Kings of leon nft purchase

For instance, Spotify pays out $0.003 to $0.005 per stream.

This comes down to $3000-$5000 per million streams, which might not sound like a lucrative deal to many when compared with NFTs. Moreover, options like getting a 2.5%-10% of a sale as commission, every time the NFT art is resold, is another thing that artists might want to look into.

“Even if I upload the full version of the contained song to DSPs worldwide (which I can still do), I would never get even close to $10k, after fees by DSPs, label, marketing, etc.,” Mike Shinoda, from Linkin Park had tweeted. This was after he raised $11,000 after his first NFT release.


With the onset of NFTs in the digital world, andbuying an NFTbecoming easier every day, we’re looking at musicians embracing the technology at a much faster speed.

Kings of leon nft purchase

Experts and industry veterans suggest there are a number of reasons behind this shift.

By selling tokenized versions of their tracks, merchandise, or a bundle of digital and physical art, artists are looking at raking in some extra revenue.

Electronic music artist 3LAU generated around $12 million from the sale of NFTs.

Many musicians and artists believe that NFTs stand a chance to revolutionize the way that the music industry operates and how personally fans are able to interact with their artists.

NFTs Have Democratized The Music Industry

What makes NFTs an even more likable tool within the music industry is their accessibility. Moreover, a list ofNFT platforms and marketplacesavailable out there, makes it even better.

Kings of leon nft buy

The new Kings of Leon album is titled When You See Yourself. The NFT version of the album is available on the YellowHeart NFT marketplace. Consumers can also purchase the album on all of the normal platforms – Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.

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What is kings of Leon’s NFT?

Where To Buy Kings Of Leon Nft Lastly, click create and watch your collection space develop.
Once the collection is set up, you can add items to it and upload your work up to a maximum of 100MB per file. Add a name to each item you upload and a subsequent description, mark it for sale, and just like that, you’re a certified NFT creator.

How much did kings of Leon raise from a landmark NFT auction?

Mar 05, 2022 · How to buy nft kings of leon. Unsold editions were burned at the end of the sale adding to the scarcity of each token.
Nft Kings Of Leon.

One user called BigBear has listed the album NFT for a hefty 400 ETH.

NFTs and Music

Crypto-native music fans have long discussed the Ethereum economy as a potential solution to the music industry’s problems. The traditional model for music releases is loaded with intermediaries, and the artist typically gets paid last in the chain. Royalties from streaming, for example, are typically paid by a revenue collection body at the end of the year, and they usually only amount to fractions of a cent per stream.

NFTs can empower creators by allowing them to sell their work in exchange for instant cryptocurrency payments.

The technology first caught on in the digital art world, but NFTs can encompass music, identification, and much more.

Unlike tokens like BTC and LINK, each one is unique.

Kings of leon nft purchased

Why Kings of Leon Is Releasing an NFT AlbumBy Kathryn Underwood

Mar. 4 2021, Published 12:27 p.m. ET

A relatively new concept in the music industry is an NFT album. NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” and it means that the artist will release a song or album only in a limited format.
Investing in NFTs has become more popular lately, but it still isn’t very widely understood by investors.

Non-fungible means that the token can’t be exchanged for anything else, so an NFT for a music album is only redeemable for that specific album. The Verge explained that “a lot of the current excitement is around using the tech to sell digital art.” No one else can officially own it but the NFT buyer.

Rock band Kings of Leon, formed by three brothers and a cousin in Nashville in 1999, is releasing its newest album via NFT on March 5.

Kings of leon nft purchaser

Token NFT Yourself Overview [ERC-721] Max Total Supply: 5,550 KLNFT Holders: 4,685 Transfers: 5,941

Help: Vinyl redemption will be at a later date, after album nft sale ends in 2 weeks and they press the vinyls, could be up to 3 months. When you can redeem for vinyl you will be able to put in delivery address. Only the person/wallet the nft is in at the time vinyl redemption goes live will be able to redeem for the vinyl.

Limited Editions -Unsold Limited Edition NFTs will be burned after the sales period.

VINYL -Vinyl redemption will begin after the sale ends on March 18th.

(Http:// -Whoever holds the token in their wallet when the vinyl becomes available will be able to redeem it for the vinyl.

Kings of leon nft purchases

note:here is a long article about Ethereum gas prices that can better describe in detail than I ever would be able to]

So, I bought my crypto via an exchange. Next, I moved funds over to my “wallet.” Basically, this a tool that allows the exchanging of Ethereum. The documentation for the NFT noted a wallet with Metamask was necessary to purchase the Kings of Leon NFT.
I am guessing other wallet’s would work, but I had no reason to go another route. This video of how to setup a Metamask wallet as a Chrome extension was shared by Yellowheart (the entity working with Kings of Leon to sell the NFTs). The video was super straightforward and getting a wallet setup was not too difficult. Just make sure you properly and securely save your login details.

American rock band Kings of Leon is getting in on the frenzy over non-fungible tokens, widely known as NFTs.

The group announced they’ll offer their latest album, “When You See Yourself,” in the form of an NFT, making it among the first bands to do so. Kings of Leon is offering its album package with a vinyl and digital download for a token priced at $50. It’ll be released Friday on YellowHeart (a ticketing and music NFT platform) and open for two weeks starting at noon ET. After that two-week period, no more will be made.

Kings of Leon is also offering more exclusive items as part of a series called “NFT Yourself.” People can bid on one of six “golden ticket” experiences, which offer fans four front row seats to the show of their choice during each tour for life.

Crypto collectibles have exploded in popularity lately.

A wallet needs to be funded with the crypto needed to buy a targeted NFT.4 days ago

Where can I sell NFT Crypto?

Once you have converted your digital assets into NFTs you will be presented with the option to list them up for sale on the several available NFT marketplaces. You can use marketplaces like Ethereum blockchain, OpenSea, Rarible, or Axie Marketplace.Feb 8, 2022

Can music be sold as NFT?

Songs, albums, music, lyrics, and soundbites can all be NFTs. Last year, Kings of Leon became the first band to release an album as an NFT. Music can even be combined with digital art in jpeg or gif formats to create unique pieces of artwork with music incorporated.Jan 24, 2022

Can I sell my music as an NFT?

Selling music as an NFT is an exciting way for artists and groups to monetize their music.

OpenSea isn’t an exception to this. You can read about its pros and cons here:


  • Available as mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Smart contracts can be used to perform transactions.
  • High-level security , with the backing of blockchain.
  • Ideal for those who are new to the crypto world and NFTs.


  • Allows royalties 10% to artists (low royalty).
  • It is not possible to buy or sell items via this mobile application.
  • Only supports cryptocurrency as its method of payment.
  • An Crypto wallet is required for this marketplace.


OpenSea is open to everyone who has crypto coins in their crypto wallets.

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