Lebron james nft sold

Trevor Jones Genesis – $552,603.98

The “Genesis” by Trevor Jones is a striking pencil sketch by artists Trevor Jones and Jose Delbo. The Artwork was sketched by Trevor Jones and inked by Jose Delbo. The artwork basically features Batman and it was sold on Makers Place for 302 ETH.Today, it is worth over $552,000 dollars USD.

22. CryptoPunk #2681 – $556,781

The Crypto Punk numbered #2681 was sold for $556,781 dollars USD. This Crypto Punk is from the family of Zombie punks which is one of the rarest punks in Crypto Punks. As there are only 88 Zombie Punks out of the 10,000 Crypto Punks.


Lebron james nft sold

New York Times NFT – $560,0000

Bringing the Art of Journalism to NFT’s, the New York Times Magazine is the first newspaper/media company to get into the NFT game. They sold their “the first-ever article in around 170 years of history of The Times to get distributed as a Non-Fungible Token” Article as an NFT for $563,000 Dollars USD.
With this, we now have confidence in NFT’s and the fact that anything digital can be turned into an NFT.

20. Chris Torres, Nyan Cat – $561,000(Correction -$590,000)

The Nyan-Cat by Chris Torres is one of the most famous NFT’s currently trending in 2021. Nyan Cat is actually a meme created by Chris Torres back in 2011 where the meme artwork features a quirky flying space cat with a Pop-Tart releasing trails of Rainbows.

These are extremely popular because they are rare. CryptoPunk #7523, for instance, sold for approximately $11.8 million, while CryptoPunk #3100 sold for $7.7 million – the fourth and fifth largest NFT sales.The first NFT emerged in 2014.

(Alternative Press)

Five years after the introduction of Bitcoin, the minting and selling of NFTs began. The first NFT was created by Kevin McCoy in May of 2014.

McCoy minted Quantum, which raked in $1.4 million at a Sotheby auction in November 2021.

Over 50% of all NFT sales are below $200.


Not all NFTs bring in millions of dollars. More than half the recorded sales didn’t even hit the $200 mark.

An analysis of NFT trends reveals that most primary sales went for $100 or less.

Lebron james nft soldaat

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How much can a LeBron James NFT cost?

Now, James physical merchandise and memorabilia is already worth thousands. Recently, a highlight of his was sold for $200,000. In the future, a James (or Michael Jordan) NFT might be worth millions.

People from Dapper Labs look at it as a 100-year product, something like rookie cards – which are considered worth thousands (even millions) in the future.

On the other hand, Dapper Labs raised $250 million. The company is now valued at $2 billion, something which is a result of NBA Top Spot’s popularity.

As popularity grows, so is the revenue Dapper makes.

Lebron james nft soldier

To celebrate the meme’s 10th year anniversary, Chris Torres made a remastered version of it and sold it on the Foundation NFT marketplace for $561,000.

19. The Complete MF Collection by Beeple – $777,777.77

Beeple, is probably one of the richest artist in the world and his richness started when he got into NFT’s. He first sold his collection “Every day’s the First 5000 days” for a whooping $69 Million in an auction on Christie’s.
Since, then he has created a lot of artworks and one of the collection is called “The Complete MF Collection by Beeple” that sold for $777,777.77 Dollars USD.

18. Pak, Finite – $809,789.40


Lebron james nft soldados

What an NFT can be varies widely. Beeple, the digital artist whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, made headlines when an NFT he created called “Everydays — the First 5,000 Days” sold for $69 million at a Christie’s online auction in March. The NFT was a collection of 5,000 images he had already posted online, beginning in 2007.

Among the most widely known NFTs is the National Basketball Association’s Top Shot NFTs — essentially an NFT of a single highlight or multiple ones.
Their prices range widely. A pack of NFTs can sell for around $20, while an NFT of LeBron James doing a reverse dunk as a tribute to a famous dunk by Kobe Bryant, who died in 2020, sold for $387,000. And it wasn’t even the only one. (It was No. 3 of 59 in an NFT series of the dunk.)

“NFTs are an asset class like fine art,” said Alex Tapscott, managing director of Ninepoint Partners’ Digital Asset Group.

Lebron James’ Son File Trademark to Enter into the NFT Space

NBA superstar Lebron James’ son, Bronny James is set out to his own lane not only in the court but also in the NFT world. The digital space has been one of the trends especially NFTs and his son on his way to tap in.

Recent report reveals that James has filed three trademarks focusing on NFTs, gaming, and fashion with the Trademark office.

James’ Filings

James’ three trademarks were filed for BJ JR, BRONNY, and BRONALD according to the attorney.

The filings are allegedly for NFTs, crypto tokens, and downloaded multimedia files relating to sports, athletes and music. The description also includes clothing and apparel, plus entertainment services.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a concept that is still confusing to many, yet it keeps soaring in value and growing rapidly in popularity.

In 2021, the average prices of NFTs rose tremendously, attracting the interest of thousands of investors to these unique digital assets.

Most buyers are speculators who hope to buy these assets early and sell for a profit in the future. If you are an artist or investor who wishes to get into NFTs, you need to understand its impact in the world of digital assets.

Here are some statistics and facts about NFTs projects and markets you should know.

General NFT Market Overview Statistics


The first NFT was minted in 2014.

(Alternative Press)

Statistics show that the first NFT was minted in 2014, about five years after Bitcoin was created.

Sotheby’s, a record for the Ethereum-based NFT art franchise.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club craze is just gaining steam, with notable collectors like Post Malone, Jimmy Fallon, and Steph Curry buying into the community.

Listen Up: BAYC is launching a virtual-ape band, “KINGSHIP,” which recently signed with Universal Music.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton developed her first NFT in March 2020, and was recently awarded “Best Charity NFT” at the NFT Awards Ceremony. Hilton’s commitment to the sector transcends creator status; in fact she is an avid collector (Sotheby’s Metaverse recently hosted Hilton’s collection), and investor (backed Origyn, with Billionaire hedge fund investor Bill Ackman).

That’s Hot: Since 2006, Hilton built a company reportedly worth $4 billion, and her Midas Touch could translate into NFT gold.

Think of it like the old sports cards, like the Pokémon and the WWE cards we had, but only this time it is all digital.

NFT is supported by blockchain technology and can be traded online.

Check out our in-depth article on Sports NFT here: Sports NFT – What is NFT and how it is used in Sports?

Let’s jump into the absolute crazy and look at some of the most expensive NFTs ever sold!

  1. Everydays: the First 5000 Days – Sold by Beeple for $69.3 million
  2. The Harmony – Sold by M.Mandarin for $10.3 miliion
  3. Cryptopunk #7804 – sold for $6.7 million

What is NBA Top Shot

NBA TopShot, launched in early 2020 are official highlights from games or as they call “moments” that are sold in packs like sports cards.

But critics who are wary of NFT art caution that it can fuel an obsession with ‘certified authenticity,’ where people end up buying NFT art only for bragging rights and not for the artistic value itself. The hype around NFT art “isn’t necessarily revolutionizing art, the collectibles industry or the concept of property,” Leonid Bershidsky argues in Bloomberg.

In some ways, NFT art inspires confidence in the buyer — information and authenticity of the work their purchase is available and verifiable.

Moreover, sellers can protect their work from forgery and duplication. Some NFTs also contain smart contracts that may give the artist a portion of any future sale of the token, allowing them to profit off of it.

The NFT assures the buyer that the artwork is genuine and grants the creator indisputable ownership.

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