Neotribes nft

Due to being a Tattoo artist and knowing a lot of creators, I always thought, how great would it be if that person was making NFTs!

What happened then was that one day I had a tattoo session with Jondix, I proposed the idea to do NFTs to him and he said yes.

The idea for the Sci-fi story around NeoTribes and its concept was created by me. I knew Jondix would like it, because we both are Sci-Fi nerds since birth.

I took my favourite parts of Dune, Command and Conquer, Arthur C. Clarke and Star Wars, threw them in a mixer and there we have NeoTribes. After the first Drop, the Story and the Website will get a major refinish to be presented properly.

What makes this project unique?

First of all, all of our NFTs look different and awesome, not just from an NFT point of view.

Neotribes nft

What moves the whole galaxy though and puts them into a struggle, is the rarest substance of the galaxy, which is Neodymium. And thus the search begins.

In brief, we have a project that leads the way with an interesting story (similar to Star Wars) and the potential to become a metaverse.

Also, it will try and introduce the Cardano Blockchain and the world of NFTs in general, to a plethora of Artists. And that will be achieved by their launchpad mission.


The team consists of four members, with the Artist being the fully transparent one among them.

Specifically, we have Jondix as the Artist of the project. As well as a Tattoo artist and owner of Seven Doors Tattoo in London.
Also, he works with brands like Fender, Warner Bros etc.

We also want to build a futuristic clothing line, exclusively for our NFT holders.

After the first Tribes are launched, we will reveal the real idea of our NeoTribes cosmos…

What got the team interested in Blockchain and NFT’s?

Let me just speak for myself. I came for the gains and stayed for the tech, big time! Trading shitcoins and watching Charles Hoskinson’s videos were part of my life.

When the NFT space came up the entry for creative minds like me was inevitable…

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far with this project?

To be honest, everything! It is so time consuming, you can not imagine.

What can you do? I have linked mine and Jondix’s Instagram, I guess we wont Rugpull anyone 😀

If we could have more Launchpads as we want to build, or some institution to check projects before they launch this could be avoided maybe. I was in several Coin rugpulls and one NFT rugpull myself… Doesnt feel good!

Why did you choose to launch on Cardano?

Cardano is the Future! I truly believe that in a few years Cardano is what Ethereum is now but bigger.
I like that it is built for anybody. This is the the spirit of NeoTribes.

What project would you ideally love to do a collaboration with?

I would Collab with any project with real founders and nice art.

They are for sure something else.

Moreover, our Roadmap has some surprises. We want to start a Launchpad to get more Unique NFT collections to Cardano, which NeoTribes holders could then get early access to.

What about the team behind the project? Tell us a bit about the team, what are your background(s) and what has lead you to start this project?

We are planning to expand the Team as soon as possible.
Right now the Team consists of the Artist Jondix, one of my best friends who is a PhD in Genetics and our main developer, our manager HanV and me Araneo (Founder and working in all the categories form the others simultaneously).

Jondix and me, we are mainly full time Tattoo Artists.

NeoTribes – Cardano NFT

A project that introduces us to the tattoo art NFTs and the aspirations of creating a Star Wars like Metaverse.


NeoTribes is an art-based project that aims to achieve a Metaverse status at some point in the near future. Aside from that they will have a launchpad for Artists from around the world, giving me similarities to the lilypad of Happy Hoppers Club.

Now, the story of the project involves a galaxy far into the future and far from ours, the name? 9xz-0723.

The finding of this galaxy was a result of our advanced inventions that led to the colonization of the entire known universe. Much like with all the colonization ages, this one had no differences.

And new tribes eventually emerged from the passing of millenia – The NeoTribes.

Philip is PhD for Genetics (I can’t tell you the specific field he is in, its something crazy) and HanV is currently finding their way in full time Crypto.

Han and me have been in Crypto, NFTs and CNFTs big time before we started NeoTribes.

What is the long term vision for the project? Is there a roadmap at this stage or will you be building as you go?

We want to release several more Tribes. They will be small numbered and very distinct from each other.

We plan to start a Launchpad this year to get small numbered super high art quality NFT collections on Cardano.

Cardano Tip wallet: addr1qyrt2hpkzwr2ww5d3ec56al04nhaf24dmuy7ja3vldp3fshfrddalyzqv54mkalmh49gjulrde8rvyccunj69k76zucq7sncgc

All the information provided on this site just serves informational purpose, This is not a financial advice. Please do your own research before buying any NFT. Nothing is endorsed on this site.

This site only provides information of NFT drop dates on the Cardano blockchain so that you can do your own research on them. It is highly likely there are scam NFT drops because there is no way to fully verify an NFT project as scam free.

Don’t FOMO into anything.

Please be careful.

Twitter and Discord in no time.

At some point I luckily realized that due to our organicy growth, we have an amazing (almost non hyped) community which makes me always feel good to be in the Discord. I would say there are a lot of friends in there now!

With some hyped projects, I don’t like to stay in the Discord because everybody is just throwing around something to get to the Whitelist level as fast as possible.

But as the founder of course you want your NFTs to sell, especially because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

To make it short: Every aspect of doing an NFT project is really hard! Only few projects get crazy hype and even this is not good in my opinion.

As project creators yourselves how do you feel about the recent “rug pulls” or project abandonments?

I hate it. We are in the modern Wild West.

Doesn’t matter if its the next copy animal PFP drop or an oil painting avantgarde, as long as it has something special!

Do you guys collect NFT’s too? What’s your favourite? I have several wallets and I need to sort them first before I can show 😀

Lets talk only Cardano NFTs…

Some of my favourites I own are Stellar Hood, Grandmaster Adventurer, Ada Ninjaz, Moon Artifct, Yummi Universe, a Goat and my staking VyFinance.

Im pretty sure i forgot to mention my other 20 favourite projects. I know that HanV has a SpaceBudz, Mocossi, Aeoniumsky and one amazing Dinoverse T-Rex that i gave him.

Many thanks to Araneo for taking the time out to answer our questions, especially so close to a mint date.

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