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Neapolitan ting nft

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Neapolitan ting nft

Many fashion brands are prioritizing this when it comes to choosing partners to work on their digital collections and NFTs.

The Fabricant, the original NFT creators behind theIridescencedress that sold for $9500 in 2019, placed its creations on theFlowsystem created by Dapper Labs that uses the Proof of Stake model. Michaela Larosse, head of creative strategy and communications at The Fabricant said, “It was a very difficult decision to begin to iterate as NFTs.
But because it’s the future of what we do, and it’s very important for creators, regardless of whether they are fashion creators or artists, we felt it was the right decision. It allows the creators to enter this space, giving people complete agency over their creations, allowing them to monetize their work and operate at a global scale without middlemen.

After observing the space, The Fabricant are launching a new platform called The Fabricant Studio, where users without 3D technology knowledge can create digital items and mint their own NFTs. Michaela Larosse said, “To create digital fashion, you have to be quite tech-savvy, understand programs like Clo3D and be able to iterate in them.

That’s a very long timeline to learn that kind of thing. We’ve tried to come up with a mechanism that allows people to customize and interact with digital garments that have already been created as templates and essentially create their own NFTs.” This shift to bring more people into the digital space is a way of breaking down the silos that typically exist in other craft professions, especially in fashion.

Creating 3D assets doesn’t just mean more realistic imagery for its online space, but it also heralds a commercial opportunity for all of a brand’s goods in the NFT space.

Will the sustainability issue with NFTs be solved?

The drive for NFTs, while great in reducing the physical impact that clothing production and waste have on the planet, is also contributing to climate change. Cryptocurrency mining to enact “proof of work” — the main source of energy consumption and carbon impact — has a detrimental impact on the planet and takes up valuable resources.

These are already in short supply because ofsupply chain issuesaround the globe.

However, more and more cryptocurrencies don’t operate on the PoW model, choosing to be more sustainable in the blockchain system by going with PoA (proof of authority) or PoS (proof of stake) system instead.

The most popular are defined by three verification systems: proof of work like Ethereum, which has come under fire for using large amounts of energy through the mega computers needed to solve mathematical problems; proof of stake, where the person with a corresponding number of network coins verifies blocks; and proof of authority, where the users have to make themselves known to the network. The most popular cryptocurrency is Ethereum, although others also exist that are tailored to specific value environments.

Blockchain: The system that allows NFTs to be verified through a record of transactions across several linked computers. What makes the blockchain unique is that records cannot be altered, making it a perfect system for traceability and transparency.

Skins: Digital garments that exist in-game.

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Cathy Hackl is an industry expert on the metaverse and has been a pioneer in developing and researching the space in her role as chief metaverse officer and CEO of the Futures Intelligence Group.“We’ll see an evolution of volumetric video and NFTs that will not only unlock unique access and experiences, but also take ownership of digital assets to new levels. We’re just scratching the surface of what NFTs will be able to unlock for fashion.”

The vocabulary of the future:

NFT: A non-fungible token, or a unit of unique data stored on the blockchain system that can be traded and sold.

Most digital files can become NFTs, but in the fashion industry, NFTs have mostly been through imagery.

Crypto-currency: Different currencies that are used to trade digital items.

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