New solana nft drop

Digital arts, music, paintings, and almost all other digital assets can be bought with NFTs. The core idea of NFTs has created a new stream of revenue for the artists. The hype is real and the “King of Leon” music band has already released a music album as NFTs.

Should you invest in NFTs?

The actual value of NFT depends upon the buyer who is willing to pay for the asset. There is no hard and fast rule to determine the real value of any digital asset. Most celebrities are already interested in creating their own NFTs.

The NFT ecosystem is hot. There’s a new type of token coming out every day, with complicated multi-token ecosystems and smart contracts to boot.

New solana nft drops

But what we can see is this isn’t just on Opensea, It’s happening even more so on Magic Eden. Magic Eden is Solana’s largest NFT marketplace.

As you can see from the above data Magic Eden is trending higher than Opensea in all stats. The number of transactions in 24 hours is the most staggering, being over 5 times higher on Magic Eden than Opensea.

This shows there are a lot of flipping opportunities within Solana at present, whilst some investors are purchasing NFTs for the long haul, there are certainly investors using the increase in volume and low gas fees to flip multiple NFTs at high frequency.
An additional confirmation that this could well indeed be Solana summer, is that we are seeing new projects deliver a poor mint experience, upset the community who then cause FUD, and then still begin to rally hard in price hours after the mint has concluded.

New solana nft drop

Some NFTs can be used in play-to-earn games and others open doors to exclusive real-life memberships. Does the NFT project you’re interested in have any real-world utility?

  • Artwork. Finally, if you’re going to invest in an NFT project, you should love the artwork and be proud to hold onto it for a while.
  • Endorsements.

    If a project is endorsed by a major brand or celebrity it could have more of a chance of being popular.

  • If an NFT project contains all or most of these components, then you can be confident that it has a chance to be successful.

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    Okay Bears by-product on Ethereum highlights how far Solana has come

    NFTs exploded onto the scene in 2021, with $17 billion in gross sales all year long. To date this 12 months, regardless of the acute risk-off atmosphere with belongings crimson throughout the board, this report from Chainalysis exhibits that quantity within the NFT house is stabilising.

    With each long-term indicator pointing in the direction of longevity within the house, I assumed it might be fascinating to evaluate the place these gross sales are going down, and whether or not Ethereum nonetheless stays king.

    One pattern jumped out fairly swiftly – the expansion of Solana.


    Within the brief historical past of NFTs, the overwhelming majority of quantity has occurred on Ethereum, totally on OpenSea, {the marketplace} constructed initially for Ethereum.

    New solana nft drop-g

    Also, there will be a SQUIDOOSH (game) plus the $SVERSE tokens will be utilized to run the whole ecosystem.

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    7) Dinodawg Kingdom: Solana NFT Project From Oscar-Winning Artist!

    Launched in Feb 2022, Dinodawg Kingdom ranks on top in the upcoming Solana NFT Projects list. This collection is made by Adam Dewhirst, an Oscar-winning VFX artist who has worked in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman.

    The original collection sold out in 5 minutes and the new 3D collection will drop on May 15th at Magic Eden. The holders of the NFT will obtain entry for the Dinodawg metaverse to take part in a Battle Royale P2E game with different weapons.
    $BONE is the native tokens used by the project plus the staking feature is already live for the holders.

    New solana nft dropdead

    The 10,000 NFTs were all quickly minted this morning at 0.02 ETH (about $41) each aside from the first 1,000 of them, which were free to mint.

    The as-yet-unrevealed creatorsdonated about 20%of the Not Okay Bears mint funds (35.8 ETH, or $73,000) to the Mental Health Impact Index Fund via The Giving Block, according to a tweet from the crypto charity platform.

    Now they’re selling on secondary marketplaces likeOpenSea, where they’re trading in droves as the floor price—or price of the cheapest available NFT—is rising quickly. As of this writing, the Not Okay Bears start at nearly 0.1 ETH (about $200), or five times the original mint cost.

    This is basically the plan the NFT project has for the future. Are the plans interesting, original, and well-thought-out? Do they seem realistic or like they could bring value to NFT holders?

  • Community. Check the project’s Twitter and Discord channels to get a sense of whether the community is active.

    Ask the project developers a question to see how they respond. Be aware that some projects pay for followers, so their Twitter and Discord numbers don’t always accurately reveal community participation.

  • Website. Any potentially successful NFT project should have a professional website.
  • The team.

    Look into the team behind the project to see if they have the experience and skillsets necessary to pull off the project.

  • Utility.
  • Moreover, the project even aims to offer fun and engaging games as the roadmap activates and has also introduced MemeTV ( curated world-class memes).

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    10) Solana Ludo: Upcoming Solana Based NFT Project Offering SLUDO Tokens And SOL prizes

    This upcoming Solana NFT Projects 2022 contains lucrative P2E games that will launch as the roadmap progresses. Launched on the 15th of March 2022, Solana Ludo has a 4 phase roadmap that begins with collabs and giveaways in quarter 1 and 3d gaming characters and playgrounds in quarters 3 and 4. Also, the P2E game will allow you to earn SLUDO Tokens and SOL prizes, along with the option of staking.

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    11) Dapper Ape High Society: SOL Upcoming NFT Project With 5,555 Ape-themed NFTs

    Dapper Ape High Society or DAHS is a project that contains 5,555 Ape-themed NFTs.

    The game has been in development since 2015 by Sonera Entertainment and is now available on Google Play as well as the App Store.

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    13) Meta Valhalla: Upcoming Collection of 5000 Unique Vikings-Themed Solana NFTs

    PixelValhalla is an upcoming collection of 5000 unique Vikings-themed NFTs created randomly by combining traits including clothing, weapons, headgear, and background. The WL mint (1.3 SOL) went live on 22 March 2022, and the public mint (1.5 SOL) began after 6 hours.

    The project aims to develop animated episodes of PixelValhalla along with a streaming service for PixelValhalla movies as well as other projects. First Gen NFT holders will get access to DAO along with WL for the second edition of PixelValhalla called the Valkyries.

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    Overview of Drops on Solana

    Drop on Solana means all the information regarding the NFT project on Solana and these details include the date of the release, the link to the original website, and the expected price of the NFT on Solana.

    Apart from Drops on Solana, you also need to know about basic details of NFTs.

    NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can represent a true fungible item or anything else.

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