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Little frens nft


Deadfellaz, despite the gory name, is an incredibly positive and welcoming NFT community that has made a real name for itself.

Leader by female founder and mother Betty, the horde has created one of the top NFT communities out there and we are convinced that Deadfellaz has a very bright future ahead of them.

7. Alien Frens

Alien Frens aren’t just cute little alien avatars, they are also one of the most lively and energetic NFT communities in the entire scene.

Their mission is to build the largest group of friends in the metaverse and owning an Alien Frens NFT gives you lifelong access to that friendship.

Aliens Frens was one of the most hyped projects of early 2022 and although the floor prices have corrected quite heavily since there is no doubt in our minds that Alien Frens will be around for the long haul.


Little friends nft

If you’re not on the white list, you’ll have exactly five hours after the presale begins to hop on and join the takeover. Once presale is over, these nfts will go for 0.07 plus gas, though it looks like Robo Frens has a smart contract in place to optimize gas.

The Robo Frens website is pretty cool, if a bit sparse. But, if you scroll down, you will find a super fun chart, showing off all the unique characteristics of these cute little robots.
There you can dream about the much-anticipated art reveal that will take place 24 hours after the public sale.

The Robo Frens Instagram, with 1,483 followers, has been transformed into an anticipatory countdown calendar. Their Twitter account is nothing fantastical but it is consistent and that’s maybe why it has a not-so-shabby following of 11.7K. Plenty of giveaways but not a whole lot of reciprocal interactions.

Lil frens nft

Cool Dogs and Cool Monkes.

The team has gone through some rough patches recently after encountering numerous issues with the launch of their initial play-to-earn game.

That being said, their core community is still full of positive energy and we can only recommend that you have a look around in their lively Discord.

5. World of Women

World of Women took a while until it eventually unleashed its full potential, mainly because women are still underrepresented in the NFT space.

However, World of Women is doing an absolutely great job at changing this and the number of female celebrities boasting a WoW NFT in their online profiles is a testament to this.

If you believe in female empowerment or just want to hang with women (and men) who are open-minded, then the World of Women Discord is right for you.


Little big frens nft

It explains why the highest last sale price of CloneX #15920 was 289 ETH.

Floor Price: 5.95 ETH Volume: 56.8k ETH Owners: 7.5k Collection Size: 20,000

3] Psychedelic Anonymous

Psychedelic Anonymous is not only a 3D NFT collection but also a supporter of psilocybin (magic mushroom) research for better treatment of mental health issues. For this amazing cause, Psychedelic Anonymous deserves to be on the list of hyped NFTs for 2022.

Interestingly, Psychedelic Anonymous NFTs have been launched in sets of four that went live on OpenSea in December 2021. By far, the highest sale price has been 21 ETH for Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis #3699.

Floor Price: 1.37 ETH Volume: 10.0k ETH Owners: 6.9k Collection Size: 9595 (each set)

4] Alpacadabraz

Alpacadabraz is a genesis collection created by artist Chuckchee.

It is the unique combination of exclusivity and community that allows NFT projects to unleash their full potential via social media. Every holder of a project’s NFT is implicitly a shareholder and ambassador.

  • Some of the best NFT communities include:
    • Bored Ape Yacht Club
    • CryptoPunks
    • VeeFriends
    • Cool Cats
    • World of Women
    • Deadfellaz
    • Alien Frens
    • CryptoMories
    • Nuclear Nerds
    • The Flower Girls
  • For a full overview of the top 10 NFT communities out there, PLEASE READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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    The 10 Best NFT Communities You Should Know in 2022 Here’s the answer.

    Little france nft

    “Hi, my name is Dzikt. I created this project with the goal of giving young people affected by cancer art supplies and to build a creative community where previvors and survivors can connect, share their art and support each other.

    In early 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m sure a cancer diagnosis is always shocking but I was only 29, healthy and had no family history so it really shook me. I spent the next year having surgery and doing chemo and radiation.

    Through this, I picked up a pencil and started drawing, something I hadn’t done in a decade! Before I knew it I was drawing almost every day.

    Of 19969 Alpacas, 9669 3D alpacas can be freely claimed by 2D alpaca owners as early as February 2022. With over 100 different traits, Alpacadabra NFTs will play a key role in their metaverse on Sandbox land.

    With a 2D alpaca you get the free 3D and you can play in their upcoming mobile app game. With a 3D alpaca, you get access to sandbox land and their play-to-win games.
    If you own both, you can get your own piece of sandbox land and create ways to earn a passive income.

    It is on our list of hyped NFTs for bringing real value to the metaverse. The alpacas were released in the wild in October 2021 on OpenSea. Alpacadabra #9334 and #1876 have been captured for 15ETH each in the recent past.

    Floor Price: 1.099 ETH Volume: 4.8k ETH Owners: 3.8k Collection Size: 19,969

    5] Alien Frens

    Alien Frens is an alien NFTs collection by MasonCrowe.

    It has reinforced this emphasis by partnering with Impact Suite, a company that helps employees improve their lives through evidence-based digital wellness tools.

    We strongly recommend that check out the CryptoMories Discord!

    9. Nuclear Nerds

    In our list of the best NFT communities, the Nuclear Nerds Discord is by far the smallest of the bunch.

    However, the team has very intentionally taken a different route than many other projects and is focusing on healthy, organic growth.

    So even though they only have 6,000 members, you need to look at how active and engaged they are in order to get a decent assessment of the community.

    What we’ve seen so far has been immensely positive and we are incredibly bullish on the Nuclear Nerds community as it continues to build its culture.


    Once RoboDao is launched, the roadmap will gain its shape, no doubt, but whatever the case, it’s a bit disappointing to not be given more of a bone about at least some of the hoped-for logistics.

    In their FAQ, their answer to WAGMI? is a simple, emphatic yes. Are they right? The art is a strong YES. If we had more of a picture of what to expect in terms of their roadmap, and if we knew the qualifications behind the creators/founders/community members, we’d be able to strongly hypothesize further. We’re pretty curious ourselves — I guess we’ll find out during the takeover.

    Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice.

    Happy New Year MarketSquarians! You know what time it is—that’s right, it’s another killer Discovery of the Day! MarketSquare recently moved into its Open Beta, meaning you can sign up for a profile and explore all the site has to offer. From Monday to Friday we bring you some of the best projects from across the cryptosphere. Whether it’s NFTs, the Metaverse or Blockchain games, you’ll find it all right here on MarketSquare! Today we present a project that started off the New Year with a bang! Let’s take a closer look at Alien Frens!

    #Set Your Phasers to Fun!

    Astronomers estimate that 40 billion Earth-like planets could exist in our very own Milky Way.

    After this initial Roadmap is completed, the Frens will release all the deets concerning Roadmap 2.0! Feast your eyes on the current Alien Frens Roadmap below:

    You can view the current Roadmap in its original form here

    #Extraterrestrial Stats

    The Alien Frens collection is sold out, but you can still grab yourself one (or maybe even a few?) of these exquisite ETs over on the project’s OpenSea page. Now let’s take a brief look at a couple of stats, shall we?

    Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

    • Total Items – 10K
    • Owners – 5.7K

    The clean and original art style along with some great utility makes Alien Frens a truly special project.

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