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Blockchain Creative Labs, Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment’s NFT business and studio, as the festival’s first blockchain sponsor.

Through the partnership, SXSW will mint its first NFT using Blockchain Creative Labs’ product portfolio and attendees will be able to tokenize their work at the 2022 event, which takes place in Austin, Texas from March 11 to March 20. The NFTs created by Blockchain Creative Labs will be sold on a blockchain powered by Eluvio, the distribution and monetization platform that Fox is invested in.

“SXSW sparks meaningful conversations and collaborations between tech and creative thought-leaders that drive innovation, forge new business models, empower artists and, ultimately, enhance the audience experience,” Scott Greenberg, the CEO of Blockchain Creative Labs and the co-founder and CEO of Bento Box Entertainment, said.

Nft blockchain creative labs

Exclusive Multi-Year Partnership RepresentsBlockchain Creative Labs’ First Third-Party Collaboration

STAMFORD, Conn. and LOS ANGELES, October 27, 2021 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) and Blockchain Creative Labs, the new non-fungible token (NFT) business and creative studio formed by FOX Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment, today announced an exclusive multi-year agreement to launch an NFT marketplace for licensed digital WWE tokens and collectibles. The partnership marks Blockchain Creative Labs’ first-ever content alliance with an external property beyond FOX.

In collaboration with Blockchain Creative Labs, WWE will create authentic NFTs that celebrate the company’s entire catalog of digital assets, including its most iconic moments, past and present WWE Superstars and premier events, such as WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

Nft blockchain creative labsolu

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    The Company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family-friendly entertainment on its television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing platforms.

    WWE’s TV-PG programming can be seen in more than 900 million homes worldwide in 28 languages through world-class distribution partners including NBCUniversal, FOX Sports, BT Sport, Sony India and Rogers. The award-winning WWE Network includes all live pay-per-views, scheduled programming and a massive video-on-demand library and is currently available in more than 180 countries.

    Any confusion, McKenzie says, is the system’s intention.)

    Ben McKenzie

    Chris Lindahl

    Some of the earliest (and current) supporters of cryptocurrency indulged a kind of cyberpunk, libertarian worldview in crypto’s stateless essence, but the growing adoption and evolution of blockchain networks invited new ideas about how the technology could be used. For artist Kevin McCoy, who created the first NFT back in 2014, it was using a contract on the Namecoin blockchain to certify ownership of a piece of digital art, rather than an amount of cryptocurrency.

    “The goal of it is very much the same goal that we see now, which is allowing allowing digital art to be uniquely own-able, allowing for markets to be set up around that with a with an eye toward helping artists with provenance and helping artists with making money,” McCoy told IndieWire.

    Our NFT studio is all about enabling fans to own NFTs and tokens that carry utility and social clout directly from the creators and brands they are passionate about, spanning animation, sports, shows and movies to music, books, art, pop culture and every other Web3-powered media asset you can possibly imagine.”

    To participate in the WWE NFT marketplace, fans create a secure and easy-to-use WWE digital wallet through Eluvio that acts as a vault and enables consumers to purchase collectibles using traditional currency or cryptocurrency.

    Today’s announcement represents the second partnership between WWE and FOX.

    Would they click through to go to other marketplaces through your site?

    We are also offering an APR-SDK service. It can implement on any wallet and NFT marketplace.

    You are that one-stop-shop solution.

    Is there anything else you have coming up that you want to share? Are there any partnerships or you can’t mention anything now?

    The only way to learn about NFTs is to go out and meet people at different events network. Get into the NFT space and get your hands dirty.Click To Tweet

    We are cultivating the crypto community and the NFT collections.
    A lot of NFT collections are reaching out to us and people who are ready to mint.

    NFT drop and a web3 concert at SXSW, where dozens of crypto-focused panels cover topics like “Breaking the Blockchain Boys Club” and “How NFTs Are Changing the World.” Top-level sponsors include Fox’s Blockchain Creative Labs, which has its logo plastered all over Austin; it sits right next to that of the world’s 10th-largest company, Volkswagen.

    The blockchain devoted have reimagined SXSW as a kind of IRL coming-out party, targeting the diverse group of attendees at one of the largest in-person U.S. events in the last two years. Everyone from tech CEOs to TikTok influencers have participated in panels and descended on lavish brand activations to hear the unified message that blockchain is the future.

    Then there’s a smaller group: The naysayers who articulate a position similar to the leader of India’s central bank, which labeled crypto a Ponzi scheme.

    That was exciting to people.

    Where do you see this going moving forward? What does the future hold?

    The future is building that entertainment franchise. We are working hard on the show and bringing a showrunner.

    We signed a major celebrity that we will be announcing very soon who’s joining the show to voice one of the characters as well as an executive producer. We are in it for the long-term. We believe that this has a bright future and this is just the beginning.

    We are working on building that.

    Where do you see this space even a year from now when we are back at NFTLA?

    It’s so hard to predict. One of the things that have been surprising but very evident building this project is the speed at which the space is moving and evolving is dizzying.

    We have our other partners who run the broker-dealer business who have 25 years of investment in banking and securities experience and have come from a different world than what I’m used to. We are able to work together quite well and we have known each other for a very long time.

    It’s quite a unique partnership. That is able to bring the compliance and the regulation side of things and meet with the tech.

    Is there insurance here, meaning is it backed?

    We are a Federally regulated institution. When we get a banking license and things of this nature, we will be DIC-insured. For the time being, the way that we are tokenizing assets, particularly the real-world ones like equities and stuff, we are legitimately backing them 1 for 1 held in a custodial account with a traditional custodian like Merrill, Morgan Stanley or something like that.

    These risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, risks relating to: the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on our business, results of operations and financial condition; entering, maintaining and renewing major distribution agreements; a rapidly evolving media landscape; WWE Network (including the risk that we are unable to attract, retain and renew subscribers); our need to continue to develop creative and entertaining programs and events; the possibility of a decline in the popularity of our brand of sports entertainment; the continued importance of key performers and the services of Vincent K.

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