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1st NFT minted Rock Concert and 1st Film Festival to award NFTs to filmmakers

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Nft beerfest

The proceeds from the sale of this item benefit Orange Twins Rescue, which was founded by Ariana Grand.No. 3: Samsung: Turn Red Hearts Green

The Samsung 837X, the metaverse platform for Decentraland, is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt that will reward NFTs and digital wearables. Users will be prompted by an in-game character to search for recyclable product boxes and plant a tree in Samsung’s virtual sustainability forest, where they may learn more about the company’s environmental efforts. For those that complete the quest, they will get an NFT badge and other digital goodies on Valentine’s Day for returning.

2: Bud Light: N3XT Collection

Even larger than last year’s 1,936 NFT drop, Bud Light and Vayner NFT released 12,722 NFTs for the debut of its new 0% carb beer. The design of each NFT is blue and white, reflecting the Bud Light Next color scheme.

Enraged by the mockery of their ancestors, Jan and Todd challenge the Germans to a drinking game. The brothers’ defeat humiliates them in front of everybody, with Wolfgang pouring their grandfather’s ashes on them and Jan getting punched in the eye.

Swearing to get revenge on the Germans, Jan and Todd return to Colorado where they recruit their drinking friends from college—binge drinker Phil “Landfill” Krundle, Jewish scientist Charlie “Fink” Finklestein, and male prostitute Barry Badrinath—to assemble an American Beerfest team, though they do not divulge this to Great Gam Gam. During the team’s year of training, Jan and Todd find out that their grandfather did not steal the family beer recipe, but was actually the rightful heir to the family brewery in Bavaria.

He referenced the now famous NFT by the artist Beeple that Christie’s sold back in March for $69 million, adding that people aren’t getting excited about NFTs because of the money, but because of “what they’re going to do in the future.”

“Selling one NFT for $69 million to me is a yawn,” Geier said. “It’s like who cares…There’s no innovation there. Selling a million NFTs to me is next-level. This is real innovation. This is something for the masses. This is something that I think is just really starting to prove this whole idea of what we’re getting excited about.’’

Near, founded in San Francisco last year, isn’t as popular as other blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
However, it’s selling point is lower fees compared to some other more popular protocols.

Coachella Key 1: The Infinity Key

Selling Price: $270,000

Unique perks: Front of house views for one act at the Coachella Stage for two people; transportation to and from the festival; a meal in the Rose Garden for you and one other guest cooked by a professional chef on the day of your choosing during your festival weekend; $500 in food and beverage vouchers.

Coachella Key 2: Key to the Safari

Selling Price: $256,000

Unique perks: Lifetime Safari camping accommodations for one festival weekend each year that come with a furnished and air-conditioned tent, concierge service and more.

Coachella Key 3: Key to Coachella (Guest)

Selling Price: $121,000

Unique perks: This is the most bare-bones package of the guest pass-level NFTs.


Engagement beyond mere ownership makes sense for a collection that is popular and thus prohibitively expensive; the winning bid for a Noun NFT, one of which is auctioned each day, tends to hover between 50 and 70 ETH (or $155,273 and $217,382, at the time of writing).

WoW’s first NFT collection is also in high demand, having quickly sold out in the project’s sale and moved to secondary marketplace OpenSea, where the floor price is currently 7.75 ETH ($24,067). But while its IP is not open source, WoW has shown that it wants to include non-owners via more traditional engagement efforts, such as offering toys through Jazwares and filmed content through Hello Sunshine.

Doodles, on the other hand, exclusively sees its NFTs as the products of its brand, and thus hopes to gain mainstream adoption by turning non-owners into owners to some degree.

The 10 individual and unique NFTs include lifetime passes to Coachella for one weekend in April every year as well as varying amenities such as luxury camping, gourmet meals and more. Bidding for the lifetime passes began Friday, Feb. 4, and closed Friday, Feb. 11, at 5 p.m. For every bid after 5 p.m. the auction was extended by 10 minutes.
The Key to the Dinner in the Garden was the last one sold at 6:05 p.m. according to the FTX.US website. Collectively, the collection sold for $1,474,000.

The Infinity Key, which features lifetime Coachella guest passes, all-inclusive culinary experiences and private transportation, sold for $270,000.


A rare opportunity opened exclusively for the VIP members of the Cryptoberfest Community. Become a Cryptoberfest host and invite your friends over to celebrate the beauty of a cold-beer-friendship!


The Cryptoberfest Cryptovarian Club is a collection of 10k ice-cold NFT avatars who are waiting to be opened on the ETH blockchain. Cryptovarians’ utility include the ability to own virtual fairgrounds to host cryptoberfests, tap and sell cryptomug NFTs on secondary markets, buy and sell your uniquely labeled beer bottles and mugs, and passively earn by staking for the next Cryptoberfest season.
Mingle with like-minded beer-buddies around the world in the biggest beer tent in the metaverse. Each CRYPTOVARIAN collectable is a 100% unique.

Deadline Artwork Submission

October&November 2021

Voting on artworks for final artist selection

  • – Vote for your favorite artwork!
  • – Confirmation mail to 20 artists with most votes


Start sales of NFT Beer Mugs

  • – Win by getting one of our hidden special NFT Beer Mugs!
  • – Win a trip to Munich to Oktoberfest 2022 to join our Crypto beerfest table!
  • – Win one of our special and personalized original Beer Mugs!
  • 25% mugs served: Special discounts for NFT holders on Merch We start the production of shirts, hoodies, caps etc.
  • 50% mugs served: A physical original bavarian beer mug for every NFT holder Because fresh beer needs more than a glass! Every NFT holder gets a real bavarian Beer Mug by postal mail.

It was theatrically released on August 25, 2006.


At the funeral of their German-born grandfather Johann von Wolfhausen, brothers Jan and Todd Wolfhouse discover that family tradition demands that they travel to Munich at Oktoberfest to spread his cremated ashes at the Theresienwiese. There, the brothers unintentionally start an altercation that takes down an entire Oktoberfest tent. They then participate in Beerfest, an underground drinking game tournament run by Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen, where they discover that the von Wolfhausens are related to the Wolfhouses.
The German team angrily denies the family ties, revealing that Johann was a stable boy who stole the recipe for “ze greatest beer in all ze world” decades ago and ran away with his prostitute mother (the brothers’ great grandmother), Great Gam Gam.

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