Lunarians nft

Traveling the world with a preference of cruising and taking journeys by water for the purpose of experiencing other cultures is a primary part of their personality which fuels their imagination. They must not be constrained and are compelled to see beyond the limited horizon. They prefer a variety of interesting food tending to enjoy offerings from other countries. In art their preference is anything representative of nature, water scenes, birds, flowers and animals that elevate their imagination. Classical music is their favorite along with some operas.

Faults: Lunarians can become selfish and deceitful and a prisoner to their over-imagination, letting it run rampant to the point where they become disconnected with the real world and suffer depression, are gloomy or despondent.

Lunarians nft

Their hands are large, soft in consistency, and often have a small thumb .

Facial Characteristics: Lunarians have a round head which is broad through the temples, their forehead is low and sometimes almost bulges over the eyebrow. They have fine hair (almost straggly) which is usually straight and blond or light brown with eyebrows that are scant.
Their eyes are often watery, round and pale, staring in appearance (not sparkly), luminous and can protrude. The color of their eyes is a commonly a very pale blue, although depending on the ethnicity they can also be a dull brown.
Their nose is small, turns up at the end with nostrils exposed (a pug nose). Lunarians have a smaller mouth with larger teeth. Their neck is flabby and fleshy in consistency and they are prone when aging to develop a double chin.


Houseki No Kuni is written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa.[1] The first volume was published on October 25th, 2012 and eight volumes have been released as of December 29th, 2017. The story follows a group of genderless jewels that take the form of human beings.

The main character, Phosphophyllite, is considered a lowly jewel among her peers and befriends Cinnabar, a wiser gem, and the story follows their developing friendship. Also, the jewels are at war with a group called the Lunarians.
A fan translation of Houseki No Kuni is available on Mangapark.[2] The an official translation of the first volume into English was published on on June 27th, 2017.


In July of 2013, a promotional video for an anime of the series was released.[3] At the time, no official anime was announced.

Their current long-term plan is to cover the Moon until it shines with their shards, implying that they intend to kidnap many, many more Gems and grind them to dust to do so.

Phosphophyllite was the first Gem to successfully infiltrate the Moon as well as agree to cooperate with the Lunarians. Though Aechmea places a lot of hope in Phos, there is still a level of distrust between the two.

Aechmea places a fake eye in Phos in order to track everything they do, while Phos cannot be sure how much of what Aechmea tells them is true.

The Admirabilis

The Lunarians have also kidnapped the Admirabilis for their beautiful shells and to use them as cattle. Ventricosus stated that the Lunarians captured them all, stole everything in the ocean, and destroyed their homeland.

In a flashback, Kaidou mentions the “endurance experiments” that King was subjected to.

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  • He has from time to time referred to humans in a negative manner, perhaps implying that he views the Lunarians, who are the souls of humans, in the same way.

    Aechmea explains that for tens of thousands of years, they have exhausted all methods of getting Kongo to cooperate with them, including pleading, arguing, persuading, demanding, and showing obedience. Their current medium-term plan is to display themselves in the same clothing worn by the humans who Kongo was made to obey.
    Their long-term plan is to grind up the abducted Gems into powder until the Moon shines with their shards, hoping the sight of it will finally persuade Kongo to act.

    The Gems

    The Lunarians have been attacking and kidnapping the Gems for thousands of years.

    In the various animated versions, they are portrayed with white skin and yellow or pink shades on their clothing and accessories.


    When they attack the Gems, they appear far in the sky from a black portal-like apparition called a “sunspot”. According to Euclase, sunspots appear approximately once every three days for any season except winter.
    They only appear during sunny days, never at night or on rainy days, and only rarely during the winter as the sky is often cloudy.

    From this sunspot, a cloud-like platform comes forth, carrying the Lunarians in a parade with one large Lunarian at the center surrounded by many normal-sized Lunarians. The appearance of the large central Moon Person varies each time but always has fancier clothing and headgear. They always carry a large bowl meant to hold captured Gems, and have a shining halo around their head.

    However, only purified souls can do so, and only through the prayer of living humans can souls be purified. Aechmea explains that they are a conglomeration of unpurified human souls who have become stuck on the Moon, forced to continue existing and experiencing the suffering of life.

    Kongo-sensei was a prayer machine created by humans and intended to pray for these souls after all humans had vanished, but for an unknown reason this machine broke down after some time and stopped doing its job.

    Aechmea explains that they know Kongo cherishes the Gems so the reason for abducting them is to provoke a reaction, “restarting” the machine so that he will once more pray for their souls.


    The Lunarians are the remnants of unpurified human souls trapped on the Moon and have played an antagonistic role throughout the story.

    Prince Aechmea describes themselves as “ghosts of garbage”, souls who did not even deserve prayer when humans still lived. He says that despite the cheery appearance of his people, they are extremely tired of the eternal life they have with the restless nature of humans.

    It is perhaps due to this condition that they have become desperate to seek relief, even going so far as to use other species inhumanely.


    The Lunarians travel to the Land to attack and kidnap the Gems, though there have been times when they went to Kongo directly. They often behave differently towards him, surrounding him with glee, bowing down and reaching out to him as if to plead or beg.

    Kongo in turn acts quite indifferent to them, dispersing them as promptly as he can and occasionally calling them poor or pitiful things.

    The unit managed to pierce Cairngorm, Peridot and Sphene before being destroyed by Bort and Watermelon Tourmaline.

  • Chapter 33. ‘Transport’ type. After a while the cloud ‘closed’ and formed a ball. A black star shape appeared on top of it, where it ‘opened’ a gate.

    Destroyed by Kongo-Sensei (and it was assumed also by Bort).

  • Chapter 36: Phos and Ghost engaged with an unusually large unit. Presumably a Transport type. Ghost was captured and Phos was heavily damaged in battle.
  • Chapter 39: Another moon person unit attacked.

    It looked like another Transport type. Presumably finished off by Kongo-Sensei.

  • Chapter 44: A rather small unit appears. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Cairngorm ended up losing their arm, and Phos ended up losing their head.
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