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Monkey nft with glasses

monkey nft with glasses

With solid gold fur, a dour expression, and a party hat on its head, it ranks as the 16th-most rare Ape.

The seller, well-known NFT Twitter influencer and businessman j1mmy.eth, is known for his calls to “HODL,” even as prices for the BAYC collection rose from a couple hundred dollars to the hundreds of thousands.

Community members applauded the sale, saying the money was well-deserved. J1mmy himself would give no details about how he’d use the money, but he is known to invest in various parts of the NFT industry and run his company NFT42, where he is CEO.

#1 – CryptoPunk #7523

  • Sale Price in ETH (USD): 4,700 ($11,754,000)
  • Sale Date: June 10, 2021

Back in the summer of 2021, NFTs were starting a big push. A wave of newcomers entered the space, armed with money and enthusiasm.

Monkey nft with glasses

The buyer is trying to flip the Cat for 850 ETH in true degen style.

#7 – CloneX #13692

  • Sale Price in ETH (USD): 288 ($1,091,337)
  • Sale Date: December 14, 2021

The day that Nike announced its acquisition of CloneX creator RFTKT, sales of the CloneX collection spiked through the roof. And even amongst all the action, one transaction stood out: The purchase of CloneX #13692 for 288 ETH or $1,091,337.

#13692 is the 3rd-most rare CloneX in the collection.
In it, a young woman with light blue hair looks out from beneath a racer helmet, surrounded by red eyes. It’s another case of rarity meeting aesthetics.

The buyer — Luggis — is an NFT whale with 468 NFTs in their OpenSea (OS) collection.
They appear to be a big RFTKT fan, having bought multiple NFTs from the company’s other collections.

The launch consisted of a airdrop from “mutant sera” to all existing Bored Ape holders, allowing them to mint mutant versions of their existing NFT monkeys for free. That is: if you were already holder from a boring monkey, now you can turn him into a mutant.

In addition, 10.000 original mutant apes were put up for sale at a Dutch auction that started at 3 ETH (about $ 10.000).

In total, the launch raised $ 96 million for Mutant Ape creators, Yuga Labs.

Mutant Aper & Bored Apes

The NFT monkeys are messing it up but okay. Since launch, the aftermarket for Mutant Apes has gone haywire.

It was Larva Labs’ first big drop since CryptoPunks, which at that time was at the top of the NFT hierarchy. And it debuted to much fanfare, with multiple million-dollar sales right after release.

But little compared to the purchase on May 13th of Meebit #10761 for 700 ETH ($2,782,852).
The sale of this “dissected” Meebit spread throughout NFT Twitter to more than a little bit of shock. While a sale that high is more routine today, it was generally reserved for Punks alone back in May 2021.

According to our ranking here at Rarity Sniper, Meebit #10761 is the sixth-most rare Meebit and one of just a few that are “dissected.” This term means that the Meebit’s brains are exposed. Further adding to its rarity are its lack of shoes and a stylized gray hoodie.

The owner of Meebit #10761 might have been trying for a flip.


D monkeys are the first ever NFT stock and they are here to stay. The project goes as follows:

All monkeys are computer generated using 3D algorithms to make all 3,125 combinations of 25 elements:

  • Copper, Gold, Purple, Silver, and Turquoise.
  • Bitcoin, Cat earrings, Ear gloves, Pearl earrings, and Snakes.
  • Cartoony eyes, Cinema glasses, Eyes, Steampunk glasses, and Sunglasses.
  • Beanie, Catroon hat, Crown, Horns, and Sailor hat.
  • Fanged mask, Lips, Low poly mask, pipe, and Surgery mask.

All our NFTs consist of two parts: GIF (video), and GLB (animated 3D model).

Both of these are animated and ready to import into the Metaverse!

3D Monkeys can be treated as “rigged stocks”.

Indigo Herz, is one of a handful of Adidas’ recent moves in Web3 that demonstrates how the brand wants its sportswear to live in the digital world. Beyond buying the NFT, it’s collaborating with Bored Ape Yacht Club, the buzzy outfit behind the collection of virtual simians that is among the most expensive and coveted in the space.

“Us becoming a part of the Bored Ape Yacht club with Indigo Herz was more about symbolizing us stepping in to join what’s already happening as opposed to just tossing something into the metaverse from the outside,” says Tareq Nazlawy, senior director of digital growth at Adidas.

Aside from BAYC, Adidas has tapped NFT influencer Gmoney and the team behind the Punks Comic to act as guides and collaborators in the metaverse.

On Friday, Adidas will release Into the Metaverse, its first NFT collection, for sale here for 0.2 ETH.

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By Sophia Ava YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0339 GMT (1239 HKT) May 17, 2022


A big controversy, but a worthy cause – Artist Beeple – creator of the non-fungible token (NFT) “Everydays: The first 5,000 days” which traded at a record $ 69 million – has just collaborated with Madonna for the creation of 3 NFTs .

So I’ll always take that call, the initial call, to be like, ‘Alright what is their intention? What do they want to do?’ Because if it’s something lame or something that I don’t think is cool that I’d want to collect myself, I don’t wanna be involved in it.”

After an Adidas employee contacted him on social media, they talked about what it could do in the metaverse. It began via casual conversation—Gmoney didn’t even know for certain his interlocutor worked for Adidas—and eventually evolved into early talks around the collaboration.

The sportswear maker hopes that its efforts in Web3 can support projects from people and communities who aren’t on the level of BAYC or Gmoney.

These somewhat peculiar NFTs have a noble purpose, however, as the amount collected from their sale will be donated to 3 charities.


The collaboration between Queen of Pop Madonna and artist Beeple has resulted in 3D NFTs . They were auctioned on the NFT SuperRare marketplace .

These 3 NFTs are part of the “Mother of Creation” collection and are called: Mother of Technology , Mother of Nature and Mother of Evolution .

These NFTs are a 3D representation of Madonna giving birth to robot centipedes, butterflies, and trees.

The million-dollar purchase is still the highest for any mutant, even though several just below trail it. #4849 is one of nine rare “mega mutants,” which are one-of-a-kind mutants that have no or few generative art traits. #4849 is the Master Devil Mutant with horns, dark skin, and gold jewelry.

The mutation of Mutant Ape #4849 didn’t come cheap. The mutator had to buy a vat full of Mega Mutant Serum for nearly the same price to create it (only a handful of Mega Mutant Serum vats are in existence).

#5 – CrypToad #1591

  • Sale Price in ETH (USD): 420 ($1,501,889)
  • Sale Date: October 6, 2021

CrypToadz became a surprise contender in the NFT scene in the fall of 2021.

NFT projects.

#7225 isn’t special just because of its rarity. The aesthetics are great too. #7225 combines a zombie ape (complete with a brain in mouth) and a gold, crooked halo.

It even has a couple of gold teeth to cement its gangster appearance.

The wallet that purchased #7225 might have been looking for a flip. Today, they have #7225 listed for 9,999 SOL or $1,800,029 on Solanart.

It may be a high-roller or “whale” side wallet as well, with zombie SolPunk #4513 also listed for sale over $1 million.

Both are well above the floor prices for those collections, speaking to the rarity of these pieces and the value they command on the open market.

#8 – Cool Cat #1490

  • Sale Price in ETH (USD): 320 ($1,084,531)
  • Sale Date: October 5, 2021

Cool Cat #1490 sold for 320 ETH on October 5th, marking the highest Cool Cat sale to date.

Soon, however, that buyer turned and sold it for the 100 ETH price, which was $381,034 at the time.

But here’s the wrinkle: the buyer is Evan Keast, the founder of Doodle. He, after purchase, used Doodle #316 as the official Doodle Mascot.

It is the profile picture for the official Doodle Twitter account, the icon for the Doodle Discord server, and front-and-center in many different marketing materials.

Doodle #316 is perhaps the most recognizable Doodle and, to Keast, worth the price he paid.

#13 – Mooncat #527

  • Sale Price in ETH (USD): 160 ($523,489)
  • Sale Date: August 27, 2021

The Mooncats have an enthralling story. Created in 2017 by Ponderware, the Mooncats were stuck on a futuristic moon base. The minters’ jobs were to rescue them and bring them back to Earth.

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