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Nft abbreviation urban dictionary


  • Mods

It refers to the moderators of Twitter or Discord channel. The role of moderators is to ensure a healthy, active and informative community experience in these spaces.

  • Moon

I’m sure you’ve heard of people saying “To the moon!” in crypto/NFT space often. When the price of a coin/NFT goes to the moon, it means it goes up/ skyrocket a lot.

  • Moonboy

Moonboy refers to someone who is not rational and has blind faith in a coin/NFT project no matter what and bashes anyone who doesn’t think the same.

  • Mooning

If something is “mooning,” that means the price of a coin/NFT is experiencing a spike.

  • Multisig

Multisig is short for “multi-signature wallet”.

Nft abbreviation urban dictionary

One of the most famous collections under Art Blocks is Fidenza, the most expensive piece ever sold is #313; it was sold for 1,000ETH in August 2021.

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  • ADA

ADA refers to the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain platform, which was launched in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, who was the co-founder of the Ethereum network.

  • Airdrop

An airdrop refers to sending cryptocurrency coins/ tokens or NFTs for free to different wallet addresses. Some NFT projects may airdrop free companion NFTs to reward the original NFT collection holders.

But unlike private keys, it doesn’t need to be kept secret.Pump and dumpA pump occurs when a person or a group of ‘whales’ buy or convince others to purchase large quantities of a crypto or an NFT to drive up the price to a peak. When the price peaks, these people sell their position high (quickly and all at once) for a hefty profit, therefore dumping the price. Slower investors or newbies who bought in at the peak price may find themselves at a loss.QR codeA machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares.

This is the most convenient way to send NFTs or Ethereum if you’re using a mobile wallet that supports the scanning of QR codes.RaritiesDigital collectables and in-game NFTs typically come with different rarities (such as common, uncommon, rare, legendary and mystic) and get assigned with a certain edition number (e.g. #001/100).
A) NFT → History → Explanation → Value. Create an Discord Application in the Developer Portal. NGMI crypto token NGMI might be crypto slang, but it has also been adopted as the name of a new meme crypto. They get few lines so less mistakes are made and few to no flaws.
The next tweet comes from @ColeThereum, who is the co-founder of the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection and actively tweets about the NFT industry.. her role is to play along like one of the “guys,” … The playing cards symbol usually with a ‘Q’ above or inside. Definitions, meanings, synonyms, pronunciations, games, sound effects, high-quality images, idioms and metaphors, resources for teachers and students 1. relating to towns and cities, or happening there. “Did you see her queen of spades?” by somsomi May 19, 2021 Flag This means the business is, indeed, Safe. Hollywood would tolerate no more than one token negro at a time .

The methodology is just typing the city/neighborhood’s name into Urban Dictionary, seeing what users wrote, then carefully putting that on a map. Easter Bussy is the urban dictionary word of the day. Definition of by the same token in the Idioms Dictionary.
The meaning of GENTILE is a person of a non-Jewish nation or of non-Jewish faith; especially : a Christian as distinguished from a Jew. I usually used WVKQR-RPB87-QWHTK-4RGCR-BX92W. If you’re not acquainted with Urban Dictionary, it’s an online glossary that was established to explain slang terminology. Urban Dictionary, my favorite website to get Windows product keys.
In a system where components need to come to an agreement to function correctly (e.g. If you aren’t already familiar with Promises, you should read up on them here.. In his tweet, he addresses the frantic FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that is prevalent in the NFT space.

With the ability to decentralize information and services, there won’t be a single entity that has total control over all the information and related services on the application.

  • DeFi

DeFi stands for “decentralized finance”, unlike traditional finance or CeFi (centralized finance), where a bank or company has control over your money. In DeFi, no one but you has access to it. Both cryptocurrencies and dApp play important roles in DeFi, which are automated by smart contracts.

  • Degen

Degen is short for “degenerate”, usually refers to people who often make risky and bad bets.

She said the technology has made people who might never go to an art gallery in person interested in art. She did, however, say she remained “mystified” by how high the prices have gone for some pieces.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sold an NFT for his first tweet for $2.9 million.

“Whether the NFT will have a lasting influence is yet to be determined, but its sudden presence in conversations around the world makes it very clearly our Word of the Year,” the dictionary said.

In 2020, the word of the year was “lockdown,” but pandemic-related words like “double vaxxed” and “hybrid working” were still among the finalists for this year.

Example: “Prices have gone up 10x in 6 minutes, this project is really pumping!”

(14) Bags

Bags is another term for assets a person holds. Lots of times, it is used when someone finds a project, purchases a few assets and have “secured their bags” before the price goes up.

Example: “I’ve already got my bags so I’m glad this project is pumping!”

(15) Shill

This term describes when a person is promoting an asset they own or a project they’ve invested in. It is also a term sometimes used in lieu of “sell”.

Example: “Shill me your best NFT under 1 ETH.”

(16) Whale

A Whale is someone who has a lot of ETH and can change the market dynamic for a project by buying a lot of assets or purchasing assets at a significant price.

Examples: “Whales are sweeping the floor! It’s gone up from .05 ETH to 1 ETH!”

(19) Paperhands

Paperhands is a term used to describe people who panic and quickly sell their NFT assets.

Example: “The price dropped 1 ETH and all the paperhands immediately sold their NFTs below floor price.”

(20) Diamond Hands

Diamond hands is a term used to describe people who have the guts to ride out a project over the long-term through the ups and the downs of its pricing.

Example: “The price on my NFT dropped 90% but I still believe in it. I’m not selling. I’ve got diamond hands!”

(21) Apeing In

Apeing in simply means buying an NFT project. Sometimes it means you bought into a project heavily with a lot of ETH.

It was announced in September 2020 by Binance, a leading cryptocurrency trading exchange. It runs in parallel with Binance’s native Binance Chain (BC), providing the high transaction capacity of BC with added smart contract functionality.

  • BTD or BTFD

BTD refers to “buy the dips” while BTFD refers to “buy the fxxxxxx dips”. It means to purchase an asset after its price has dropped, which is usually considered as a bargain as the asset is likely to bounce back and increase in value over time after the short-term correction.

  • Copy Cat

It originally refers to a person who copies another person’s ideas, appearance or behaviour, in the NFT world, it means a knock-off project which copies another more popular project.

  • DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

In that year, two different collectible items, known as CryptoPunks andCryptoKitties, were distributed using unique blockchain tokens to identify the originals. These digital collectibles suddenly became incredibly valuable, with some of them selling for over $1 million a piece.

In 2021,NFTsreally started to capture mainstream attention after the respected auction house Christie’s announced it would auction anNFTcreated by digital artist Beeple. TheNFTtook the form of a JPG file depicting a collage of photos.
Christie’s set the starting bid at $100. By early March, the bidding had reached $13 million.

NFTsgained further mainstream exposure during that same time when the band Kings of Leon announced they would sell their newest album as aNFT.

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