at agreed upon prices. Think about why gold can command high fiat prices – it’s difficult to mine and there is a finite supply on earth.

Same as Bitcoin.

But, just as we don’t use gold to buy our groceries, there are other types of cryptocurrencies that are better suited for everyday transactions. Alt coins have different overall supply levels stretching from a few hundred thousand to an infinite number of coins that can be minted over the years.

Gunstar nft game

Beeple’s “Crossroad” is the most expensive NFT video

Selling for $6.6 million in February 2021, Beeple’s “Crossroads” is the most expensive video NFT sale to date. The NFT depicts a Donald Trump-type figure lying motionless in an idyllic setting with slogans scrawled across his body.

The CGI clip is only 10-seconds long but established Beeple as an artist to watch shortly before his mammoth $69 million sale at Christies.

29. The “Gunky’s Uprising” MP3 sold for $1.3 million

Establishing the NFT space as a viable way to sell MP3s, musical artist 3LAU sold his synth masterpiece Gunky’s Uprising on the Nifty Gateway platform for an enormous $1,333,333.33.

Collaborating with art director SlimeSunday, the 3-minute piece encapsulates the energy of the NFT space perfectly.


Gunslingers nft rarity

Unless you keep a bank vault stocked at home, you will also have to visit a bank to withdraw your money. Buying a machine gun? That $10,000+ cash withdrawal will get extra scrutiny by the government.

2) Debit cardsand checks protect you from lost or stolen money – your bank actually protects you from stolen funds if you notify them within the required reporting period.

But these financial instruments require you to basically ask permission to utilize their transaction systems. For example, in some states where marijuana is legal, some banks will not issue point of sale terminals to dispensaries or allow customers to use their debt cards to buy weed.

Gunsfire nft

And all these decisions can happen without government intervention – “we believe your business is dangerous, so we will not allow you to use our payment processing system.”

Enter crypto. Rather than having to use one of the payment systems above, you can agree to transfer cryptocurrency either online or in person, much like a credit card transaction.

After agreeing on a price of the item, the dealer provides you with a wallet address to transfer crypto from your wallet. By either copying the wallet address or scanning a barcode, the crypto is transferred from your wallet to the dealer’s and is confirmed by consensus on the network.

In a few minutes the crypto is available in the dealer’s wallet. No banks, no credit card processors, no centralized system.

Of course, unless you are paid in crypto, you will need an exchange to use fiat money to buy crypto.

Gunstar nft download

But the link to government backed securities ends there.

The Future

Crypto GLOCK G44 – Non Fungible Token (NFT) – Ethereum

The cryptocurrency and defi systems aren’t perfect and there are some huge challenges to overcome. For one, crypto is seen as property by the IRS so using it for a purchase could mean a capital gain or loss for your taxes.

Stablecoins may be able to address some tax issues. In addition, since anyone can see the blockchain transactions, that means the amount of crypto sent from one wallet to another is an open book. Buying a Knight’s Armament SR-25? That crypto transfer is viewable on the blockchain.

Some coins, like Monero, are focused on privacy and conceal transactions.

Gunstar nft token

And there’s a technological and psychological barrier for some people and companies to holding hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a digital wallet on your phone or on a thumb drive.

Bottom line – cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance are fighting an against-the-odds battle which they all may lose. It threatens the way governments hold and transfer wealth and governments do not like to be threatened.

But, in my opinion, the crypto experiment it is worth the effort.

The firearms industry should be looking at either using an already established coin or designing its own privacy focused cryptocurrency that will operate alongside of our banking system.

While other blockchains have used NFT technology, they have relied on Ethereum primarily. Cardano differs in that its NFT tokens will be native to its blockchain, utilizing lower gas fees, faster transactions.

20. NFTs can be used as collateral

Through dApps like NFTfi, NFTs can now be used as collateral. Thanks to the interoperability of Ethereum’s tokens, NFTs can be used to borrow crypto against in DeFi applications or be held to issue loans on.

This venture allows NFT owners to unlock the liquidity from their collectibles.

21. Fractionalized NFTs are big business

Fractional NFTs are a way to share ownership of digital assets that otherwise would be too expensive to own.

NFTs like the original Doge meme, worth over $4 million, can now be invested in buy buying fractional ERC-20 tokens of the asset.

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