Nft base character

nft base character

  1. Archetypes: Pirates, Cowboys, Astronauts, Ninja, Knights
  2. Events: Circus, Fairgrounds
  3. Sports: Baseball, Hockey, Football
  4. Vehicles: Planes, Trains, Cars
  5. Animals: Tigers, Bears, Snakes
  6. Inanimate Objects: Coffee Mug, Chair, Kitchen Table – See full list

When you combine a list of nft traits with a theme or two, you get exciting ideas for your next nft project.

For example, A PFP nft could be a baseball pirate with mini hoop earrings, black jeans, and bloodshot eyes. Go a step further by making it a 1 of 1, and you have a rare nft others will want for a couple of ETH if done right.

If you’re looking for more nft trait ideas, it’s good to use the following strategies:


Nft base character

GamesBeat Summit 2022? All sessions are available to stream now. Watch now.

Alethea AI and BeingAI are collaborating with the Binance NFT marketplace to introduce the AI game characters that are based on nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

Alethea AI creates smart avatars who use AI to hold conversations with people, and it has launched its own NFT collectible AI characters. NFTs use the transparency and security of the digital ledger of blockchain to authenticate unique digital items.
The companies see this as the underlying AI infrastructure for iNTFs, or intelligent nonfungible tokens, on the path to the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One.

Being AI, meanwhile, is on a quest to create AI characters who can interact and talk in real time with users.

Through my collaboration with David Hanson, I was inspired by his vision for creating benevolent AI, and deeply appreciate his trust in empowering us to create Sophia beingAI as a parallel, virtual existence of Sophia.”

BeingAI is creating the theme and story of “The transmedia universe of Sophia BeingAI” while it’s being illustrated by comic artist Pat Lee, who previously worked with DC Comics and Marvel Comics on mega-franchises such as Batman, Superman, Iroman, X-men/Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Punisher, and Spiderman, and created the original North American series of Transformers comics.

Beginning December 16 at 2 p.m. Pacific time, 20 Sophia beingAI iNFTs will be sold on the Binance NFT Marketplace via auction daily.

Nft base characterised

Kinky NFT base character full body (Your style with layers)

  • Status: Closed
  • Prize: $100
  • Entries Received: 16
  • Winner:Dielissa

Contest Brief

*Think female kinky fox version of the Bored Ape. The fox will also have interchangeable tails, faces, clothes, etc…* Keep in mind this is an adult cartoon character. Here’s an example of a adult cartoon: ——

Hi Im looking to make an nft for the kink community Would like to pic an amazing base with lots of layers.
Then I will need to make different accessories

For this NFT think kinky people.

For this contest I want you to make a dominatrix (as a sexy fox person).

Nft base characters

Special Snoop

If you were to collect The Snoop Doggies nft, there’s a unique trait dedicated to Snoop Dog’s favorites, and you can have one of them.

4. Legendary

Like a filter, legendary nft traits act as a way to show status and importance over other traits.

5. Special

Spotlights become essential to show how different an nft can be from others, and that’s the case when it comes to getting a ‘special’ trait nft.

NFT Trait Ideas & Themes: How to Pick Them

Most nft collections revolve around the central theme or incorporate multiple themes into their characters.
These themes can be inanimate objects, animals, people, places, and things.

Nft base characterize

ERC-721A NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, with more than 100 hand-drawn unique traits inspired by science fiction and pop culture.Utility, Metaverse, Community0.06 ETH6666TwitterDiscordWebsite06/14/2022EXO NFT ProjectA whole galaxy to be conquered! Take control of your planet, evolve it and dominate players in PVP and PVE battles that reward winners with ETH prizes! ⦁ Six race archetypes, hundreds of traits, 9,999 unique planets ⦁ Use XO coins to research game itemGame, Other, CommunityTBD9999DiscordTBDCharity Cryto CrocoActive work is already underway with the Wildlife Protection Fund, to which 25% of the funds will be donated after the mint + the same percentage from each royalty.Charity0.33 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite05/30/2022Whales Life NFTWhales Life NFT is a project that brings awareness to cleaning up our oceans and brings attention to charity.
use this as a random character generator. DO NOT USE THIS FOR NFTS!!!!!! THE NFT IN THE NAME IS A JOKE!!!!

how to use this shit


you uhhh use this command in the command prompt or whatever

pip install -r requirements.txt

STEP 2: configure shit

  • you have to run the file for the first time. It will create multiple folders, in which you have to put your shitty .PNGs in.
  • uhh.. edit the config.json. can’t help you much with that.
  • layer id’s are just for stacking them on each other. For example, id 1 will get put above id 0.

STEP 3: put image files into folders and generate characters

  • soo..

We would like the base for a chibi-style (with slightly rounder heads) profile picture NFT designed. We would like the styling to be semi-glossy and gamelike, and the designs to be as aesthitcally pleasing as possible – good looking, large + deep + soulful multicolored eyes, a blend of standard chibi and “Demon Slayer” style – the blue haired boy aesthetic + eyes with the line styling of the mouthless dark blue haired boy if possible – referring to our attachments. Think Azuki meets Maplestory. Our concept for the character itself is a large eyed late teen/early 20s look, positioned turned slightly to the right, staring off screen inside a square, basked in light from a screen – “screenglow” (with mouths) – the characters should hyper-intelligent, and enlightened.

Cartoon NFT Base Template in Blender 3.0. Light setup in EEVEE. Ready for your Personal NFTS, Movies, TV, advertising, etc.

File Format:

Blender 3.0 (EEVEE)

FBX ( With chain & headphones included )

OBJ ( With chain & headphones included )


Clean topology.

Includes Headphones and Chain

Render and Light setup in EEVEE. One Click Render.

Shape keys for eyebrows & mouth, to slide between poses.

Everything in the outliner and material have been clearly named and well layed out UI.


Blender EEVEE 3.0

Lights and Render setting are included in the Blender file.

One click render.

It’s part of an attempt to make NFTs have more utility, where you can buy an NFT and have ongoing conversations with an AI character.

The company said that iNFTs offer AI services such as cameo video messages, lip synchronization to songs, and real-time interaction and battles in gaming environments. These AI services will be upgraded over time so that your iNFT can advance to be capable of more creative projects such as copywriting or generative art. This will enable Sophia BeingAI to meet and interact with her fans from all over the world as an iNFT.

“Alethea AI is honored to work with Binance NFT and the BeingAI team to bring an anime version of Sophia to life virtually as an intelligent, interactive NFT,” said Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea AI, in a statement.

The NFT List includes Ethereum NFTs, Solana NFTs, BNB NFTs, and more.

(Post your project here!)

What NFT should I buy?

Deciding which NFT to buy depends on what a buyer is looking for. An NFT buyer can look for high quality and unique art, they can look for utility such as airdrops, access to websites or games, or access to a community. New projects can present a good opportunity, finding upcoming nft mints. Finding an NFT to buy starts with visiting the project Discord, Website, and Twitter and reviewing the NFT project for what its goals are and how positive the community is.

Why buy an NFT?

NFTs represent digital ownership, a new concept in technology. The chance to own a digitally rare item that exists verified on the blockchain is very valuable. Early NFT projects have grown in value substantially for their uniqueness and utility.

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