Jayz nft feud peril hot investment

The NFT Market Feeds Our Obsession With Ownership

As NFT Sells for $69M, Artists Question Environmental Impact of Blockchain

Damien Hirst Is Making NFTs Now Too and Says It’s the ‘Most Exciting’ Work He’s Made to Date

Which Blockchain Is the Most Sustainable? + 4 Other Questions the Art World Should Be Asking About Its Digital Carbon Footprint

Rapper Ja Rule launches NFT platform—and is selling a painting from infamous Fyre Festival on it

‘This Was a $69 Million Marketing Stunt’: Why Crypto Purists Say Beeple’s Mega-Millions NFT Isn’t Actually an NFT at All

Beeple, the Third Most Expensive Living Artist at Auction

Who is Beeple? The art world disruptor at the heart of the NFT boom

Revealed: Metakovan, pseudonymous founder of ‘crypto-exclusive fund’ Metapurse, is the buyer of Beeple’s $69.3m NFT

Picasso, Rembrandt, Rothko…

What Happened With That Whole Burnt Banksy

No, you probably can’t sell your Basquiat as an NFT

12 Questions the Art Market Should Have About CryptoPunks, the NFT Avatars Set to Sell for Millions at Christie’s, Answered by an Actual Expert

Sotheby’s Is Selling the First NFT Ever Minted—and Bidding Starts at $100

Cara Delevingne Is Auctioning an NFT About Her Vagina

The NFT Origin Story, Starring Digital Cats; Few years ago, it could be difficult to find someone to accept a free NFT; today, the same digital tchotchke might fetch tens of thousands

The Art Market Often Works in Secret; Here’s a Look Inside at the NFT; Collectors “buy and hold”

NFTs Are Becoming a Major Source of Income for Crypto Newbies in the Philippines to Colombia

The Buyers of Beeple’s $69 Million NFT Sold Thousands of Speculators on a Crypto Art Investment Scheme.

Far, That Change Is for the Worse; “Digital merch” or new-model way for the rich to sell access?

How Did the Bored Ape Yacht Club Get So Popular? It has nothing to do with art. It’s a gimmick, plain and simple.

The British Museum demeans itself by selling its works as NFTs—and will probably live to regret it

Crypto Investor and NFT Creator Pak on Why They Don’t Identify as an Artist, and Their Recent Collaboration With Julian Assange

Julian Assange and Crypto Artist Pak Have Raised $54 Million for the WikiLeaks Founder’s Defense Fund With a Major NFT Auction

Journalism or doxxing? News report reveals secret identities of Bored Ape NFT founders—and the crypto community is not happy about it

Waiting for the “Drop”: Crypto-art and Speed; In crypto, as in war, stasis is death.

Jayz nft feud peril hot investments

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Christopher Cole is a co-chair of Crowell & Moring’s Technology & Brand Protection Group, a team that provides interdisciplinary solutions to companies facing challenging competitive and regulatory issues. Chris focuses on false advertising litigation, unfair competition, reputation, brand disparagement, and intellectual property. He is an experienced litigator, handling Lanham Act and consumer class action cases, and defending against Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforcement and related investigations.
He has handled dozens of cases before the National Advertising Division (NAD).

In other words, a relatively small community of people buy and sell the CryptoPunks back and forth, and they’ve established among themselves how much these CryptoPunks are worth. A single sale wouldn’t be likely to change that.

“The only reason that would be a significant [auction] is if it would show demand from traditional contemporary art collectors—bringing them into the space,” says Buchanan. Those collectors, he continues, appeared not to have shown up, leaving an audience of passive spectators rather than bidders.

“Most of the crowd was a crypto crowd,” he says. “You know, a lot of those folks were not people who were willing to bid on the item. They were just kind of there to see the spectacle.”

Perhaps for that very reason, the spectacle never happened.

The team has worked with Mercury NFT on related issues.

“It’s a really exciting time for practitioners in the space,” Chang said. “There’s so much innovation that you do have to understand the bigger technology as well as the nuances and how legal principles affect it.”

Though law firm NFT practices are heating up along with client interest, not every medium or product is ideal for the NFT market, according to Devika Kornbacher, Vinson & Elkins’ head of technology transactions and chair of the firm’s cybersecurity and data privacy practice.

“It needs to be something where the idea of ‘I own this thing’ has some non-monetary value along with the monetary side.

Racked Up in the Final Minutes


Cara Delevingne Is Selling an Instagram Poem? More NFT Drops

SoCal Artist Chris Wilder Drops Loads of NFTs for Cultural Traffic Arts

Can I Resell Artists’ NFTs Like Traditional Art Dealers Resell Paintings?

A Financier Plans to Open the ‘World’s Largest NFT Museum’ in a Skyscraper Looming Over Central Park

Guggenheim Co-Founder Morley Is Building Largest NFT Museum

Bruce LaBruce Drops NFT on Open Sea for Cultural Traffic Arts; “Dash (Snow) asked me to take some photos of him licking his wife’s p***y, so I did.”

Media giant has created an NFT of its late host; CNBC to auction Mark Haines’ 2009 market bottom call NFT for charity ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ video fetches $760,000 at NFT auction

Viral ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video to be taken down.

Top Shot, the newest digital asset from the NBA

Antiques dealer launches NFT—of his 17th-century Delftware vase

Not to Be Left Out, Sotheby’s Is Wading Into the NFT Fray With an Auction by the Anonymous Digital Artist Pak

Why NFTs are Multiplying like Rabbits in Stunt Marketing: Pizza Hut Sells NFT Pizza: Taco Bell and Charmin in the Act

Elon Musk passes on $1 million offer for his NFT techno song; Have a Listen

NFTs are Creating the Opposite of Everything They’re Meant to Fix

Reports of Stolen Art on NFT Marketplace Raise Issues for Crypto Collectors

Almine Rech launches first NFTs with French artist César Piette

How the NFT Craze Reveals the Artworld’s Snobbism

Why the Artworld Loves to Hate NFT Art

I Looked Through All 5,000 Images in Beeple’s $69 Million Magnum Opus.

Meet the NFTy 50


A painting or an NFT of it: Which will be more valuable?

This Polish influencer just sold her love as an NFT for $250K

The Rise of the Crypto Writer? On What Literary NFTs Might Mean for the Book World

An Experimental Alternative to the NFT Market Frenzy; On Hic et Nunc, I’ve witnessed artists organize initiatives that push for greater artistic exchange and accessibility

NFTy 50: Fortune ranks the most influential builders, creatives, and influencers on the scene. Meet the NFTy 50

Coca-Cola and Campbell’s make a move into NFT scene

Russia’s Hermitage Museum Will Auction Off NFTs of Prized Works by Leonardo, Van Gogh, and Other Artists in Its Collection

An artist died.

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Artist Carsten Höller Is Debuting a Light and Vibration App at an NFT Rave That Might Make You High and Hallucinate

Artist Carsten Höller at Gagosian

NFT Artist Beeple to Auction a Real-Life Sculpture for About $15 Million at Christie’s

The Metaverse Takes Manhattan: NFT.NYC, a conference devoted to the nonfungible token

An NFT Just Sold for $532 Million, But Didn’t Really Sell at All

Actor Elijah Wood sells NFTs for charity after artist’s work decried as racist; George Trosley, the artist behind the nonfungible tokens, said the decades-old artwork was created to shine a light on outrageous social injustices

George Trosley and his Jungle Freaks Statement


Investors Spent Millions on ‘Evolved Apes’ NFTs.

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