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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk withdrew the offer to sell one of his tweets as a non-fungible token (or NFT) on Tuesday, even though a bidder had offered more than $1 million for the digital asset.

Musk said on Monday in a tweet, “I’m selling this song about NFTs as an NFT.” The social media post he put up for sale included a song with the lyrics: “NFT for your vanity. Computers never sleep. It’s verified. It’s guaranteed.”

The tweet-for-sale also contained a short video loop, which portrayed a trophy labeled “Vanity Trophy” with the term “NFT” at the top, and “HODL” across the bottom.

Mask nft

They exist as a record of the user’s vote in a specific Drop Party, and their metadata includes the date & episode information of that vote. Vote Token NFTs are unique collectibles that can be sold and bought between users in the MaskVerse Marketplace.

Miss Masky NFTs:Miss Masky is a friendly character who makes appearances onThe Masked Singer, offering extra clues for viewers! There are 11 editions of Miss Masky NFTs, which were free to claim during weekly events for anyone with an Eluvio wallet, limit one per wallet. The Miss Masky NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible AND anaccess tokenforThe Masked Discord,a thriving community of fans and collectors.

Твич mask

Wallets received one of these premium NFTs for every completed collection they held as of Wednesday 12/22 at 11:59pm PT

Men in Black (Artist Concept) –An announced free-to-claim offer that was available to claim in the Marketplace starting on Wednesday 12/22 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET. To claim this free NFT users needed an existing Eluvio Wallet, or to create an Eluvio Wallet. Limit one per wallet. (Similar to Miss Masky, but this will be the only drop of this NFT, ever.)

Ghost Pack NFTs:Airdropped to users who opt to redeem their collections.
See details inCollection Redemptionsbelow. Contains Ghost versions of redeemed Mask NFTs or Gold Mask NFTs, depending on which collection was redeemed.

Nft mask guy

Twitter user with the handle @SinaEstavi.

The experimental CEO has been known for his endorsement of digital assets of late, including bitcoin, Dogecoin and now NFTs. In February, Tesla revealed it purchased $1.5 billion in bitcoin and might continue to make cryptocurrency acquisitions.

Musk’s romantic partner, a musician known as Grimes, also sold around $6 million worth of her digital artwork after putting them up for auction in recent weeks.

His buzz-generating NFT offer on Monday helped Musk distract his tens of millions of followers on Twitter from news of personnel changes in the top ranks of Tesla and a federal probe into a Tesla crash that took place in Detroit late last week.

On Monday, financial filings revealed that former Tesla Automotive President Jerome Guillen would be vacating that role to become Tesla’s president of Heavy Trucking, instead.

Billionaire musk nft


Gold Pack Drop 3 –

Offered as option to buy to correct guessers in 11/17/2021 Drop Party Event

Sold Out (total supply = 300)

Composition: Mallard (Gold), Caterpillar (Gold), +1 Random from Supply

Gold Pack Drop 4 –

Offered as option to buy to correct guessers in 12/1/2021 Drop Party EventSold Out (total supply = 300)

Composition: Skunk (Gold), +2 Random from Supply

Gold Pack Drop 5 –

Offered as option to buy to correct guessers in 12/8/2021 Drop Party Event

Sold Out (total supply = 300)

Composition: Banana Split (Gold), +2 Random from Supply

Gold Pack Drop 6 –

Offered as option to buy to all participants in 12/15/21 Drop Party Event

Sold Out (total supply = 300)

Composition: Queen of Hearts (Gold), Bull (Gold), +1 Random from Supply

Mask NFTs:Minted by opening Mask Pack NFTs.

Metamask nft

Every NFT is one-of-a-kind.

The MaskVerse offers limited mintings of these unique digital assets. Only you own your MaskVerse NFT, there is no copy or substitute, and your ownership is recorded on the blockchain in perpetuity.

MaskVerse NFTs are stored on a distributed ledger. A distributed ledger is a shared database of all the transactions that occur on the network, and all the transactions for any given asset holder’s wallet.
The wallet itself is encrypted and anonymous, but all transactions must be shared on the ledger to be verifiable.

This means that- all transactions have public “witnesses” confirming them as they occur.

Mask cult nft

If the NFT has embedded media content, such as audio, video, or images, you can view and experience your content within the wallet. This provides control to the content owner, allowing the content owners to control the usage of their content and users to enjoy the NFTs they collect.

  • Wallets are designed to handle tokens which are created on specific distributed ledgers. Not all wallets can handle all cryptocurrencies.
  • Wallets store the digital asset tag from the distributed ledger using something known as private keys: long hexadecimal codes known only to you and your wallet.
    They match a public key allowing you proof of ownership.

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Первоначальная цена стартовала с $25 за штуку. Сегодня общий объём торгов почти перевалил за $50 тысяч.

Коллекция MASKX

MASKX — это виртуальная коллекция нескучных аватарок. Правда, создатель токенов утверждает, что это самое настоящее изобразительное искусство, которое нужно распечатывать, укладывать в рамочку под стекло и украшать им свои дома. Каждый покупать MASKX принимается в «семью». С разными конкурсами, розыгрышами и прочими интересностями.

Коллекция MaskedManCollection

Набор коллекционных NFT-человечков в масках! Пока их немного, но создатель, скрывающийся под псевдонимом ДжастДжи обещает обещает вскоре подвезти ещё.
Авторский посыл состоит в том, что каждый человек — это актёр, носящий много личин.

Mask verse nft

Manufacturers warranty protected • CE and Rohs certified components • Assembled in USA

FAQ – Audible (Hum/pitch) Sound from Battery Box

The sound refers to the lights omits power thru the copper wire making it an humble “pitch” like sound almost to every power inverters (fans, freezer, engines, etc.) The sound is normal for almost all power lighting products and It is well documented everywhere in the web*

We carry our electronics product with factory warranties so free fix if there’s any failure within 30 days of purchase.

Mask network nft

We also guarantee exclusive VIP access to many events (SUPERBOWL, NBA PLAY-OFF, UFC), private concerts, fashion shows and a lot of gifts.

LAUNCH OF THE CRAZIEST PHYSICAL EVENT IN THE NFT WORLD: THE PURGE Get ready to experience THE CRAZIEST PHYSICAL EVENT in the NFT WORLD! When 100% of the collection is SOLD OUT, we will launch THE MASK BILLIONAIRE PURGE. This event will be broadcast live on the best streaming platforms and will allow one participant to win one of the most prestigious watches in the world, a RICHARD MILLE valued at over $300,000! We have placed 100 NFTs wearing a PURGE MASK among the entire supply! If at the reveal you own one of them, then you are summoned to the arena and you can directly access the event.


Elon musk nft

Make sure you use extremely unique passwords for your digital wallet and update your passwords often- Since the assets are not replicable, once they are lost, they are lost forever.

How to create a media wallet –The Eluvio Media wallet can be created within your web or mobile browser by simply signing up with your Google or Apple ID, similar to setting up an email address. The rest of the process happens automatically within the Eluvio platform.

Q: What is a digital marketplace?

A digital marketplace is like a traditional marketplace where you are looking to buy, sell, trade and auction digital assets.

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