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Miece nft

1. NFT login

NFTs within the Modern Mice ecosystem will work as access passes allowing holders to create accounts on the platform. (Account will be wiped when NFT is sold).

2. Profile

Users will be able to create self-maintained profiles. Profiles will display self-provided information including contact info, a bio, as well as skills/interests. Users will be able to connect with other users and write on each other’s profiles.

3. Art

Users will have a separate tab on their profile to display their NFTs/art collection. At this stage all pfps/media on the platform will be verified NFTs held by the users.

4. Discovery

Able to discover others on the platform who hold the same interests, skills, or NFTs. Will work as a holder repository. Can be used to find/contact holders of specific NFTs.


Niece nft

OpenSea is now one of the most popular marketplaces for NFTs. It’s also the first one to introduce a platform of this kind over the years. It has seen rapid growth as blockchain and NFT have become increasingly sought-after investments.

It’s also more well-known since celebrities and celebrities have expressed their interest.
As art becomes more digitalized, NFT becomes more lucrative.

If you’re looking to invest using NFTs beginning with an appropriate marketplace can help you get the leverage you require. This is the reason we created this review. OpenSea has always been the top NFT marketplace. But is it suitable for you?

Before you start our review, we’d like warn you.
This review is a long read. If you’d rather take a look at a video instead, you can check out the channel’s review.

BSV, and they will be much different than most NFTs launched on the BSV blockchain to date. The Galactic Mice NFTs have utility and owning a Galactic Mouse will allow you to make money in a play-to-earn game that features your mouse.

To learn more about the Galactic Mice, we spoke with Richard Leach, the marketing officer at GameFi AG, the company behind Galactic Mice.

What are the Galactic Mice?

Richard Leach: The Galactic Mice is a collection of futuristic NFTs that enable holders to participate in all aspects of our play-to-earn beat-em-up [style] game, along with some additional utilities which will be announced in time.

What utility does the Galactic Mice NFT give its owner?

Richard Leach: Ownership of a Galactic Mouse NFT enables you to participate in Cyber Fights, our play-to-earn beat-em-up [style game].

Modern mice nft

Then you can sell them through the marketplace.


If you are looking to sell multiple NFTs in one transaction, you could use OpenSea’s bundle features. 30 items can be listed in the bundle.

Click Here to Explore OpenSea’s Marketplace < <

Are there any charges?

It is common for crypto or NFT marketplaces to impose charges for using the platform. The fee is charged can vary depending on the platform, it’s typically an amount of the sales cost that the buyer pays. This is similar to how traditional galleries earn money by getting a share of the paintings that are sold.

With OpenSea you only need to pay 2.5 percent when purchasing an NFT.

There are no listing costs and other types of surcharges involved.

Bronze troops are the most common, with fewer silver troops, and even fewer diamond troops. While purchased for the same amount, Diamond troops are considered more valuable.

Best of all, your NFT will allow you entry to our tournament pools, paying an entry fee to compete against your friends and foes, with the winner taking the pot!

What inspired your team to create Galactic Mice?

Richard Leach: While gaming in general has come leaps and bounds over the past three decades, we felt there was a gap in the market for older millennials and young Gen-Xers who remember playing classic arcade games such as ‘Double Dragon’ and ‘Streets of Rage.’ Galactic Mice will have a similar ‘feel’ but have the added bonus of actually being able to pay YOU for playing!

Galactic Mice is available on both BSV and Ethereum.

The Mighty Mice Tribe collection comprises of 9,888 unique meticulously crafted collectibles. We are incredibly proud of this collection and cannot wait to share it with you. ​ ​ Mice symbolism is centered on accomplishing great feats regardless of size. Greek mythology considers mice sacred given their adaptability to any situation.

This David and Goliath parallel was the inspiration for our Mighty Mice Tribe project.​

The Mighty Mice Tribe Collection comprises of 9,888 unique Mice, discoverable on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mighty Mouse is generated from 180+ meticulously designed characteristics designed by our lead artist – Mighty Chief. The characteristics include fur colours, facial expressions and structure, headwear, jewellery, clothing and more.
Each trait has been hand-drawn with care, precision and passion.

There’s no limit on what an NFT can be as it’s a non-fungible thing you’re selling on the internet. In simpler terms, you could simply think of an NFT to be a type of digital item that is paid for using cryptocurrency only.

Minting NFTs

Minting is similar to calling for dibs to your NFTs. It is a way of claiming the owner of the item or token that you posted to market, as offering it for sale.

Usually, this becomes official when you have filled in all the necessary information about the NFT and add it on the market.

On OpenSea it’s a straightforward procedure to create your own NFTs by going to the store and simply create a collection! Input the appropriate and accurate information about your NFT and choose what kind of settings you want to use it with (e.g., blockchain or payment tokens).

OpenSea can be described as an NFT marketplace that can be a service to a variety of NFTs. There are more categories that can be included as the market becomes more integrated with decentralized finance.

The OpenSea ecosystem enables its users to transact without concern about security and privacy. Furthermore, it doesn’t charge you high fees. A 2.5% charge on your sales seems acceptable, given that some online stores may charge as much as 5 percent.

In the end, OpenSea is an excellent marketplace for NFT trading beginners or professionals.

Click Here to Explore OpenSea’s Marketplace < <

FAQ Pdapp Mice Nft

What do I need to know so I can use OpenSea?

OpenSea is a mobile as well as desktop browser you can use.

In the event that you’re trying it through your mobile phone, your browsers should be compatible with Etherium.

It was also among the first NFT marketplaces which is as new as cryptocurrencies.

It is now one of the largest NFT marketplaces. They offer a wide selection of NFTs that are constantly expanding. The most appealing aspect of them is that they allow users to sell NFTs bought or created elsewhere.

How does OpenSea work?

If you’ve ever been selling or buying with cryptocurrency, you’ll find NFT trading very similar.

For OpenSea, all of the assets on the platform are owned by the users, not by the platform.

Since they are an uncentralized marketplace, they have intelligent contracts so that users are able to interact with buyers without putting at risk losing their NFT ownership.

This means that unless the transaction is successful your digital assets won’t leave your wallet. In addition, you don’t have to make your account.

We appreciate all the questions, suggestions, re-tweets, and general support—It’s a really special community!

What do you want the audience to know about Galactic Mice that they are not already aware of?

Richard Leach: What we most want people to know is that our primary focus is to give these NFTs as much utility as possible. By not only being able to play but with different levels of rarity, combined with the fact that many of the NFTs will be very scarce, means that as the game grows in popularity, the value of these scarce NFTs should also rise in value.

Where do you see the NFT sector going in the future?

Richard Leach: We believe that much of what we are witnessing right now does not have longevity.

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