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According to NBA Topshot, LeBron James NFT sales of $230,000 and $210,000 top the Topshot table.

In contrast to the NFT marketplace, physical cards still draw significantly higher prices. In early 2021, a 1952 Topps card of Mantle reportedly sold for $5.2m at auction, setting a record.

LeBron James was not outdone in the physical world, however. In 2021, ESPN reported a Rookie Patch card featuring James’ autograph and a swatch of his Cleveland Cavaliers shirt going for $5.2m.

$5.2m may be “small change” when considering the views of PWCC director of business development Jesse Craig.

Mickey nft

Memorabilia bearing Mickey Mantle’s autograph has traditionally been one of the safest investments in world of sports collectibles — be it baseballs or the Yankees slugger’s rookie card.

On Friday (March 4), a non-fungible token (NFT) featuring a photo of the 1952 Topps card sold for $471,000, showing that the 16-time All-Star’s blue-chip status extends to the crypto world.

NFTs hold some type of media — images, videos, legal documents, anything really. They come with a built-in certificate of provenance, as each transaction is permanently and unchangeably recorded on a blockchain, and can be viewed by anyone — a very important consideration for any collectible.

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The Mantle rookie card NFT does have good provenance.

Mickey nft veve

Disney and it’s well-established NFT partner VeVe continue to bring legendary IP to the world of non-fungible tokens. This week, the two have announced their latest release, Mickey Mouse NFTs.

It’s the latest in a series of top-tier IP coming to be it’s own NFT. Let’s take a look at the latest news from the VeVe marketplace, and what we can expect with this upcoming NFT.

Disney’s Latest Release

Let’s rewind for a moment on how we got to this point.
It all started with a VeVe partnership with Marvel back in June. The relationship with Marvel and VeVe continues to grow today, as the two are working on an upcoming Deadpool NFT release.

Mickey nft drop

The collection celebrates 70 years of Topps Baseball and showcases modern-day stars in new and classic Topps card designs.

Mickey Mantle was an American professional baseball player who played for the New York Yankees. Mantle won the MVP award three times and has the World Series record for the most home runs of 18. OpenSea lists other Mickey Mantle NFTs.

Previously on WAX, Topps moved its NFT marketplace to the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain in August 2021.
Owner of NFT marketplace Candy Digital, Fanatics, acquired Topps in January.

Mantle v NBA’s LeBron James

In the world of sports NFTs, the Mantle NFT sale was one of the largest The Mantle sale surpassed NBA Top Shot’s top sales price to date.

Nft mickey mouse

However, there are many different cryptocurrency platforms right now, and many NFTs are paid for by cryptocurrencies that either are use less energy or offset their energy usage by using green sources or doing environmental work as part of their creation. I am not going to drill down into a comparison of cryptocurrencies right now. There are alternatives available that do mitigate the environmental impact, and as an artist and/or collector you can choose to use these platforms instead.Why do people fight about NFTs so much?

Well, let’s remember what we said above — a currency only works if enough people believe in it.
So the folks that got into cryptocurrency early need more people to believe in cryptocurrency. It’s not that different than the stock market — a stock is worth more money the more people want it.

Nft mickey mouse price

The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection The Disney Mickey Mouse NFT Collection features The True Original himself, Mickey Mouse! Celebrating some of Mickey’s most iconic moments, this collection highlights the cultural phenomenon and evolution of Mickey in his many forms and costumes.

Steamboat Willie We are starting with the first-ever synchronized sound cartoon, Disney’s Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey Mouse, with a black and white 3D Steamboat Mickey standing proudly at the wheel of his ship.

Blind Boxes Get ready to add to the excitement of drop day with our blind box offerings! This drop is available for purchase as a blind box, meaning you won’t know which amazing rarity you have acquired until after your successful purchase.

Mickey mouse nft collection

That’s why you’re seeing these very high prices for NFTs. Remember, if you want to keep your crypto worth high, you don’t want to take your money out of crypto. (There’s also problems associated with exchanging crypto for dollars, but let’s not go there right now.) And how many things can you buy with crypto? Not a lot. The only thing you can buy is other crypto…or NFTs. I have talked to some artists, especially in the Bay Area, who talk about how many tech bros are walking around crypto rich with nothing to spend it on.

That’s why you’re seeing restaurants spring up that only run on cryptocurrency, and NFTs of pizzas. People have money to burn and very little to burn it on. And a lot of folks are happy to give those folks things to spend that crypto on.

Mickey mouse nft veve

Some folks made a lot of money, but at some point the money moved onto something else (Tickle Me Elmo, as I recall) and the folks left holding the Beanie Babies lost out. Unless they really enjoyed their collection for the joy of it. And if digital art brings you joy, then go for it. Just know you are gambling in an environment even less safe than the stock market.What about the community aspect?

Since currency is, again, only worth something if a group of people agree that it is, then communities of people spring up around crypto and NFTs that all agree to believe in it and trade together.
There’s a lot of groups that exist to check scams and verify good deals. There’s groups of artists who work together to mint NFTs as a group (there are registration costs to get anything put into the Blockchain) just like there are artists who band together to form gallery groups.

Mickey mouse nft drop

Postal Service – taking advantage of the iconic imagery around stamps (one of the most historic collectibles in existence).

The platform also recently teamed up with Immutable X to integrate VeVe NFTs with the Ethereum network. Recent Disney NFTs on VeVe have quickly sold out, with resales making a strong return on the recent Simpson NFTs, for example. The NFT community is widely expecting the upcoming Mickey Mouse release to exhibit similar results.

This latest release with Disney and VeVe is open to the public on Wednesday December 22 at 12PM PT on the VeVe app for both iOS and Android.

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Mickey and friends nft collection

It is the first in a line of Topps Timeless NFT Series, which the historic baseball card maker is launching in connection with Major League Baseball. It has the official seal of authenticity, and Topps has promised it will be a one-off, with no other sold.

“The Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle card continues to be one of the most coveted baseball cards of all time, and we’re excited for one passionate fan to be able to add this monumental piece of sports history to their digital collection,” said Tobin Lent, vice president and general manager of the Topps digital sports and entertainment division.

As Topps no doubt hoped, the card NFT set a record for a professional league’s official sports-themed token, more than doubling the $230,000 NBA Top Shots NFT of a Lebron James slam dunk from the 2020 NBA Finals.

Disney nft mickey mouse

Then, VeVe and Disney started unrolling the likes of Star Wars and The Simpsons NFTs leading up to Disney+ Day last month.

Now, they have come out swinging with more heavy hitters for their latest release, ‘The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection.’ The first series is titled ‘Steamboat Willie’ and features a black and white Mickey Mouse on a steamboat deck:

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VeVe utilizes it’s in-house blockchain protocol, ECOMI, to power environmentally-friendly NFTs with a primary focus on collectibles centered with impactful IP and brand recognition. | Source: OMI-USDT on TradingView.comVeVe’s Continued Shine

VeVe hasn’t shown hesitation in it’s efforts to partner with the biggest and brightest IP out.

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