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So what you can actually see here is they’re really building a big community around this and trying to actually get people to hold on and not just hold on and flip, but hold on and use this as a way to move forward. I think this is a really good way for projects to move forward, to be auctioning off and holding some legendary ones to kind of send off to kind of kick start a fund for the community and those secondary sales when moving forward.

And they’re also going to be developing the carjackings into a 3D space so you can use them as your avatar in the metaverse. And then when you come down to the team, which is large, it’s nice to say they’ve all got their Twitter account, so you can kind of see them follow them here and interact with them here, which is nice.

Kaiju kings nft twitter

“Monster x Monster will additionally offer in-game purchases in fiat currency, in which some portion will be allocated to purchase and burn available $SCALES in the ecosystem,” KaijuKingz added. “This mechanism will allow for Web2 experiences to fuel and support our Web3 experiences.”

KaijuKingz is aiming to launch the P2E Monster x Monster game in late 2022 or early 2023. Clearly, KaijuKingz’ P2E ecosystem is one of the most elaborate ecosystems to come out in recent times. Surely, the team has some tall orders to meet. How they deliver on their many promises will make or break the project in the coming months.

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As mentioned above, users can also create a new kind of beast, the Baby Kaiju, by owning two Genesis Kaijuz and fusing them with 750 $RWASTE.

The team has also been building out additional utility for $RWASTE via integrations with their partners. In pxQuest, players will be able to wage $RWASTE against one another in PvP battles. Certain loot boxes will also be available for unlocking with $RWASTE.

$RWASTE is also being integrated into The Littles NFT project, allowing The Littles holders to burn $RWASTE to give their NFT a cute Kaiju costume.


The Kaiju Kingz community is lively and active both virtually on their server and physically in the real world.

Kaiju kings nft twitterboy

These animated Legendary Kaijus stand out from the rest of the collection, and as a result command much higher prices.

On October 18 2021, KaijuKing #0 sold for 50 ETH (equivalent to $187,300 USD at the time).

Each Genesis Kaiju generates 5 $RWASTE per day. $RWASTE will fuel the Kaiju Kingz economy and the team is looking to integrate the token with other projects as well. Currently, $RWASTE can be used to name a Kaiju, write lore for Kaijus, or produce a new Baby Kaiju by breeding two genesis Kaiju Kingz together. $RWASTE is currently worth ~$5.50 USD per token.

Kaiju Kingz was launched on 12 October 2021 for a mint price of 0.06 ETH. The current floor for a Genesis Kaiju King sits at 4.35 ETH at the time of writing, a whopping 7,250% gain when priced in Ether.

We can see here that the peak was three thousand three hundred thirty three, which you would expect on the day. And then it’s dropped off to around two thousand four hundred and eleven. So this is showing that one week on, we’ve got around two and a half thousand people that are really strong in this project and don’t look like they’re selling and really want to hold onto it.
Now the next one is the fun one, and that is the profit leaderboard. When we have a look at the top profit taker, we’ve got thirty eight, then we’ve got thirty one.

Then we kind of drop down to the fifteenth and the 11th. Now what makes me bullish on this chart for anyKaiju Kingzholder is the fact that this top profit taker, we’ve got thirty eight and thirty one, then it almost cuts in half.

Kaijuverse will be a portion of the Metaverse, but Kaiju holders will also be able to participate in all kinds of other areas within the Metaverse due to the team’s efforts in forming its numerous partnerships and integrations.

In my opinion, this is the way the Metaverse should be built. Each virtual community has their own corner of the Metaverse, but ultimately every community is connected and able to interact via the network effects of this new digital environment.

No one should have complete ownership or control Metaverse. We should aim to build a Metaverse where different communities can feel at home in their own spaces, yet also remain connected to other communities via a highly integrated and interoperable system.

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So you’ve got the Genesis codgers and then you’ve got the baby card use, which then also means that you could then make others later on and they could build on this ecosystem.

But what it will also do is it’ll stop people from flipping as much and try to hold onto it to kind of really build that community. Now what I really like a post launch is they’re doing a legendary auction, so they’re taking eight one of ones. They’re going to be auctioning them off and then using the funds to kind of go into that community treasury, which means that you can then vote on what you want to do with it because you’re using the waste token, which is nice to see.

And then as you can see here, you’ve got the Dow Foundation, so you can kind of determine what you want to be doing with those funds and then also with secondary sales, et cetera.

Basically, an alpha pass is a tradeable NFT that grants access to the project’s alpha channels on Discord.

Additionally, Scientists, who first made their debut in the Mutant Kaiju campaign, are making a comeback in the new Kaiju ecosystem. These Scientists are another important element in the DNA extraction process. KaijuKingz will reveal the mint details of Scientists during the P2E system launch.

The initial P2E ecosystem to release soon

KaijuKingz will release the initial P2E ecosystem, made up of $SCALES, DNA Extraction, and Scientists, in the next 2–4 weeks.
During this period, the team will also develop a new KaijuGame, Monster x Monster. The turn-based battle game will feature Kaiju monsters battling each other. DNA, as one of the components in the game, will help you in acquiring stronger monsters.

The Kaiju Kingz DAO will receive half of the cash raised through theKaiju Kings NFTauction and other secondary sales.

The Kaiju Kingz DAO community will use the cash raised to determine how Genius Grants will be used, who would be eligible to receive these NFTs, and when they will take place. Ambitious and aspiring developers can apply for funding to help them get the tools they need to realize their ideas.


The Kaiju Kingz community are unleashing their biggest and most exclusive launch ever. These Non Fungible Tokens are one-of-a-kind and unique.

Visit theKaiju Kingz official websiteto know more about the Kaiju Kingz community and their NFTs.

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One Legendary Kaiju, the Mecha Kaiju, was exclusively auctioned off, only allowing holders of N0XSCAPE Founders Cards to participate in the auction. Another one of these special Legends was tucked away in the initial mint of KaijuKingz for one lucky degen to find. After all KaijuKingz were minted, the final 8 were auctioned off.

PHASE 2 The KaijuKingz break out of their 69×69 containers to become full-fledged Voxelized versions of themselves to traverse around the metaverse! With 3D models of VX Kaijuz, you’ll be able to use them as your own personal avatar in multiple metaverse spaces, starting with The SandBox.

PHASE 3 The KaijuKingz DAO begins utilizing the community vault for grants that empower upcoming talent by assisting them with living expenses and training them to break their way into the world of Web3.

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