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Parent Company of Angelini Trading Company, a Los Angeles area-based company that distributes 26 varieties of wine from five family-owned wineries, two handmade Italian pasta factories, a premier olive oil company that won the 2014 award for best olive oil in the world and other specialty food items seldom seen in the U.S. market. eWorld’s top priorities are the rollout of Angelini Trading’s line of Caponero and Benevento brand wines for the U.S. consumer market and the upcoming release of its exclusive “Bitcoin Wine” series. Wines have already been delivered and purchase orders received from the first 200 retail outlets, with many additional orders and deliveries expected to be announced soon.

BITCOIN WINE NFT “Bitcoin Wine” is a limited edition NFT series featuring and showcasing fine wine.

Nft distribution

The Atemverse is divided into 9 distinct planets with each planet having its very own species. When minting, the user will be assigned to one of the 9 planets which have varying rarity levels.

The rarer the planet is, the rarer the NFT – and the rarer the artwork. The planets will also have unique colours and the species of each planet will be used to differentiate the NFTs from each other and make them unique to the individual user.

The NFT will also serve as the users first introduction to the Atem group spaces, thus making the Atemverse NFT a necessary criteria in order to access the Atem application and thereby giving the NFT passport its value. On Atem, each user will automatically be added to different group spaces depending on what NFT or Token the user has inside of their wallet.

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Coinfield will be the first crypto exchange to release its own NFTs and expects this project to bring in $22 million in revenue. NFT Distribution has already created the Coinfield NFT which is packed with premium utility including the option to stake the NFT and yield a specific amount of Coinfield Coins per day.

NFT Distribution also has the exclusive agreement to promote, market and administer the sales of the entire Coinfield NFT project.

Coinfield recently gained worldwide stature and exposure as the sponsor of the world championship boxing match between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte.

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NFT distribution is a critical component of valuing an NFT project and I am going to show you how to check this distribution for non-fungible and semi-fungible NFT projects using Etherscan and Opensea data.

Distribution affects market behavior more than people think — if a small group controls a significant amount of NFT assets in a project, they can control the market. On the flip-side, if the distribution is so concentrated to a small group, it might discourage new buyers and the project won’t have the support of a large community to gain traction.

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These NFTs feature the work of Artem Shestakov, a Ukraine native and world-renowned artist and photographer best known for his nature and landscape images. The physical art piece will be signed and numbered by the artist, along with a certificate of authenticity.

“We are steadfast in our mission of cultural diplomacy for peace, and we are honored to welcome our esteemed guests to the event and help build awareness and support for the efforts to preserve the culture of Ukraine during these challenging times,” said Andrey Kolodyuk, co-founder of the Free Ukraine Foundation.
“The Mriya Art Mission is about coming together to defend the culture of Ukraine and ensure its existence by preserving art, music, paintings and theater, which are so important to the soul of Ukraine but threatened by the chaos of war.”

The charity event will take place Wednesday, May 25, from 9-11 p.m.

Nft distribution operations

It isn’t mere speculation too, since several authors have reported about their artwork being misappropriated and minted without prior permission.

Many NFT creators in the space have reported selling their works on fraudulent websites and marketplaces; even fake NFTs. In such a case, it is important to consider the potential remedies for the protection of the NFT creators’ works.

In many countries, cryptocurrencies aren’t even recognized yet as a legal asset class.
Working in a legal vacuum allows bad-faith members of the crypto community to tamper or steal the artworks created by the artists.

Since every NFT is transferred on a smart contract basis; which isn’t an actual physical contract and recognized by law, there is no such standard law or set of regulations put in place that can be a governing factor for how such issues would play out.

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This is possible based on the hype or popularity of the project.

Royalties can be considered as a means of passive income for the creators. When an NFT is sold for the first time by someone who bought it on launch.

The sales made then and thereafter are termed to be in a “secondary market”.

Royalties are received by the creator as soon as sales occur in the secondary market. However, the question arises, what if an NFT is bought on one marketplace but put up for sale on another marketplace? Do royalties work then?

This is a barrier currently faced by many marketplaces in the industry. Many of these marketplaces are trying to induce interoperability between the marketplaces and NFTs to make this possible in the future. However, there are already a couple of Marketplaces that provide this feature.

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You can also scroll down on an item listing to see the latest sales, and keep an eye on wallet names to see if whales are selling off their extra copies:


Unfortunately, there isn’t a great way to keep track of whales without doing some manual work. Even if there is a high volume of sales, it doesn’t mean the top holders are reducing their control over the market.

The Etherscan holders page can help, but the data doesn’t look as accurate.


Savvy NFT collectors have been looking at distribution data as a way to evaluate an NFT project and now you can too. It takes a bit of work and understanding of Etherscan, but with these simple steps, you’ll be able to research the total holders of a project, the top wallets that hold the most assets, and what percentage of assets they own in a project.

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NFT industry is going to the moon nowadays! We hear many people talking about NFT’s future and about how much money they made selling NFTs. And thanks to blockchain technology, you don’t need any paperwork or a lot of money to sell your NFTs, too.

Building an NFT Collection is not that hard.

It takes three steps: designing, marketing, and minting. It is better if you build up a team of 3 people and split the tasks.

But you can do all of them by yourself. You just have to watch some YouTube videos for each step.

I have built my NFT collection by myself. I did that because I want to understand and try the complete process.

While I’m doing that, I wrote every new lesson I had learned, so I can benefit from them in my future NFT projects.

Unlike math, we all know that measuring an artwork is subjective.

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You can see that there’s a wallet with 105 Bored Apes (1.05% of supply), another with 103 Bored Apes (1.03% of supply), so on and so on.

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Step 3: Navigate to the Transactions Section of the Analytics Tab to Look at New Holders

Navigate back to the Bored Ape Yacht Club contract page, select Analytics, then transactions, then you can look at how many unique incoming addresses there are by day:


This will give you a sense of new wallets and how well distribution is improving.

In the example above, you can see 92 incoming unique addresses on Tuesday, December 14th.

Note: Just because 92 unique wallets bought into the project does not mean whales have given up their holdings.

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