My rare frog nft

my rare frog nft

According to the Rarity Sniper team, it’s best to think about NFT collections in terms of pillars.

The four most important pillars of any successful NFT collection include art, utility, community, and you guessed it—rarity. While rarity can create excitement for collectors, snipers, minters, and creators, having the right combination of these four pillars is the best way to create a healthy NFT collection.

For folks interested in collecting, investing, and trading NFTs, using a tool like Rarity Sniper is critical for tracking the rarity of individual NFTs and learning how to make better-informed purchases.

My rare frog nft

You should understand the myriad of factors that go into an NFT collection’s rarity chart.

Listed below are some of the different elements to consider when creating an excellent rarity chart for an NFT collection:

  • Trait categories. Dividing traits into distinct categories helps organize all a project’s unique traits.
    For example, suppose you have four trait categories in your collection including Mouth, Background, Facial Expression, and Headwear. Within each category, there would be a certain number of specific traits.

    For example, perhaps there are 7 different types of Backgrounds—and they vary in how frequently they appear in the collection. Rarity Sniper recommends that to make your project visually appealing you should have a minimum of 7 trait categories.

  • Unique traits.

    These are the specific traits that fill out each trait category.

My rare frog nft opensea

Some pieces come in editions of several million, and if you check them via the XCP explorer, you’ll see that they’re only evaluated at pennies apiece, so in my opinion, not worth buying for even 0.032 ETH.

However, there are NFTs available which are from incredible scarce mint batches of 5000, 3000, 1000, or even a few hundred. Since most of these were minted 5+ years ago on Bitcoin, and only some have been bridged over to ETH or Polygon, most of these collections are lost in a wallet somewhere, and many can’t be claimed.

Owning a Rare Pepe from one of these small-batch collections today means that you likely own one of only a few hundred accessible NFTs, the scarcity of these Pepes making them, from my perspective, some of the rarest.

Quentin Tarantino in a copyright and trademark infringement, and breach of contract complaint over Pulp Fiction NFTs, and Hermès filing a trademark lawsuit against the creator behind a collection of MetaBirkins NFTs, OpenSea was named in a complaint, with the former owner of a Bored Ape NFT that was allegedly stolen in a headline-making hack of the NFT platform, accusing OpenSea of “failing to implement policies and procedures to prevent, identify, detect, respond to, mitigate, contain, and/or correct security violations,” among other things. In a separate suit, another Bored Ape owner sued OpenSea, as well as fellow NFT marketplace LooksRare (and Bored Ape Yacht Club owner Yuga Labs) for neglecting to implement “common sense and reasonable security measures” to protect users from fraud and from the sale of stolen NFTs.

All of those cases are currently underway.

In a September 2016 interview withEsquire, Matt Furie responded to Pepe’s usage as a hate symbol: “It sucks, but I can’t control it more than anyone can control frogs on the Internet.” Furie’s publisher, Fantagraphics Books, also issueda statementcondemning the “illegal and repulsive appropriations.”

That month, despiteadding Pepe to its hate symbol database,the Anti-Defamation League stated that most instances of Pepe were not used in a hate-related context.

In an op-ed inTimein October 2016, Furie wrote, “I understand that it’s out of my control, but in the end, Pepe is whatever you say he is, and I, the creator, say that Pepe is love.”

Pepe’s progression to NFT

Pepe the Frog and its derivatives, Rare Pepes, transitioned into non-fungible tokens with an appearance on the marketplace Counterparty.

In other words, rare NFTs in the collection are, well, rare.

For example, most of the NFTs in BAYC are slightly above the “floor” rarity score and a few hundred are far rarer than the rest. In the CrytoPunks collection, the curve is even sharper.
Nearly all the Punks have similar rarity scores, but a tiny percent (such as the Alien, Zombies, and Ape Punks) are exceptionally rare in relation to the rest.

That means that owning one of the rarer assets in these collections is especially difficult and the value of the NFT is reflected in that. Having fewer rare NFTs in a collection also creates excitement and enthusiasm for people who are minting NFTs.

For NFT collectors and creators alike, the way rarity is distributed throughout a collection is critical.

But in a certain cyber world, 9527 is worth $340,000.

The avatar below, a guy in a melon hat smoking a cigarette, is THE No. 9527 of the 10,000 avatars of Cryptopunks, the world’s most popular NFT project .

Its owner updated the listing price to 124 ETH on January 23, 2022, which equates to $340,000 when this was written.

If you’re willing to pay this amount of money, the avatar is yours. Sounds like a good deal, isn’t it?

Wait, you think it’s crap? Well bruh, that’s because you cannot recognize its rare attributes.

Did you notice that cigarette in his mouth? Only 961 of the 10,000 avatars smoke it.
See his cute little hat? Only 419 wear it.


  • Even in the face of rate hike, BTC and gaming tokens were in the green at the time of writing
  • Pacman Frog claims to be an NFT marketplace and blockchain gaming incubator, with PAC as native token
  • Pacman Frog crypto is not listed on major platforms, which is why due diligence is important

The cryptoverse had rebounded a little at the time of writing, with the total market cap crossing US$1.8 trillion once again, according to CoinMarketCap.

Both BTC and ETH had gained over four per cent in the past 24 hours, and gaming tokens, including MANA, AXS, and SAND, were up more than 10 per cent. Though it is often expected that risky assets like shares and cryptos might come under pressure when the Fed raises the rate, this has not happened.

With the foregoing in mind, Thayer is seeking an order from the court allowing him to get out of the parties’ contract and requiring the defendants to return the $500,000-plus that he paid for the NFT or alternatively, an order requiring the defendants to “collect the 46 freely released Pepe NFTs and withhold them from circulation, as originally represented,” or still yet, an order requiring the defendants to pay him “the difference between what he paid for the Pepe NFT and the actual value of the Pepe NFT once 46 identical Pepe NFTs were released for free.”

The lawsuit is a striking one, as it sheds light on one of the scenarios in which plaintiffs can potentially take issue with NFT sales. But beyond that, it sheds light on an (alleged) instance that could prompt action from regulators, which are starting to pay increased attention to the trade of non-fungible tokens.

CryptoPunks transferred this idea to digital artwork and the NFT game was never the same.

There are 10,000 NFTs in the CryptoPunk collection and most of the Punks are humans; 3,840 Female and 6,039 Male. There are also 88 Zombies, 24 Apes, and nine Aliens.

Aside from each character type, there are 87 additional attributes. The rarer attributes include beanie (44 in the collection), and choker (48).

It is also rare for a CryptoPunk to have no attributes at all (8), or 7 attributes (only 1).

Unsurprisingly, Alien Punks and Punks with rare attributes like a beanie generally fetch higher prices than more common types and traits make up most of the collection.

By making each CryptoPunk NFT unique and some rarer than others, Larva Labs created a hierarchy within their collection and generated excitement among collectors.

Because of this, this sneaker marketplace has pulled off around $1 billion valuations.

NFTs are still new to the market and still need some time to be accepted by the masses. However, from the movement we see right now, it’s most likely to bring a huge change in the future time.

If you hold an extremely rare NFT right now, and no one is willing to buy for a price that you think is reasonable, keeping it for more months or years would be better than selling it at a low price.

And as a closing reminder, again, never sell your NFT without checking its rarity, or you might regret it in the future.

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