Luka garza nft auction

luka garza nft auction

Hopefully I can pave the way and show an example of something like that, but I am definitely excited about the opportunity for future athletes going into college to be able to benefit off their name, image, and likeness.”

Garza, who turned down entering the NBA draft last year to return to Iowa for his senior year, said it was the best decision he’s ever made but also made the point that letting players get paid for their time in school should be seen as a win-win when it comes to changing the NCAA.

“There’s such a value in going to college and staying in college,” Garza said in reference to athletes who skipped years of eligibility to make money as pros.

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Luka garza

As Akiko said, I mean, you won the Wooden Award. So I mean, there you go. Right now, you should be much higher. I mean, I’d be curious to get your expectations for the draft now that you are going out.

Because we’ve heard a lot about how it’s difficult to kind of try and project that. Some are saying, what, [INAUDIBLE] round. But the Wooden Award, that’s got to help here.
So where are you expecting to go when you get out there?

LUKA GARZA: Well, you know, honestly, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as I find the right fit with a great organization. You know, I’m going back home now to start preparing and getting ready for the trip.
I’m going to do a lot of things to put myself in the best position to be successful. But, you know, I really– it doesn’t matter the number to me.

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DES MOINES, IOWA — Luka Garza’s basketball career at the University of Iowa has come to an end, but he’s leaving a farewell gift on his way out of Iowa City.

On Tuesday afternoon Garza appeared live on CNBC to announce that he is auctioning off an NFT that he created, with some proceeds going to the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The winner of the digital auction will also win a pair of autographed sneakers, get to play a game of HORSE against Garza, and have dinner and a movie with him.

An NFT is a unique digital image or video. The one-of-a-kind artworks have sold for millions (here’s a helpful explanation of the digital investment craze). Garza is an economics major at Iowa.

Luka garza nft auction

He’s able to profit off of his time in college because he has no eligibility left.

“I mean, honestly, a lot of my teammates are still not graduated yet [and] are still under the NCAA. They told me that they really liked the idea and think it’s really cool,” Garza said. “Maybe I can kind of set an example and see how it goes.”

In addition to acquiring ownership of the “Luka Garza Consensus National Player of the Year Card,” the highest bidder of the auction was awarded the opportunity to meet Garza, compete in a game of H.O.R.S.E against him, share in Garza’s meditation techniques and attend a dinner and movie with him.

Luka garza nft sale

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Luka garza nft bidding

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The winner also gets a lifetime “VIP pass” to all future basketball camps hosted by Garza, as well as an autographed pair of the shoes he was wearing when he broke the all-time Iowa men’s basketball career scoring record.

The most important part of Garza’s NFT, he told ESPN, is the donation to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

The hospital and its patients have become part of Iowa’s athletic culture. Since 2017, Hawkeyes fans and players in attendance at football games at Kinnick Stadium turn to wave toward the kids looking on from the windows of the hospital. The “Iowa Wave” has become one of the most famous and heartwarming parts of college football.

“The University of Iowa’s students are incredible at giving back …

Luka garza nft auctionator

Blockchain Technology is something that really interests me. My dad was also into the tech world as well, so I think both of us talking about it and seeing other athletes do this, I thought it was a really cool and unique opportunity to be able to start pushing my branding.”

In addition to the NFT card, the Garza’s put together a VIP package for the winner.

They’ll get to spend some quality one-on-one time with Garza including, playing a game of H.O.R.S.E., enjoying dinner and a movie with Garza. In addition to that they’ll participate in a meditation session with Garza, and a receive lifetime VIP pass to any future Garza basketball camps.

“I think it’s something cool for people who were to win the NFT to be able to see what helps me be able to succeed at the highest level and be locked in to play against the best competition.

Luka garza nft auctions

After learning about the new world of NFTs through research, the 22-year-old economics major worked with his father and a team of designers to create his own NFT — non-fungible token, a unique proof of ownership of a digital product like video clips or digital art work.

A portion of the proceeds from Garza’s auction will be donated to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The NFT auction ended Friday night, selling for a total of $41,141, according to OpenSea, the digital marketplace that hosted the auction.

“It’s really, really cool to look,” Garza told ESPN. “I hope to do more in the future and have a whole collection.

Luka garza nft auctioned

But, you know, I think there’s been a lot of great work by a lot of great players. My teammate, Jordan [INAUDIBLE] included with a couple of others that have just pushed this so hard against the NCAA and trying to make name, image, and likeness happen for all athletes in the future.

And I think, you know, with me doing the NFT, I think maybe in the future that this could be a possible avenue for college athletes if name, image, and likeness was passed.

They could go this route. And so, hopefully, I can pave the way and show an example of something like that. But, you know, I’m definitely excited about the opportunity for future athletes going into college to be able to benefit off name, image, and likeness.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, it would obviously change kind of the math behind trying to time when they want to leave college for the NBA.

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