Nft belugies

Endangered Cook Inlet belugas don’t have a lot in common with cryptocurrency, a digital form of money that’s becoming increasingly popular around the world.

But a 14-year-old in Puerto Rico is using her digital art, and the online currency, to raise tens of thousands of real-life dollars for beluga conservation in Alaska.

Abigail goes by PeachSunday online and asked us not to use her last name to protect her privacy.

The high school freshman has set records selling her digital illustrations, which she calls “Belugies.” Each colorful piece features a beluga with different accessories, from gold chains to sunglasses to astronaut suits.

“And we were thinking if this works we could help them. Because there are only, I think, 279 Cook Inlet belugas right now. And we could really help them out if the NFT works,” she said.

It worked.

Nft belugies

Source: Twitter / Instagram

NFT artists Jaiden Stipp, Nyla Hayes, and Victor Langlois.

These Teens Are Taking Over the NFT Art World — and Earning MillionsBy Anna Quintana

Apr. 7 2022, Published 10:03 a.m. ET

This is also true for teen artists, who are slowly taking over the NFT space with their creative works of art. Many of these young NFT artists are still living at home with their parents and making six figures in cryptocurrency.

Here is a look at NFT teen millionaires collectors need to keep their eye on.

Belugies was created by Abigail, a 14-year-old artist who is giving back with her 8,000 piece collection.

Belugies nft solana

That’s all that matters.’”

Within 10 hours of the project’s Oct. 17 launch, all 8,000 NFTs had been minted, earning the siblings over $1 million in SOL tokens.

Abigail is also set to receive 5% of all future Belugie sales. The current floor price for a Belugie on the resale market is 0.32 SOL, and the project’s total trade volume has exceeded 7159 SOL, or $1,409,700, at press time.

The inspiration for the artwork came from Abigail’s childhood adoration of beluga whales after she saw them at a Georgia aquarium near where she grew up.

With the global beluga whale population in decline – Alaska’s Cook Inlet subpopulation has crashed 75% since 2008 and now hovers around 280 – she said she wants to raise awareness as well as some cash.

She’s donated $100,000 of the Belugies NFT proceeds to beluga conservation efforts.

Belugies nft price

Portions of the initial sales were dedicated to charities, including beluga-focused organizations. So far, Abigail has donated over $240,000 to various charities, including $100,000 to a nonprofit for children with cancer and $50,000 to the Ocean Defenders Alliance.


Belugies and our teen artist @peachsundayYT were featured on the @DrPhil show today.

$242k donated to date AND lives made better for kids & animals around the planet!!!

What other NFT project has had this much IRL impact and national recognition?

— Belugies (@belugiesNFT) January 25, 2022

Abigail was featured on the Dr. Phil show. When she made the virtual appearance, she even gifted Dr.
Phil his own Belugie that resembled him. The show made the collection and the Belugie community even more popular.

Belugies nft marketplace

La niña publicó su colección Belugies en Alpha Market, un popular mercado NFT para tokens no fungibles basados en Solana.

Los niños se están convirtiendo en grandes protagonistas del escenario NFT, sus dibujos pueden convertirse en algo de gran valor a medida que surgen nuevas tecnologías. De hecho, las cosas han cambiado por completo.

Según un informe, una adolescente de 14 años, Abigail, afirma haberse ganado la friolera de $ 1 millón en menos de un día al crear un Belugies NFT.

La recaudación proviene principalmente en los EE. UU.

Inspiración y desarrollo del proyecto NFT

La joven creó la colección de 8.000 NFT de Beluga Whales después de ver belugas en un acuario de su ciudad.

Belugies nft twitter

Desde cero, Abigail se convirtió en una profesional en NFT a través de su hermano Adam, de 25 años, quien explicó cómo funciona realmente la tecnología.

Abigail creó casi todos sus dibujos Belugies NFT en un iPhone 8. A partir de entonces, su hermano ayudó a desarrollar un guión para compilar las Ballenas Beluga con decoraciones. Al hacer esto, obtuvieron 8000 imágenes únicas a mano.

Para vender el NFT, Abigail lo publicó directamente en el mercado Alpha Art NFT para la venta.
En la oferta, el precio del Belugies NFT comenzó a venderse desde 0,8 SOL. Al instante, todos los tokens se compraron en 10 minutos después de la publicación.

Belugies nft abigail

В заявке цена на NFT Belugies начиналась с 0,8 SOL, который на тот момент стоил примерно $ 160. Удивительно, но все токены были раскуплены через 10 минут после размещения.


— Belugies (@belugiesNFT) October 17, 2021

Сразу после этого Эбигейл и Адам пожертвовали $ 200 000 организации для детей, больных раком, Sunshine Kids и некоммерческой организации, которая помогает белугам.

При продаже на вторичных рынках брат с сестрой получили 5% роялти. В ближайшие дни они продолжат работу над проектом и выпустят 100 зарезервированных NFT-белуг для публикации в детских книгах.


Belugies nft rarity

—Belugies | SOLD OUT (@belugiesNFT) October 17, 2021

Each sale of Belugie involved a 10% donation to Sunshine Kids, a charity for children with cancer, and a 10% donation to various Beluga whale nonprofits.

“I love how we were able to donate $200,000 to different organisations,” Abigail said. “When we went to Sunshine kids, they were so thankful and it was like, ‘oh my gosh, we were able to help them and it’s amazing.’ It’s incredible that we had the opportunity to and I’m so grateful that we did.”

—The Sunshine Kids (@SunshineKidsOrg) October 22, 2021

A number of influencers in the crypto community were buyers, including SOL Buckets and Solana co-founder Raj Gokal.

Since NFTs can also be programmed to ensure royalties, the project can continue to do good with each additional resale of Belugie resulting in a 5% cut for the team.

Belugies nft mint price

From scratch, Abigail became a pro in NFT through her 25-year-old brother Adam who explained how the technology really works.

To clarify, Abigail created almost all her Belugies NFT drawing on iPhone 8 from the beginning. Thereafter, her brother helped develop a script to compile the Beluga Whales with decorations. By doing this, they got 8000 unique pictures at hand.

To sell the NFT, Abigail posted it straightforwardly on the Alpha Art NFT marketplace for sale. In the bid, the price of the Belugies NFT started selling from 0.8 SOL. Instantly, all the tokens were purchased in 10 minutes after posting.

Saving the Whales

Abigail and her team raised a total of $1,021,000 by selling their NFT collection. The NFTs have become so popular now that Dr. Phil invited Abigail to his show, where she spoke about the NFTs and gifted one to him.

The team donated $50,000 to the Ocean Defenders Alliance, a nonprofit organization that removes ocean debris. In addition, $100,000 of the amount she made went to Sunshine Kids, a nonprofit for children with cancer.

She was invited to Alaska by the Beluga Whale Alliance to see endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales up close.

As of now, there are only 279 Cook Inlet beluga whales in existence, and to help the organization save them, Abigail donated $50,000, the most significant donation they have received so far.

When Abigail put her NFTs up for sale, she didn’t expect them to sell out so quickly.

Por Hannah Pérez

El proyecto NFT “Belugies”, basado en Solana, recaudó más de USD $1 millón. El 20% de los fondos se ha destinado a la conservación de las belugas, cuidado de océanos y una fundación para niños.


Cada vez son más las historias de jóvenes que se apresuran a incursionar en el espacio de los tokens no fungibles (NFT), una tendencia que algunos están aprovechando para recaudar fondos para la conservación ambiental y otras causas benéficas.

Abigail, una adolescente de 14 años de edad, es la protagonista de la historia más reciente de éxito juvenil en el mundo NFT.

Belugies nft

  • In under two months, a 14-year-old girl and her older brother launched a complete NFT project.
  • They made over $1 million from the sold-out sale with a significant amount going to charity.
  • They share their 6-step process and the challenges they faced.
  • Fourteen-year-old Abigail had the same reaction as most of us when she first learnt about non-fungible tokens (NFTS).

    The art-loving high school freshman responded with disbelief when her brother first explained the concept on the phone.

    “There’s no way that’s real, [it] has to be a fake thing, but he was telling me about it and surprisingly it was real,” said Abigail in an October 27, 2021, interview. “I can’t believe it, it just seems like JPEGs, you know?”

    Her 25-year-old brother Adam has been teaching her about crypto since she was nine when they would go for bike rides.

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