Nft december 2021

In 2021, users have sent at least $44.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts, the two types of Ethereum smart contracts associated with NFT marketplaces and collections.

Notably, we see significant increases in both total value sent and average transaction size, suggesting that NFTs as an asset category are gaining value as they attract new users. There’s also a noticeable spike in total value sent beginning in the last week of August, which appears to have been largely driven by therelease of a new collectionfrom the popular NFT creator group Bored Ape Yacht Club. The second spike in late October and early November appears to have been driven by the sale of one Cryptopunk NFT for $532 million.

Nft december 2021

NFT trading. Around this time in the zombie Punk market, we even saw the birth of prominent investor Cozomo de’ Medici with the purchase of CryptoPunk #3831. That said, #8857 was never given a personality on Twitter or any other social media platforms.


XCopy, Right-click and Save As Guy: $7 million (1600 ETH)

The legend of XCopy’s “Right-click and Save As Guy” goes back far beyond the days of our current NFT ecosystem.
It was minted years ago, on Dec. 6, 2018. The iconic piece helped signal a shift in public perception about NFTs when it was featured on BBC World News, shortly after Beeple’s landmark Everydays auction.

As this famous NFT art had only changed hands twice before this latest sale — first for $90 (1 ETH) and then for $174,195 (99 ETH) — Cozomo de’ Medici’s buy marked a 3,500%+ increase in the value of the artwork.


Nft games december 2021

However, as an NFT is simply code, it is not a substantial reproduction of the work, so it would not infringe those rights.

For the most part, while authors may have legal recourse for unauthorized use by making a claim against a platform for minting an NFT associated with their original work, it is not clear that the author actually has the exclusive right to do so.

Summing up

Inevitably, there will be some practical interaction between NFTs and copyright, although most disputes will be handled at the platform level. The market is already acting as a gatekeeper, removing possible infringement by encouraging the existence of a space where creators can offer the tokens they have generated.

Nonetheless, the nature of the market, and the incentive for large returns, still mean that the NFT space may generate a good number of copyright disputes.

Best nft december 2021

Republic Realm, making it the most expensive NFT virtual property ever. This increased the interest and demand for digital properties.Billionaire Shalom Mechenzie owns the most expensive CryptoPunk bought for $11.7 million.


A CryptoPunk sold through the Sotheby auction house became the most expensive CryptoPunk NFT to date.
The NFT is an alien punk wearing gold earrings, a medical face mask, and a red knitted cap. It was bought by Billionaire Shalom Mechenzie for $11.7 million, making it the highest-priced CryptoPunk NFT.

At the Sotheby’s auction house, an NFT representing the web’s original source code was sold for $5.4 Million, making it the most expensive NFT source code ever.

(Wall Street Journal)

Sir Tim Berner-Lee, who created the World Wide Web, auctioned off a piece of his original source code as an NFT.

Upcoming nft december 2021

Here are the Characteristics of NFT digital arts that make them valuable:

Verifiable Ownership

NFT digital arts owners enjoy easily provable legal ownership, unlike the conventional arts. As a digital asset, the whole transaction history of an NFT digital art is traceable and verifiable through the blockchain network.

Anyone can get access to the ownership rights of an NFT, making it possible to authenticate the validity of digital art.


NFT arts are immutable as it is impossible to interfere with the data stored in the blockchain network.


NFT arts can be transferred from one person to another by simply transferring the ownership of the underlying token. Therefore, it is easy to trade the digital arts. NFT marketplaces support NFT buying, selling, and creation.

Nft releases december 2021

Они отличаются не только внешне, но и по набору характеристик.

Как Работают Nft

Самый популярный путь заработка на NFT — геймифицированные платформы, где участники могут создавать виртуальные предметы и продавать их. Важно, что стоимость предмета напрямую зависит от того, насколько редкими свойствами он обладает.
Одна из первых блокчейн игр, которую запустили 4 года назад. На выбор предлагается 200 видов Эфир-монстров, которых нужно искать в разных мирах.

При этом процесс полностью автоматический и выполняется с помощью smart-контрактов.
Автор не должен отслеживать и подтверждать выплаты. К примеру, на маркетплейсе SuperRare можно получить 10% за перепродажу. При этом платформа берет свои 15% комиссии.

Nft presale december 2021

But how are NFT investors faring in the market?

NFT investor performance: What makes a good NFT collector?

Anyone paying attention to the NFT market knows that investors have flocked in part because they believe they can achieve a high return on investment by purchasing NFTs — either during the minting process or by purchasing them from another user — and selling them later for a profit. The data suggests that NFTs are far from a surefire investment, however.

New nft games december 2021

A total of 11,111 ARK//ANGELS with over 300 traits will be sold to interested individuals.

Website: ARK//ANGELS Official Website

Twitter (14k): @ARKANGELSNFT

Discord (14k): ARK//ANGELS Discord

Founders: Oxerix, Arkrnk, Misty

Chain: Ethereum

Marketplace: TBA

Mint: Public

Mint Date: Dec 9, 13:00 EST

Mint Price: 0.075 ETH (Pre-Sale Price), 0.09 ETH (Public Sale Price)

Game: Yes

Metaverse: Yes

Other Noteworthy Details: You need to invite 5 people to the Discord or be part of the EARLY//ANGELS (early supporters of the project).

7) Santaverse

Santaverse is a unique NFT collection with a limited supply of 3,333 Santas up for grabs.

Upcoming nft projects december 2021

National Basketball Association Top Shot marketplace, which allows fans to buy and trade NFTs in the form of video highlights, has seen volumes shrink and buyers drop to 246,000 in June from 403,000 in March. The average price of a Top Shot “moment” slumped to $27 in June, after peaking at $182 in February.

But as some NFT types become less popular, others take off.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club, a set of 10,000 unique digital ape NFTs, has become a hit among collectors.
The average ape sold on OpenSea as of July 1 for $3,600, up 1,574% from the launch price of $215 in April.

New nft projects december 2021

Take for example, production company Miramax’s lawsuit against film director Quentin Tarantino for trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and breach of contract, over his plan to sell NFTs based on his film Pulp Fiction.

The exclusive rights enjoyed by the author of a work cover its reproduction, publication, lending and rental, public performance, adaptation, communication to the public, and authorization to perform any of the above. Only the right of communication to the public could be infringed through a link in an NFT, as in such a case there is a causal connection between the token and the work.

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