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Moose tracks nft

Using the Fair Trade Art certificate for my inaugural NFT sale, collectors will know what charitable cause the work supports.”

“NFTs rewrite the rules of how artists communicate with both their audience and how they communicate creatively. And social causes are a critical part of expression in art,” added Robert Norton, CEO and co-founder of Verisart. “We are baking social impact into the foundation of the NFT world with Verisart’s Fair Trade Art Certificate. Using blockchain, we’re able to add important layers of trust and confidence into the system, whereby collectors, artists and the social organizations know with confidence that this is an authenticated NFT and that the funds will reach the right hands.”

For those interested, the sale of Shepard Fairey’s OBEY Ideal Power Mural will launch over on Versiart on March 29, at 1:00 p.m.

Moose tracks nft

They then announced the Moose TRAX Token Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the Mini Moose Collection. Finally, Sandbox Metaverse P2E was launched, along with Real-World Rewards.

The Moose Society NFT Mint Date And Price For Mini Moose

According to the official website of The Moose Society, the Mini Moose NFT Mint Date: MARCH 20TH, 2022

The Mini Moose NFT Mint Price:0.01 ETH

Another thing to note is according to the Moose Society website, NextEarth.IO will be giving the first 100 persons to Mint 10 a plot of land on Moose Island.
They are expected to make a big announcement once all plots have been assigned!

Purpose of Moose Society NFT :

Moose Society is the world’s first deflationary Decentralised Finance Platform. It is centred on a highly successful non-profit humanitarian organisation dedicated to child health care.

Close one eye and try to cover the animal you can see with your extended thumb. If the animal is hidden behind you’re thumb, you’re a safe enough distance from it.

If you can still see the animal behind your thumb, move farther away.

Did You Know?

Now that you’ve spotted a set of animal tracks in the snow, impress your hiking partners with these fun facts about the creature that left them.

  • You can still track hibernators. Some mammals like skunks hibernate intermittently. You may spot their tracks in the snow on warm days when they emerge from their hideaways to find food.
  • Foxes, wolves, coyotes, and dogs are all part of the canid family, making their tracks difficult to distinguish from one another.

    Size can be one indicator: Wolf and dog prints tend to be the largest, followed by coyote and then fox prints.

Social giants such as WeChat and Jingtan (Alibaba’s Ant Group-owned NFT platform) have updated their policies and brought into effect punishable offenses for those who violate company rules. The restrictions pose challenges for Chinese creatives looking to branch out into the metaverse, and as to how they can produce “digital collectibles” without facing punishment.

Despitethe country’s tight restrictions on cryptocurrency and the exchanging of digital assets,interest in the metaverse and NFTs continues to escalate.

In September 2021, “Metaverse” search-attention experienced an explosive growth, with a 466 percent month-on-month increase in popularity. Now, the hashtag#whatistheMateverse# has gained 68.24 million views on Weibo, while “NFT” has accumulated 440 million views with 290,000 people taking part in the discussion.

Moose Society is aimed to attract long-term investors who believe in the limitless possibilities of connecting the new cryptocurrency realm to organisations that prioritise health care. It is a community-driven token based on the well-established model of Deflationary Tokenomics.

Additional security measures and benefits, such as frictionless static rewards, are included in the token (passive income).

The Moose Society is a cornerstone dedicated to promoting children’s health and assisting families with medical expenses. It’s a well-known fact that many huge charities, although attempting to do good, use a sizable portion of all donations to support their operations and sometimes onerous infrastructure.

However, because Moose Society is constructed on the blockchain, it ensures transparency.

Nickelodeon’s group of top-level influencers to introduce kids to Akedo and this absolute next level game play will be entertaining as well as demonstrate how the game is played by enthusiasts that kids can relate to.”

“Through this collaboration with Moose Toys, Nickelodeon continues to push the envelope by creating innovative content and experiences that appeal to fans of all ages,” said April L. McKenzie, Vice President, Kids & Family Activation, Velocity, ViacomCBS.“The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament not only spotlights the exciting launch of this new action-based toy, but also offers kids and families an opportunity to be at the center of the action.”

The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament will tap the power of Nickelodeon’s 35 million social reach, and enlist its talent and influencers to reach kids and parents.

Mississippi: Birthday Cake

Missouri: Cookie Dough

Montana: Rainbow Sherbet

Nebraska: Moose Tracks

Nevada: Rocky Road

New Hampshire: Coffee

New Jersey: Pistachio

New Mexico: Chocolate Chocolate Chip

New York: Pistachio

North Carolina: Birthday Cake

North Dakota: Moose Tracks

Ohio: Chocolate Chip

Oklahoma: Cookie Dough

Oregon: Green Tea

Pennsylvania: Mint Chip

Rhode Island: Coffee

South Carolina: Moose Tracks

South Dakota: Birthday Cake

Tennessee: Moose Tracks

Texas: Rainbow Sherbet

Utah: Rocky Road

Vermont: Coffee

Virginia: Birthday Cake

Washington: Green Tea

Washington, D.C.: Mango

West Virginia: Moose Tracks

Wisconsin: Moose Tracks

Wyoming: Rocky Road

Alison Fox is a contributing writer for Travel + Leisure.

Title: Fancy Dinner Tradition Returns to DC, Lincoln Memorial Frees Britney, $200 Million Goes to Space

“I betcha you never guess who could give $200 million dollars away. It’s one way to win the space race.”

Free Britney coverage from yesterday’s rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Hundreds gathered to protest Britney Spears’ conservatorship.

Nationals Rookie RobertAnthony Cruz goes viral on TikTok surprising his dad with the news of signing with a professional team.

The Washington Capitals first officially licensed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, ALL CAPS All-Digital collection launched today. These NFTs are limited edition digital assets that use blockchain technology to authenticate that their owners can access genuine Caps digital collectibles.

Le Dîner en Blanc is back! On Saturday, August 21 D.C.

Alongside the robust content offering, Moose also has partnered with WildBrain CPLG, to manage a global licensing program for the Akedo brand across all categories to follow the toys’ launch. WildBrain will handle global distribution for the new series.

The micro battling figures pack a punch with their individual battle styles and an array of attached aspirational, powerful and sometimes unconventional weapons and accessories, including ninjas with swords, a teddy bear with a chainsaw and a big baby ruling with his gavel.

Action-packed gameplay is created by figures that are attached to iconic individual coin bases that are reminiscent of arcade play. Using the included controller, figures deliver a unique split strike action that literally splits the other Akedo figure in half.

Moose also is partnering with Nickelodeon to create a branded “as live” event ― The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament ― on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel which garners over 50 million views each month.

To create full franchise opportunities for the innovative new brand, Moose created a launch program to reach consumers in multiple facets of fandom. Moose and WildBrain Spark are co-producing a dynamic new animated series bringing the world of Akedo to life.

The action-packed series trailer can be viewed on the MooseTube Mania YouTube channel, a mini movie will premiere on July 2 and full episodes will roll out shortly thereafter. Episodes also can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video Direct.

In Canada, WildBrain also will debut the new Akedo series on its leading television network beginning this fall.

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