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Now, some of that work will go on pause as Discord re-evaluates how to best keep its values aligned with the communities that have built bustling home bases on the platform.

Oh No

— Jason Scott (@textfiles) November 8, 2021

Some Discord users chalked up their strong reactions to the Citron’s tweet to the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining. Others more broadly objected to “NFT bros.” But even within Discord’s many NFT communities, users expressed concerns that integrated crypto wallets would only exacerbate rampant crypto scams on the platform.

“Cancel your nitro immediately and select other – cite the CEO’s tweet about it as your reasoning why,” one tweet with 20,000 likes stated.

Mtg nft discord

But they already have over 80,000 followers and will certainly cross 100,000 in the next few days.

And if anything, when a project has hype, that means in general that if anything it’s going to be a good flip.

And if you’re new to NFTs, this is one way for you to start stacking that ethereum.

My personal NFT investment philosophy is in general to get in a project early — whitelisted if possible — buying multiple NFTs in the project and then flipping some of them to the extent I can get my cost basis out so that I can hold the remaining item or items for infinite ROI.

Somebody just getting started though who wants to increase their ETH bags may simply just want to flip as much as possible and get as much realized gains as possible.

It’s somewhat akin to flipping land vs. holding land for appreciation.

It says:

“The world as they know it is long gone. The rise of an elite royalty class has sent the rest of society into turmoil. Economic inequality, hate, and division have become the norm.”

MTG NFT Tokens

And then we get into the in-game tokens — and yes, that’s tokens (plural) — of The Gamers Metaverse.
Here’s what the website says:

“Gamers must now battle across the metaverse to earn $Arcada to survive and precious $lifeline tokens to avoid an early demise. $Arcada rules the game and $lifeline rules their unfortunate reality. Which is more important? Society class is determined by how much $Arcada one holds.
The more one plays, the more $Arcada they earn. $Arcada is needed to purchase all essential items. The length of one’s life is predicated on how much $lifeline one can collect.

Mtg nft discordant

This is a great place to get a sense of what is generally going on in the community.

  • NFT-Related: Once you’ve gotten situated with the server structure, locate the channels for showcasing, trading, and selling your collectibles. These channels will be a great resource once you’ve purchased NFTs from the collection.

  • Lore: Depending on the NFT collection, you may find a lore or storytelling channel.
    Some projects have backstories for each character. This can be a fun place to immerse yourself in that world!

  • Social: Finally, check out some of the social channels for casual discussion topics. These topics will vary by server!

  • Understanding Discord Integrations

    The most popular type of Discord integration is a bot.

    Mtg nft discordia

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    #joinmydiscordgroup Hashtag Videos on TikTok


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    Mtg nft discordapp

    What are Discord servers?

    Discord is a website and mobile app that provides text, voice, and video communication through community created “chat groups” called ‘servers’.

    While there’s a huge range of Discord servers out there, not all of them may appeal to you. Using Discord Street you can browse through thousands of servers, search, and filter by tags.
    Discord Street uses a proprietary algorithm to deliver you the best Discord Servers that you’re likely to be interested in.

    What is a Discord Server List?

    A Discord Server List is a website that provides a way for you to find the Discord servers that you’re looking for.

    For our NFT holders who are also gamers, we will offer several major gaming events annually where large prizes, including rare NFTs and Ethereum, will be up for grabs. These events will not be limited to specific games or skill levels; rather the approach will be broad based and inclusive to all gamers, whether a beginner or professional player.

    We continue to identify opportunities to provide unique utility through gaming In the coming months the MTG story and universe will continue to evolve and grow. Villains will appear, while heroes will rise to the top and be crowned in our MTG world. The MTG story will continue to evolve, while revealing to our community the capabilities of our MTG characters and the ability to fight the Royal Elites in the metaverse. Already MTG has established connections with a number of TV studios to turn the More Than Gamers world into a limited series.

    You will access what is happening in the Mekaverse universe as soon as possible if you are part of the community.

    6. Ninja Hideout

    Ninja Hideout concealed 8,888 Unique Ninjas and the rarity of each ninja depends on certain ratings and properties and it is calculated based on the Strength, Agility, and Intelligence of each ninja with a rating score between 1 and 10.

    Their goal is to house the most sought-after ninja NFTs in the world and to build a community that makes you feel at home. The Discord community of Ninja Hideout is more than 16,000 members currently and it is growing very fast.


    NFT Now

    NFT now is here to help you navigate the NFT space with freshly minted news, curation, and analysis on artists, collectors, and technologies that are redefining the creative economy.

    Joining a Discord Server

    You will join a Discord server by clicking on an invite link which you can usually find in a collection’s Magic Eden profile or Twitter bio. This will redirect you to your Discord app to accept the invite.

    Most Discord servers will have a few verification tasks you need to complete before joining the server, such as reading through a set of roles and reacting with a certain emoji. These tasks are set up to ensure that you aren’t a bot or a malicious actor.

    Navigating Channels

    Discord servers contain several channels – each of which contain different types of discussion or information.

    A channel may be a text or voice channel, some of which may be read or listen-only.

    Because every server has its own unique channel structure, navigating a new server can take a bit of adjustment.

    It wants to be different. It wants to differentiate itself from being just another new metaverse gaming NFT project.

    Obviously overambition can get projects in trouble if they try to do too many things at once, but MTG has enough hype being it right now that it just might be able to pull these ambitions off.

    Will they be able to keep the hype up into 2022 to match their ambitions? Time will tell.

    What I Don’t Like About MTG NFT

    There are, however, some things I don’t like about the MTG NFT project.

    Dependance on Merchandise

    This could just be bad phrasing, but I don’t like how the project said that, “MTG’s merch will be a significant component of our success.”

    This just sounds like overdependence on something — i.e.

    And I applaud that, but on the other hand, it’s important that a project doesn’t bite off more than it can chew.

    So now I’m going to talk about how to purchase the MTG NFT and then I’ll talk about what I like about the project and what I don’t like and my personal investment strategy with the MTG NFT project.

    Other Things

    Somewhat haphazardly and without any further elaboration, MTG also has these things on their roadmap:

    • 10% of secondary sales to charity
    • Land in Decentraland
    • Full IP rights to holders

    How to Buy the MTG NFT

    The MTG NFT launched this week.

    What is an NFT Discord?

    Discord is a voice, video, and text communication service used by millions of people where they can interact in the form of a community.

    NFT projects use Discord to build their community. In Discord groups, they can give their announcement, updates, help, and supports around the NFT Projects.

    This helps the NFT projects to create a thriving community around their NFTs project. These discord nft servers are free to join and encourage by the project and community members.

    How to Join an NFT Discord?

    There are a few steps involved before joining an NFT Discord Group

    1. Create a Discord Account: Go to and download the apps for your devices.

      After the downloading, create an account on Discord.

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