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I would not make such a statement without having fully reviewed their contract that’s publicly available.”

ASoliditycontract is a collection of code (its functions) and data (its state) that resides at a specific address on theEthereum blockchain. You can think of it as single slots in a database that can be queried and altered by calling functions of the code that manages the database. “Solidity looks deceptively simple, but it’s much much harder than it looks,” saysDimitrios Kouzis-Loukas, Fintech Senior Engineer/Architect atBloomberg LP. Kouzis-Loukas is responsible for leading teams of engineers that develop tools and infrastructure to ensure that Bloomberg’s systems are up and stable. “Don’t get me wrong,” he continued. “People do an excellent job, but still.

Muttnik nft

Owners can fill in the space with a corresponding NFT if they have one in their collection. All of a sudden your 1/1 of an Art Star holding a generic Poomoji becomes more rare as the image features your 1/1 from The Doge Pound collection. Others may even find that the background has been left blank, in which case they can order their own background from the more than 30 artists on the Unencrypted team.

The personalization in Art Stars Club extends only to the screen and the background.
The character itself is still a random assortment of 150 attributes from hair and headwear to clothing and species. Collectors can take them or leave them.

At CosmicPaws, collectors have another option. They can play with the generator to produce an image which can be turned into their NFT.

Stoner Cats — an adult animated series with some big-name celebrities behind it, dropped their NFTs with buyers having no IP rights.

Checking out the DeadHeads website statement on their IP plans:

“When you own a DeadHead, you own the NFT and the intellectual property of the underlying art itself. You own a character in the multi-media universe, with commercial and non-commercial rights.â€

This may or may not be of importance to their communities, but it is worth being aware of as a consumer and community member.

Roadmaps and Utility

What are you actually purchasing when you buy an NFT? It could solely be the face value — the art. However, the concept of utility is essential to consider when researching NFTs.

Wicked Craniums is a strong example of creators striving to develop utility around their NFTs.

Some essential qualities that make them unique from other tokens or forms of digital art include:

Uniqueness: NFTs cannot be duplicated after their original minting. While derivative sets may pop up with modifications to an original digital asset, your NFT, say CryptoPunk #9, is the only one in existence.

Verifiable: Existing on a blockchain and using smart contracts, the transaction history and ownership of an on-chain NFT is visible, simple to locate, and allows for ownership to be traced back to the original owner. An NFT owner or creator can set a price and place their NFT for sale in a secondary market.

Indivisibility: Your digital asset cannot be fractionalized; You own it in its entirety and cannot own 1/10 of a Bored Ape Yacht Club #9.

Disclaimer: The author of this article owns NFTs from some of the projects mentioned. This article does not constitute financial advice; always do your own research before investing.

Look closely at Benozzo Gozzoli’s Journey of the Magi, a fifteenth century fresco in Florence’s Palazzo Medici, and in the bottom left corner, you’ll see a white-haired old man in a red hat riding a donkey. That figure isn’t just another of the attendants riding with the Magi to adore the Christ-child.

It’s Cosimo de’ Medici, the richest man in Italy at the time, and the patron who commissioned the work.

That’s how art used to be created. A patron would hire an artist and tell them exactly what they wanted the picture to contain.

In this interactive talk, he will guide us through a collective experience that will help us envision storytelling for the future as we bridge the virtual and the physical in unexpected ways.

Lance is an alumnus of the Sundance Screenwriting Lab and is recognized as a pioneer in mixing storytelling and technology. Wired magazine named him “one of 25 people helping to reinvent entertainment and change the face of Hollywood.” His projects include Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy, Body/Mind/Change in collaboration with David Cronenberg, Frankenstein AI, Where There’s Smoke, and Bear 71. He frequently mints to Hic Et Nunc and is an active member of the community.

I’m going to send them to the burn wallet,” he said.

Burning them all doesn’t affect the current market as it exists; there would be no market dump or supply-side disruption. It was suggested thatLordNeftyraffle them all at a set price. He could also make a contract that allows a re-drop of 150 NFTs and set the mid-price like an auction, but that could result in thousands of people attempting to buy 150 NFTs, with no guarantee the same thing wouldn’t happen again.
However it is yet to be verified that LordNefty is in fact the owner of 150 Chiptopunks, so all of this may still be speculative by the time this article is published.

“GaperArtcould potentially use the Ethereum self-destruct function to dynamically update the code, or use it to make the current contract non-operable in the future while transferring everything to another contract,”Satterfieldsuggests.

NFTs will permeate the project through the art, ticketing structure, and a live simultaneous metaverse experience.

Dina has performed with, produced, arranged and written for artists such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Foreigner, Jackie Evancho, Il Divo, Tina Turner, and Rocktopia on Broadway. Through her company Power of Music Global, she continues to dedicate her life to using music to create positive change in the world.

FEATURE xHuxley: Ben Mauro, Steven Ilous, Sebastián Brocher

FEATURE is a marketplace for creators to securely sell their intellectual property in a decentralized manner. Blockchain, smart contracts, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are utilized as they are well-suited to solve problems within the creator and IP economy.

Unlike most generative art projects touting 10,000 collectibles, only 512Chiptopunks NFTswere minted, with at least 8 Chiptopunks spoken for before the drop went live. Bored Apes and Cryptopunks accounts were tweeting about the Chiptopunks at least a week beforehand, while the Chiptopunks Discord grew 4x more members than the number of NFTs minted. This didn’t discourage countless collectors who were ready to chip in, knowing they had little or no chance of getting one.
Everyone in the drop party was ready and waiting to rush the secondary market before the floor rose too high.

“How many people are pissed when they’re standing outside aSupremestore waiting for a t-shirt drop?”LordNeftyranted. “It doesn’t matter if it’s an inside job—it’s not, and I know that for a fact,” he emphasized.

The Dev Team

First and foremost, you are investing in the team behind the project. Art is subjective, what is visually appealing to one person can be a hard pass to the next person. However, the people behind the project have a history of industry wins or losses— or they may be anonymous (which should be a red flag).
Inexperience doesn’t mean the project can’t be a potential blue-chip, but more risk can be involved. Jump on their social media, discord, and website to learn more about the capabilities of the people behind the project.

Intellectual Property: Stoner Cats and DeadHeads

Do you actually have any ownership over the intellectual property (IP) of your NFT? In terms of IP, let’s compare two projects that have produced an animated series around their project— DeadHeads and Stoner Cats.

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