Nft badges

nft badges

Today we are introducing something new and fun called Listia Collectible NFT Badges! These are limited edition digital badges that you can collect and win through auctions, special events, and contests.

We are dropping the first two such badges today:

I ❤️ Listia Collectible NFT Badge. Listia Series 1. Uncommon #1/50I ❤️ Props Collectible NFT Badge. Listia Series 1. Uncommon #1/50

When you obtain a badge, they will appear in your set of Listia badges. The ones dropping today are part of a set of 50, numbered 1-50. Each badge has it’s own number and deisgn that is distinct from the rest of the set.

In the future, badges will be transferrable outside of Listia and also sellable within Listia. That means you can collect, buy, and sell badges with your fellow Listians! Coming soon.

What is NFT?NFT stands for non-fungible token.

Nft badges


** I dati sopra sò basati solu nantu à a speculazione di a cumunità, ùn sò micca cunsiglii finanziarii, cum’è sempre, fate a vostra propria ricerca.

Cosa hè TRON (TRX)?

TRON hè un sistema operatore basatu in blockchain chì hà u scopu di assicurà chì sta tecnulugia hè adattata per l’usu di ogni ghjornu. Mentre chì Bitcoin pò trattà finu à sei transazzioni per seconda, è Ethereu finu à 25, TRON dichjara chì a so reta hà capacità per 2,000 XNUMX TPS.

Per sapè di più nantu à stu prughjettu, verificate a nostra immersione prufonda Tron.

Stu prughjettu hè megliu descrittu cum’è una piattaforma decentralizata focalizata in u sparte di cuntenutu è l’intrattenimentu – è per questu scopu, una di e so più grandi acquisti era u serviziu di spartera di file BitTorrent in 2018.

In generale, TRON hà divisu i so scopi in sei fasi.

Honey badger nft

Let the contagious energy of the goal celebrations fuel your desire to complete your collection.The Last Career Goal

Similar to the first career goal, the last goal is also a moment that will stay with the players for the rest of their life. If you are a player’s true fan, you surely already have this NFT with you.

The Players’ First NFT on RealFevr

This is a very important badge for us! After all, we pride ourselves on the fact that our NFTs are all backed by IP, meaning that we literally have a piece of the players’ careers in our marketplace! And as you know, the first moment we have from a player will always have a special taste.

Rookie Season

A badge that is made to represent the initial steps of the player on his first professional team.

Start as a rookie, retire as a legend.

Star atlas nft badges

With our blockchain-based badge(r)s, we are able to award the Azure developer community with verifiably scarce and publicly-visible rewards, giving deeper value to their recognition. European community members that have demonstrated their contributions can be recognised with unique badges across a number of categories, which are tokenised into digital assets on the Ethereum public blockchain and are verifiably scarce.

In the spirit of our mission to empower technical practitioners of all backgrounds, we created Azure Heroes to inspire developers to learn, coach, and build on Azure and promote a healthy, inclusive community.

DeFi beginners and enthusiasts who want to get educated and delve deeper into the Web3 ecosystem.

Based on Ethereum, the “DeFi 101” NFT Campaign includes 5 courses, each with its own task, users who have completed the task will be able to earn a badge, and honor students that have completed all 5 courses will be eligible to earn a CoinGecko DeFi 101 (Ethereum) Honors badge. In the future, there will be other DeFi 101 courses based on other blockchains such as BSC and Polygon.

It’s time to complete these courses and earn your “DeFi 101” badges!

How to Participate in the Courses and Collect NFTs?

  • In order to participate in this campaign, users must first collect Candy from CoinGecko to claim the CoinGecko Candy Collector NFT badge, and then start to collect the credential-based NFT badges when completing different courses.

For the launch of The BitLift Podcast we wanted to do something fun at the intersection of crypto & podcasting. NFTs were the first thing that came to mind, but NFTs on Ethereum have some drawbacks:

  1. Minting NFTs on Ethereum is expensive (gas)
  2. Transferring NFTs on Ethereum is expensive (gas)
  3. We wanted it to be fun as oppose to a game of price and speculation

That’s where POAP’s come in.
POAP (pronounced poh-app not pope) stands for Proof Of Attendance Protocol. POAP’s are a throwback to Foursquare badges except they’re NFTs riding on Ethereum’s xDAI chain.

On May 18, Rainbow Wallet released v3.5.0 and launched a new NFT Badge feature, which is the 1st NFT function live in Rainbow, supporting the display and reward redemption of NFT badges. NFT badges will be widely utilized in various IRISnet related activities, such as testnets and community events, to further enrich the IRISnet’s NFT ecosystem.What’s the NFT Badge

Then, what is the NFT Badge? The badge represents the reward and remembering for certain honors or events, while NFT Badge is to mint badges as NFTs that can be stored on-chain.

Relying on IRIS Hub, the NFT Badge can not only have the same commemorative significance as ordinary badges, but can be securely stored, easily displayed and transferred.

A few mobile Ethereum Hot Wallets we recommend are:

  • MetaMask (for iPhone or Android)
  • Coinbase Wallet (for iPhone or Android) – not to be confused with Coinbase’s main app, this one is different
  • Rainbow – (for iPhone, Android Coming Soon)

When setting up your wallet, the important thing to note is the private key, sometimes referred to as a seed phrase and sometimes referred to as a mnemonic phrase. It will be 12 or 24 words that the wallet will recommend you write down (in order) on paper.

Keep this handy because if you ever lose your phone and or lose these words, your NFTs are gone forever.

Once you’re setup, the wallet will provide you with an Ethereum address otherwise known as an Account. Your address will be a random string of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers starting with 0x.

BUILDing is an infinite game!,” said Changpeng Zhao, a.k.a. CZ, the CEO of Binance, on a Twitter post.

These NFT badges can be claimed on the campaign page of Project Galaxy’s website by connecting to the BSC ecosystem and hitting the “claim” button that will appear for eligible winners.

However, these NFTs come with the disclaimer that the transfer of ownership of these NFTs would entail that the winners would be unable to redeem associated benefits from the BSC ecosystem.

MVB Program pushes innovation

The third round of the MVB program, MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang, was announced by Binance on Aug. 12, along with their MVB Incubation Program.

I critichi sustenenu chì questu hè un rapportu assai più altu ch’è ciò chì hè statu vistu cù altri prughjetti di criptocurrency.

Cumu hè assicurata a rete TRON?

TRON usa un mecanismu di cunsensu chì hè cunnisciutu cum’è proof-of-stake delegatu.

I prupietari di TRX ponu freeze a so criptografia per ottene Tron Power, chì significa chì ponu vutà per “super rappresentanti” chì servenu cum’è pruduttori di blocchi.

Questi pruduttori di blocchi ricevenu ricumpensa TRX in cambiu di verificazione di transacciones, è queste ricumpensa sò poi distribuite trà e persone chì anu vutatu per elli.

Sicondu TRON, stu approcciu aiuta a so blockchain per ottene livelli più alti di throughput.

Induve pudete cumprà TRON (TRX)?

Hè pussibule cumprà Tron da decine di scambii hè listatu – cumprese Poloniex, Bancor, KuCoin, Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbene è altri.

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