Manifold studio nft

manifold studio nft

Passons en revue certains des outils que vous pouvez utiliser aujourd’hui pour vous aider à créer vos propres NFT.

Devenez un créateur NFT avec ces 5 outils géniaux

1. NiftyKit : solution tout-en-un pour les créateurs de NFT

NiftyKit est une plate-forme sans code pour les créateurs NFT. Il permet aux gens de créer, gérer et vendre des NFT. Sans oublier, cela permet aux créateurs d’utiliser leurs propres contrats intelligents personnalisés. Ainsi, NiftyKit permet aux créateurs de NFT de vraiment posséder les actifs qu’ils créent sur la plateforme. Les créateurs de NFT sur NiftyKit peuvent créer des NFT pour Ethereum et Polygon. Les utilisateurs peuvent ensuite vendre ces NFT sur la plate-forme de NiftyKit, OpenSea et Rarible, ou sur leurs propres sites Web.

NiftyKit est un service d’abonnement et coûte 9,99 $ par mois.

Manifold studio nft

Manifold Studio: Custom smart contract for NFT Creators, and much more

Launched in October 2021, Manifold Studio comes from the company best known for crafting custom smart contracts for NFT creators, both for those new to the space and for major names and projects. The Manifold Studio dashboard allows users to create smart contracts with the click of a button – no coding necessary. And best of all, it’s completely free to use!

Manifold prides itself on giving NFT creators full control of their smart contracts as soon as they deploy them.
To clarify, the contracts allow users to mint both ERC 721 and ERC 1155 tokens. To mint an NFT all you have to do is upload your assets, customize your metadata, and hit the “MINT” button. Notably, Manifold accepts unlimited file sizes for high res video and images and decentralized storage.

Bien qu’il soit important de noter que la version gratuite porte un filigrane.

Les niveaux payants commencent à 179 $ pour un maximum de 1 000 actifs et vont jusqu’à 10 000 actifs pour 389 $. De plus, NFT Art Generator peut même créer des contrats intelligents pour votre collection NFT. Pour les contrats intelligents, il facture une redevance de 4,9 % sur chaque NFT vendu lors de la vente principale.

Manifold Studio : contrat intelligent personnalisé pour les créateurs NFT, et bien plus encore

Lancé en octobre 2021, Manifold Studio provient de la société la plus connue pour la création de contrats intelligents personnalisés pour les créateurs NFT, à la fois pour les nouveaux venus dans l’espace et pour les grands noms et projets. Le tableau de bord Manifold Studio permet aux utilisateurs de créer des contrats intelligents en un clic – aucun codage nécessaire.

Manifold is excited to share Manifold Studio.

Manifold Studio combines the power of a Manifold Creator Contract with a seamless user interface to mint your own NFTs with zero coding required.

As our next step in building for top creators, Manifold Studio allows you to mint original high-quality NFTs while retaining true ownership and provenance of your work. As part of our mission to advocate for a new economic model for web3 creators, Manifold Studio is also completely free to use.

How does it work?

From the Manifold Studio dashboard, creators can start a contract with the click of a button.

User lilyatty confidently said, “I’ll extend the auction for days if I have to.” However, he failed in prolonging the affair. Johnson won out, purchasing the final NFT for 105 ETH, or more than $300,000.

Fortune confirmed that they plan to donate half of the amount raised to nonprofit organizations.According to the magazine’s CFO, Anastasia Nyrkovskaya, the team won’t sell its ETH butHODLthem.

Tech Hiccups because of OpenSea Glitches

Everyone’s in a celebratory mood because of the results but actually, the auction was met with many tech hiccups. There were some unpleasant mishaps due to OpenSea’s inability to handle the huge number of requests from those wishing to bid.
The site started serving up “Error 504” pages to visitors.

Don’t take our word for it, check out their NFTs and contracts yourself. Minted with Manifold:

  • Alejandro Cartagena | Suburban Mexicana

  • Billelis | Balance

  • fewocious | FEWOCIOUS


  • GMUNK | Penumbra

  • Krista Kim | Continuum

  • JAY-Z | Hova

  • Jen Stark | COSMOS

  • KYT | In the Flesh

  • Maciej Kuciera | The Red

  • Ness Graphics | K1LLSCR33N

  • pplpleasr | pplpleasr

  • PROBCAUSE | Skullies

  • Raf Grassetti | Fragments: Dreams of Color

  • Refik Anadol | Machine Hallucinations

  • Slime Sunday | Slime Sunday

  • Steve Aoki x pplpleasr | Serendipity

And many more brilliant creators.

What’s next?

At Manifold we believe in Creative Sovereignty.

Fans will have the opportunity to bid on one innovative and rare NFT that will feature the inaugural season pin and an on-chain customizable jersey banner. The winner and ultimate owner of this NFT can customize the name and number on the banner. This customization will be updated on the NFT itself, as well as on the Kings website and inside Golden 1 Center.

The auction winner will also receive a physical replica of the 1985 season pin and a pair of tickets to the 2021-22 Opening Night game in the first three rows. This NFT will be auctioned starting on July 22 and will close on July 26.

An additional 84 NFTs portraying the 1985 inaugural season pin will also be available for purchase.

Et le meilleur de tous, son utilisation est entièrement gratuite !

Manifold est fier de donner aux créateurs de NFT le contrôle total de leurs contrats intelligents dès qu’ils les déploient. Pour clarifier, les contrats permettent aux utilisateurs de frapper à la fois les jetons ERC 721 et ERC 1155. Pour frapper un NFT, tout ce que vous avez à faire est de télécharger vos actifs, de personnaliser vos métadonnées et d’appuyer sur le bouton “MINT”.

Notamment, Manifold accepte des tailles de fichiers illimitées pour les vidéos et les images haute résolution et le stockage décentralisé. Les créateurs peuvent ensuite vendre les NFT sur tous les principaux marchés NFT.

4. OpenSea : Frappe sans gaz sur le plus grand marché NFT

OpenSea dispose d’un outil de monnayage gratuit qui permet aux créateurs de NFT de créer des NFT via un « monnayage paresseux ».

It represents ownership over any variety of digital collectibles including art, music, and even concert tickets.

While there are no shortage of sites that let you mint an NFT—OpenSea and Rarible are among the most popular—Manifold says it is unique in that it offers creators total ownership of what they create. Rather than relying on a third-party platform, and all of the licensing terms that go with doing so, Manifold claims “the creator is the platform.”

For practical purposes, this means Manifold has been creating new versions of the smart contracts that govern the ownership rights of an NFT.

On the website, it states it aims to “enable web3 creators to have true creative ownership, preserve on-chain provenance, and interoperate with all major NFT marketplaces.” Manifold was founded by three Web3 developers: Wilkins Chung, Richerd Chan — who is perhaps most known in the community for once turning down a $9.5 million offer for his CryptoPunk, and Eric Diep.

The company’s $7.91 million seed round was funded by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Initialized Capital in October 2021, which coincided with the company’s announcement of Manifold Studio.

The company had been working with many prominent creators in the Web3 space using its Creator Contract in 2021.

They allow creators to design new blockchain logic in separate smart contracts that can interact with their original creator contract to produce custom NFTs. Creators have full control over which approved extensions their Creator contract can interact with, introducing the ability to componentize features when minting NFTs.

As Manifold Creator contracts can interact with any smart contract, creators minting with Manifold Creator contracts can leverage third party extensions for their own creations.


Dynamic content NFTs

  • Enable custom event-driven NFTs, such as an NFT that changes colors or layers based on some external event, like the weather or stock price.

Redeemable or swappable NFTs

  • Enable a creator to receive an NFT and return a new NFT based on an approved list.

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